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Women have all of the power in the dating scene or do they? To quote a wise man who knows a lot about the dynamics of relationships.
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power principles

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Whereever we have our RV parked. For example, a couple is dating. She wants to get married, he is stalling, procrastinating etc. He has the upper hand. Now fast forward 5 years. They're married with a couple of kids. She most likely has the upper hand, because if she divorces him, he ends up with child support and maybe alimony, and she will most likely get the kids and the home. Therefore, he must work harder to keep her happy because if she doesn't like his behavior, he can find himself outside looking in.

Or to put it another way, the one that has the most to lose has less power.


Originally Posted by Collateral. An illogical belief would be pretending that any human interaction could exist without such dynamics. That you were not capable of discerning them or more likely dont like the truth does not change the fact that they existed in every relationship you ever had. Feel free to mark me off your list of potentials.

Originally Posted by augiedogie. What do you think? Please share, I'm really interested in this topic. Originally Posted by NilaJones.


Dating is disgusting solely because of power dynamics. The whole thing *reeks* o | Hacker News

Ok, I will take that as a request not to put you on my 'datable' list. If you are spending your time thinking about who has the upper hand - then I have a feeling you aren't in a very good relationship. On the corner of Grey Street. I don't think most people actively sit around wondering who has more power in their relationship, but it seems likely that most times the power won't always be balanced equally and maybe sometimes one person does put in more effort than the other, or one person would be more hurt if the relationship ended than the other.

You share the power. Not a bad deal: You agree to go to her coworker's wedding and, in turn, she agrees to let you host a Super Bowl party at your shared apartment.

Symmetry all the way. You hold the power. You decide how and when you're going to spend your time together, and you are not expected to make any concessions to her.

The Power Principle:Taking Charge In Relationships

Now you just have to make this happen. By taking to heart the Power Principles listed below, you will never again be expected to stand outside a changing room, holding her girly purse like a putz, while she endlessly tries on outfits.

12 Dating Dynamics

So play your cards close to your hand in the beginning. Don't spill your guts over how happy you were that she agreed to give you her number, and don't call or e-mail her back the instant she contacts you.