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How to bag a millionaire: Wealthy matchmaker shares strict rules for first date etiquette. Lady Lara Asprey shared this photo of herself on ITV's.
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Essential Advice to Date a Rich Man You Wish You'd Have Gotten Sooner

Most men always appreciate women who are attractive and have her own thoughts, so as an elegant woman, you should insist on yourself rather than cater to demand of your partner on the question of principle. Armed with these tips, you will find that the whole process of meeting and dating a millionaire is easier and your chances of developing a long term relationship are enhanced.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Understand millionaires first As the proverb goes, to understand yourself and the enemy, you will win the war. Pay attention to etiquette Making sure you are familiar with millionaire dating etiquette is vital, particularly before you actually meet up in person. Keep exercising Most millionaire singles are so busy for earning their wealth rather than inherited it, because they are too bus y to keep exercising.

Lean slightly onto your escort's hand for support and lift yourself out. If you are a man and going out with a woman, ensure that you enter a car after her. Also you are expected to get out of the car first and offer a hand to your female companion to help her alight from the car more easily.

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Eating out When dating a millionaire you can expect to be taken out to fancy restaurants and indulge in fine dining. Most of these come with their own dining etiquette. If you are a woman, allow yourself to be led to the dining area either by the head waiter or by your date. If you are a guy, you can discretely tip the head waiter for a particular seating preference. When dining, you may follow the American or Continental style but read up on table manners, dinner courses and choice of cutlery beforehand so that there is no confusion during the actual dinner.

If your date orders, compliment his choices, whether it is his choice of dessert or the wine. Focus on your partner When dating a rich man or woman, it is important to let them know you value the time and effort your partner is spending on you. And one of the best ways to do this is by being attentive to your date.

Smile often and present a positive body language. Also avoid fiddling with our phone. Unless you're on call at a high-pressure job, you have no excuse for frequently checking your PDA. Flashing expensive technology makes you look self-absorbed and immature. If you must take a call or check a text, apologize for being rude, and tell your date why it's necessary.

Salary is generally lumped with politics and religion as taboo topics for general dating, but this is especially true when your date is wealthy. Would you be okay with the fact that the guy doesn't give you anything else except for financial security? If you are the emotional, sensitive sorts, who expects a prince charming to give you a fairytale-ish life, true love's kisses, fight the bad guy for you, and be loyal to you, then trust us girl, most of the rich guys out there are not like that.

Honestly, finding them is only half or perhaps a quarter of the battle won, the hard part is to put up with them. The following points will explain you what we intend to say. Although Cinderella lived a life of a maid before finding her prince charming, remember that the prince fell in love with her only at the ball, where she looked like a million bucks in her God fairy-made designer gown!

What we're trying to say is that you have to look like a stunning fashionista who knows how to take care of herself. When it comes to A-class men or any kind of men for that matter , looks are what will attract them to you.

Your hairstyle, your skin, your dressing sense, and your high-heels. To make sure all these designer additions do the trick on you perfectly, you also have to make sure that you have a super-hot bod!

Dating a Millionaire Etiquette

With rich men having access to the most beautiful women in the world, it is unlikely that they would even consider dating a woman with extra flab around her waist! Your walk, your talk, everything matters! You have to look like a trophy he carries with pride, displaying it around his social gatherings.

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Once you've got your looks fixed, you need to show yourself out to these men. You won't find them strolling at the mall like regular guys.

Dating a Millionaire Etiquette | Futurescopes

There are select places that you need to target. If you're thinking of nightclubs, perhaps you'll be taken as a one-night stand. You need to be more cautious. Hang around at the affluent areas and clubs of the city. Go for art fairs, horse races, polo matches, high-end country clubs, upscale charity events, and similar places that are bound to have the privileged guests.

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Now, to get into these places, you may need to have a few contacts that can help you with the entry. When it comes to high-end bars, we suggest to keep a time slot of in the evening.

Take a girlfriend along with you, wear some classy attire not too flashy and have a good time. If you manage to display your beauty, confidence, and subtle sensuality with that friendly smile, there are high chances that you might catch a worthy attention, and someone offers to sponsor your drinks! If you wish to be more than his arm candy, then your first impression should put it straight across his face that you are among those they call 'beauty with brains'! Don't act way too prissy, but make sure you don't fall all over him way too easily, as well.

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Be confident, firm, put forth that you have a mind of your own, and you're not going to drool over him just because he has money. Ask him what he does. To educate yourself on these subjects, subscribe to a national magazine, and learn the intricacies of these high-end hobbies that rich guys seem to admire. You can't force yourself into it, do it with genuine interest.

Ways to Watch

If everything you do and say eventually leads to 'money', darling you are surely going to be treated like a gold digger. If you're hot, the guy might just take you out to some expensive places, sleep with you until he's bored, and then forget that you even existed. If you don't want that to happen, don't do or say anything that makes him suspicious of your intentions. If he tries to show off initially, tells you about his property, his collection of cars, his 'I-don't-give-a-damn-about-money' talks, don't widen your eyes that show pure greed, as if you've hit a jackpot!

Try to change the topic, rather ask him about his hobbies, his friends, his passion. Show that you're least bothered about his wealth, and you're more interested in the kind of person he is.