Dating a friend of the family

Here's what it's like dating someone your family knows really well. It could be her best friend's son, her intern at work, or some young man she.
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True Confessions Agony Aunt: A family friend is dating my 20 year-old daughter

The age difference would probably have been difficult for you anyway but the added issue of him already being your friend is making it worse. Another slice of cake anyone?

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I'm A Celeb's Ajay Rochester opens up about her devastating back-story: Celeb News Australian Open But now your network is just as protective of your boyfriend as they are of you. Everybody gets their hopes up. Your moms and family friends start dreaming of days they get to spend even more time together, vacation together and holiday together, because the two of you might be together forever.


You better believe everybody is talking about your relationship. When your families know one another, everybody has a lot of stock in every conversation about your relationship. Your family is keeping mental storyboards of your relationship, keeping track of evidence that the relationship is going well. They share with each other every cute thing that happens between the two of you.

Communication Challenges with Family and Friends

Since your families know each other, you see each other at family functions, birthdays, retirement parties, church, barbecues and so on. In fact, your family just invites your boyfriend without even consulting you. Here is another unique dynamic: Heck, even you are familiar with them.

You also just know a bit more than you want to know about his past and you know your families are comparing you to his exes.

Your boyfriend also knows everything about your exes. He may be warned not to do this or that because your ex made that mistake.

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Your family feels entitled to updates on your relationship. But boy do they feel like this relationship is some victory of theirs.