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But dating was kinda hard there, although that may be because of culture differences, since I am an immigrant. That being said, I did meet my now gf of 4 yrs there in St John's, she is also an immigrant so it worked out that way.

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Not doubting you in the least, just reminded me of something. I have a friend from the Middle East and I remember him telling me years ago that he asked out a women here and she flat out told him "Sorry, I only date white guys. Yeah, thats what i sort of meant by cultural diff. Because i think it has less to do with skin color and more with culture. Its a shitty topic, man lets not delve into it. There are good women here for sure.

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Some are not fit to look at with personality. Like the trooper song "3 dressed up as a 9". There are great women here, but I married a foreigner, we are living here and couldn't be happier. I asked where, not when haha. And just due to the relatively small populations outside of St. Lol I just spotted that. I haven't yet decided where but will be most likely in St. I can only speak from a female perspective, but the dating scene here isn't the greatest. A lot of people I talk to seem to only be interested in casual hook ups, which gets kind of annoying after a while.

But again, that's just from my perspective haha. I have heard some guys say the same thing, though. Judging by other comments here, it doesn't seem to be much better on the guy's side of things, so I guess it's horrible for everyone. Hahah there's probably at least a dozen of us. I know a lot of girls who are nuts though, so god speed hah. If you find one you better hope she got out of a relationship yesterday, because any attractive girl over twenty-five that's single is probably crazy. I came from away and I am marrying a local girl this summer.

You just have to sort through all the train-wrecks first. There are lots of good looking women around for sure. Personal experience and second hand knowledge: Whatever you do, stay the fuck away from anyone that's from the Burin Peninsula.

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  • Girls from there can not be trusted. Dear god, the dating scene on that peninsula sounds lovely. Makes me happy I'm not looking there lol. I went through there in like or so, to catch a ferry to visit relatives in St Pierre. People I've met seemed cool, but I never really got to know anyone there lol.

    It's the same as anywhere else, if you're out of school it's going to be a hard time.

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    Most of the attractive girls get snatched up in high school or college anyway. I wouldn't say that most of the attractive girls were snatched up in school. If you've got a dating tip to share, you can follow her on Twitter. Please select your gender and search gender.

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    Single life in Newfoundland Newfoundland and Labrador singles can claim one of Canada's prettiest spots as a home base. Why date in Newfoundland?

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    Find that partner with EliteSingles , then read on for our pick of the best Newfoundland dating ideas: More local dating tips: The perfect date night: Exploring history in Newfoundland. Fall in love with local beauty.

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