Dating while in med school

Dating in medical school is not easy. During the first two years, you are constantly studying and making sure you are passing (and hopefully acing!) all your.
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You will learn quickly if that person will be there when you need them and just as importantly, whether you find them worth it enough to be there for them. Long distance relationships are doable only with a lot of effort. If there are any questions whatsoever, think really deeply if this who you want to spend the rest of your life with. These decisions are critical. For those entering medical school already married, my recommendation would be to keep family first. Consider seeking a counselor if needed sooner than later. One of my classmates got divorced during medical school only to remarry that same partner 2 years later.

I can almost promise you that whoever can put up with you through medical training will be by your side during future storms. I can vouch for that. So, can one find or keep love in medical school and beyond?

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Great news… It can definitely be done! In fact, although many people assume medical doctors have a higher rate of divorce than others, this does not appear to be true according to a recent study published in BMJ 1. The study did show that female physicians were 1. On the contrary, males working more hours were less likely to have been divorced. So back to that bachelor, incoming medical student pessimistic about med school love.

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I came in focused and not searching for love. I dated another medical student for a few years and she and I are still friends till this day.

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I finally found true love during residency, did the long-distance thing for a period and got married a few years later. Best decision of my life! Divorce among physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States: Are you a premed? Relationships in medicine is a much needed topic to consider. I started dating my now wife at age We did undergrad together then med school apart.

When people ask me what the hardest part about med school was, the honest answer was being apart from her. That added an entire new level of stress. Definitely need to think about relationships as we progress through our medical careers. You must be logged in to post a comment. It all worked out! Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Why would you be hiding such a huge aspect of your life?

Be proud of it. You'll find someone who values you even more for it. If you want to find a relationship with someone that has substance it should probably start with honesty. It's just that a lot of guys just prefer women who would appreciate them more. Studies have shown that women are attracted to status and power and it makes sense that a more compatible relationship would usually be the guy who has more "status". I've dated women across the board and it was never because I was "intimidated" that I didn't prefer them, it was just that we were never compatible.

I was talking about how men view women, not the type of men that women choose which was a wide sweeping generalization. Men can only do one thing to improve themselves in the dating arena, and now you're shitting on that? Whoa I never implied that men becoming physicians and being seen as more attractive is a bad thing. Also you could improve yourself in the dating arena many ways as a guy. Being a good cook. Not all women are seeking a guy that makes a shit load of cash.

Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone In Med School

If anyone wants to do a case report on this, hit me up in a few years. Because I have not been seeing an uptick in female interest, in real life or on dating apps, since starting medical school. It's because women seek status. It's an evolutionary thing.

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It's not being "put off" Most of the time when you post you do so satirically. If not, you need to get professional help. Or a new hobby. Don't be afraid to date up.

Advice On Dating A Doctor - Responding to Your Comments! - Doctor Mike

Get the best you can find. If you do it right they will be just as busy, intelligent, and goal oriented as you. Someone who is on your level amd shares your drive. It shouldn't feel hard at all. There are tons of reasons why men or women might not want to date someone in medical school. Some of these may be pretty reasonable not willing to relocate, extremely devoted to their own career, looking to start a family NOW, want a partner they can spend lots of time with and others may not be intimidated by a partner more successful than them, insecurity etc.

It's best to be honest and upfront with people that you are a medical student and give them an idea of what that practically means. If you are looking for any type of serious relationship it is going to come up and it's better not to waste anybody's time. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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