Christian man dating non christian woman

I never would have considered dating a non-Christian. Not in a million years. In fact, “loves God and puts Him first” was always on the top of the list of what I was .
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Make yourself accountable to another Christian regarding your sexual purity. Choose this person wisely.

Do a Bible study about sex and marriage. When everyone else seems to be paired up, you can feel very alone. Friendships with Christian men are great too. However, you need to come out of your grief and enter a place of contentment.

2. Practise self-control

I think the love of Jesus is the only thing that can calm my fears about remaining single. Discontentment is dangerous because it leads some Christians to date or marry unbelievers. Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Dating A Non-Christian |

What if you fall sexually? If that happens, repent—turn away from your sin and take comfort in the fact that you have been saved by grace, not works. You may still feel bad about your sin, but remember Psalm Confess your sin to God and ask for his forgiveness. And like any sin, if you sin sexually, you need to flee to the cross.

8 Questions to Ask Before Dating a Non-Christian

It was very hard to say no and make him let me go. So when forced to choose between satisfying the desires of the flesh and the heart by being with a non-Christian and being obedient to God, remember that God sent his Son Jesus to die for you. Thinking about Jesus on the cross, his resurrection and the hope of heaven is a great incentive to obey. While many start off with intentions of finding a godly partner, with each passing year the waiting feels longer and the hoping gets harder.

Within that struggle, inevitably the question comes up: Can a Christian date a non-Christian? Paul answers them by challenging their thinking, and taking it to the next level. As believers, we can learn a lot from this concept as we look at making choices in our life, particularly with regards to dating.

Will the choices we make in dating benefit our lives and push us closer to Jesus, or will they cause us to remain the same? There is no greater binding experience than the commingling of two people into one, in this thing we call marriage Genesis 2: We are holistic beings, and in order to truly connect, we must find someone with which we can connect on every level.

A practical guide to fending off non-Christian men

But sometimes, waiting for love can be trying. With each passing day, the waiting gets harder.

Dating is a precursor for marriage, because you will ultimately marry one of the people you date , and marriage ushers you in the most vulnerable state of your life. Being married and opening yourself up to this kind of binding love gives the person standing before you the ability to hurt you in a far deeper way than anyone in this world could, and there are times that hurt happens.

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Being married myself, I can attest to this reality.