Dating skookum dolls

The table below illustrates the Skookum Indian doll labels we have found to date. If you have others that are not pictured and would like to share them, please.
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The patent was granted February 17, and from that day forward, Skookum Indian dolls were labeled. Some dolls, for no apparent reason, have a label on each foot. Dolls such as the squat sitters have the label fixed to the cotton covered base and some early mailers have a label on the back of the cardboard carrier. Many labels were lost over the years as the glue that held them became brittle and dried out. In some cases the label, if it is an unusual or rare one, can add to the dolls value.

Because Skookum Indian dolls were made for such a long period of time there were years when two to three labels may have been in simultaneous use.


Rare s to Early '30s Skookum Doll

This seems to be the case particularly in the late teens through the s. The table below illustrates the Skookum Indian doll labels we have found to date. Please note that the labels themselves were printed on a variety of colored papers including: The examples below are references for the design and content of the label only. Log in or Sign up. Skookum doll - how old and should I try and fix the head?

I got this doll at SA. The head is falling off because the thread is coming out of the "neck" - should I rethread it and tighten it up? I know this isn't real old - but I'm not sure of the age.

  1. Skookum doll - how old and should I try and fix the head?.
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Can any one help? Oh, and how much will the chips on the face affect value? Bookahtoo , Jun 26, You may have run across these places already, but Besides, I want to get in good with the new Moderator!

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GaleriaGila , Jun 26, Aquitaine , KingofThings and cxgirl like this. Aquitaine and KingofThings like this. Brook, the links GG listed are about the best you will find out there for Skookum doll info.

I have one that an uncle gave me from a SW trip he took in It seems the earliest Skookums were apple heads. Composition masks were used from c to c Nowwww the feet on yours are unusual.

Rare 1920s to Early '30s Skookum Doll

They do not have leather, paper taped or plastic molded moccasins. Somewhere I read that the earliest dolls sometimes didn't have feet.

Yours do appear to have feet but covered in a fabric. On the following page the top pic in the right column shows a set of feet wrapped in a fabric; however, this is on an apple headed doll. I'm not sure if the mask on yours is composition or plastic. Composition dates c to c