Why modern dating is hard

To say modern dating is tough may be an understatement, and while dating apps and sites are supposed to make the process easier, for many.
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Everyone is trying to judge their own personal lives based on the lives of other people. And sometimes, that self-assuredness can be misconstrued as arrogance — which can be very off-putting.

This Is Why Modern Dating Is So Damn Screwed Up

And old soul is not an impulsive soul. They are people who really like to think things through before they act on anything. They are people who really like to analyze every angle of a situation before they take action. And sometimes, that means they are slow to react.

And not a lot of people are going to have the patience to actually wait for them to come to a decision on something. An old soul is always going to be ambitious.

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They are the kinds of people who believe in the concept of dreaming big and working hard in the pursuit of those dreams. And because of this kind of attitude, a lot of old souls will choose to sacrifice their relationships for the sake of their dreams. Their ambitiousness in fulfilling their greater purpose could lead to them straying away from their love life. In this modern age, so many people have traits and values that just make them incompatible with old souls. No amount of effort can overcome incompatibility in a relationship.

7 Reasons Why Modern Dating Isn’t As Difficult As You Thought

It takes time to develop. But really, putting in effort is sexy as hell. No one finds wishy-washy, uncertainty cute. But really, social media is a tool, not your relationship. You have to be twice as intentional to be in a real life relationship as you are to declare it to the online world. The best way to deal with this is by communicating with each other. Go away on trips and spend time with just you two. Take it easy and watch as it turns out not to be that hard. Chivalry has evolved from men deciding what women need based on predetermined standards to communication being the center-point for deciding what is and is not chivalrous in said relationship.

2. They are very prone to overthinking.

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Why Is Dating Becoming So Difficult?