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An RV is a big investment! Click here to start enjoying it more often by setting up your own RV hookups at home!!.
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And the rules about what we can do with our property are far more stringent than preventing the outrageous. We must follow someone's architectural taste in house shape! It sometimes feels like we are in a feudal society. It certainly doesn't feel like our local or state governments are there to provide service to the people they "serve.

And we are here to serve them! My neighbor had a fifth wheel in his driveway for months with someone living in it. But it only had electricity and maybe a hose connection.

People live in RV's all the time but they are required to move them every 72 hours or when asked. Parent can stay with her children. The question is whether a huge RV can ugly up a neighbor's environment for a long time. Nobody will complain about a few days.

RVs are great for travelers but they are an eyesore to the public. RV living at a residential property or driveway I don't know the RV rules If you get caught or someone reports you about the electric or plumbing additions, you will be fined and most likely forced to tear out any improvements. Especially since you're considering bending or breaking the existing RV rules at least according to the input above I think there's a high probability that one of your neighbors will report you to the city. We had a neighbor live in a rented trailer on their front lawn while they remodeled their house.

But they didn't tie into the sewer and took the trailer down to an RV dump station now and then. We knew it was a temporary situation so there was no need to get all rule book about it. Unfortunately, there is a vehicle habitation ordinance in Palo Alto so your old mother can't live in a camper any more than can a homeless individual.

Think about that next time the issue of homelessness comes up in the City Council. Loneliness By Aldis Petriceks 5 comments 1, views. Town Square Post a New Topic.

Avoid blowing out your RV electronics from a home electric hookup

My mother is traveling around the country in her 30 foot rv. She is comin gout here in August and wants to stay with me for several months, which will be great.

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How to Create RV Parking at Your Home (16 Tips + Ideas)

I have room behind my driveway gate, in the area in front of my garage, that is big enough for her rv. I would like to put in rv hookups so she can be more comfortable while she's here. I searched the City of Palo Alto website, where I see information about storing an rv, but nothing about installation of hookups. Does anyone know if this is possible, what kind of contractor would do it, and how much it would cost?

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Comments 21 2 people like this. Email Town Square Moderator. Don't be the last to know Get the latest headlines sent straight to your inbox every day. It is SO useful. I would add one thing: Depending on distance, an alternative to the expensive sewer line, you can get a macerator unit for the RV. Go into the library to see postings about its use, but I don't know how far you can go with one of these units. As for electric, the RV will operate quite well on a 15 Amp house plug for just about everything other than an AC.

However it should be plugged into a dedicated volt 15 amp circuit if you use an electrical cord. In other words you need a circuit with nothing else running off of it except your trailer. Use a 12 gauge extention cord and keep the length under 50 feet. I had an electrician but in 30 amp service and bring his plumber buddy along to put in a water hydrant. I wanted to run ac. Didn't seem cost effective to put in a sewer connector for the amount of use.

The gray water waters the lawn and the black tank waits until the next camping trip. We have had two overnight guests in the last several years. As Dave points out, you need to brief your guests. Now an rv occasionally used as guest quarters is different from one dedicated to that purpose.

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Hopefully the bug will bit and you will take your guest quarters to the beach, mountains, Otherwise you're going to have tire problems after a few years and perhaps other running gear issues. Perhaps that's not a concern but sooner or later you will want to get rid of it. Thanks for all the helpful replies! I want to use it for my mom, who may come out and stay with us for a couple of months at a time.

She may need AC, so maybe I need the dedicated circuit. Someone wrote about a dedicated white water hose. Would that just hook up to a standard garden water outlet? How often would the black water tank need to be dumped, for one person living in it, and maybe only using the bathroom at night? What if, not to put too fine a point on it, only liquid wastes were there, and the rest of the time she would come in my house? Thanks so much for all the advice!

How to Reduce Your Water Bill and Add Value to Your Home

Yes you can hook to a regular garden hose faucet called a hose bib. Use a potable water hose usually white in color for the entire length from the metal faucet to the Rv, to avoid poisons and foul tastes that are common is regular garden hoses. Build a firm foundation. Your RV parking spot can be a concrete slab, a more-attractive paving stone driveway or gravel. If you are concerned about your new parking space matching your existing driveway, this might be the perfect excuse to install the wider, paving stone driveway you have been considering. Trim trees and bushes.

You may need to significantly prune nearby trees, shrubs or bushes to make sure you have enough clearance for your boat or motorhome. Be aware or your roofline. If you are creating your RV parking space in your side yard or near your house, be aware of your roofline and make sure you have enough space. Be aware of the slope. If the area in which you plan to park your recreational vehicle is on a slope, you will — of course — need to block the wheels. However, if your RV has a refrigerator, extended parking on a slope can cause issues for this as well.

It is best to keep your RV as level as possible, but if you have to park on a slope, be sure to turn off your refrigerator when your RV is stored.

How to Create RV Parking at Your Home (16 Tips + Ideas) | INSTALL-IT-DIRECT

Consider covered parking or an RV garage. Building a garage or a carport for your RV is a more expensive option and will require permits, but you and your neighbors may both prefer this option if your budget and zoning allows. Do you need gated parking? Gated parking is always a good selling point and can help keep your RV secure. Determine how to provide electricity. If you are simply storing your RV and do not plan on using it as a guest house or for backyard camping , then you may not need access to electricity.

If you do want electricity for your RV, you have two basic options. The extension cord method generally provides enough amps for lights and small appliances, but you will need an actual RV electrical hookup if you plan on running an air conditioner. Determine how to provide water.