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But if you're interested in meeting the right guy, the conversation about what single men want doesn't seem to happen. A lot of stuff goes unsaid.
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Single men tend to live in western states such as Colorado, California, and Oregon while single women live in eastern cities such as New York, Washington D. Single men and single women living in different states makes it harder to meet someone for those singles that may want to date. It also makes it easier for single men to explore their city and state instead of navigating the rough oceans of the dating scene.

Living in states more like Colorado allows men to get out in the mountains while enjoying metropolitan areas such as Denver. Men should focus on staying fit , being healthy , and exercising over seeking dating relationships. These states offer those men and it makes sense that men outnumber women in these Western states and cities. Single men are also dropping women because of the immense pressures to ask a woman out on a date.

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The right time and place to do so may never arise. Some men may also be afraid of women. The phobia is called gynophobia. While not all men have that phobia, men are often more socially awkward than women, which makes it more difficult to ask a woman on a date.

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Men normally are not as socially adept as women. The combination of single men having less sophisticated social skills, pressure to as a woman on a date, and the fear of women rejecting you all contribute to the decline in men dating. Single men may simply enjoy being single and all that the single life offers them.

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Men enjoy being single because they are not tied to and restrained by a woman in a romantic relationship. Single men are able to embrace and utilize the values of the single life as they please. Single men can use autonomy to work more, travel , or to hook up with women without the concerns of a girlfriend..

Single men have flexibility to best use their time and direct their life as they best believe fit to move up in their career or to seek what they want from life. Single men are diverse in their life goals, sexual preferences, and what they think of the single life. Single men are secure not being in a relationship because there are many other things that can fill in the time and the status that is given to romantic relationships by society. Men are are not dating and are dropping women for the single life. Women are doing the same.

Single men are staying single longer for a variety of reasons. Single men do not need a woman, or a significant ether to be happy in life.

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Single men do not need to find their mythical better half to have a prosperous life. It is good that single men are not dating women, whether it is temporary or permanent, because there is so much more to life than dating. Keep on enjoying staying single instead of being pressured into a bad romantic entanglement men.

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