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Keep reading the web edition of the Signal = - it is FREE! .. correspond with nice single females, years old, for friendship, dating.
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Served in military for 12 years when I was , and my job is in network support. I am a fun loving easy to get along with female. Will tell you more when I receive your message. I am not a scammer, like talking with people and getting to know them.


I am looking for someone special that I can have a laugh with!!! Hi My name is Andy, I am 56, tall, slim, good looking so I've been told! I would like to help you enjoy life with regular emails, chat, have a laugh, let off steam and find a reason to enjoy life again. I am a kind, caring, thoughtful person who just wants to be happy and make someone else happy. I am na open mind man, not judgemental, open to try diferente things at least once, I love sensuality and fun time. I can speak about almost everything from politics, arts, feelings and everyday life.

Feel free to texto me what you want. I will answer you. I loved some a few but long friendship. I hate Mondays - though I cant blame Monday for being such a terrible day So anyway I am pretty random, I say what comes in my head which is sometimes not a good thing I wonder alone and live in a dream world - which is sometimes a brilliant place! I am happy to answer questions about me - within reason of course lol! What truly horrible lives they must lead.

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I probably change my mind about a thousand times a day and will keep you on your toes, but I like to think I'm worth it. For one, I'm an amazing cook if I do say so myself, and love to try out new recipes. Hi goodday to you! I am really interested in knowing people for a good friendship, not for a romance, just mails longer then a few lines, exchange a postcard once in a while and just an interaction in writing, not that i am just the interviewer. Houssenaly Karim from France is interested in trading consumer goods, world trade developments.

He is buying a sample copy of the Signal. Do NOT send any small amounts of money abroad in checks or postal money orders, banks' service charges are more than the value of your payment. Send banknotes or IRCs Kharisma Fans penpal paper from Indonesia contains 36 pages, photocopied but neat, mainly in Indonesian, Signal's 2" ad on the back cover. We swap ad space.

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The payment was enclosed. Andera Angela from Kenya has seen Signal 63 - it was issued in - and sends her penpal listing for publication, without payment! She is 20, 5'5", beautiful Photocopied letter from the rich Saudi-Arabia, from M Salem.

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He asks for more information and says to be willing to pay, too. Mushtaq Ahmad Zuberi - a Pakistani by birth? The payment missing again Well, that's it, thirty letters, a few payments, some ads, information and offers. Most ads will be composed, printed, added to these Signal's pages also in the Internet. Computer software is not the only thing pirated in the world today. Signal fans and readers in the Third World have found out a way to earn more money by printing Signal magazines without my permission and selling it in the bookshops, newsstands, kiosks of Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan.

The retail price seems to be Pakistani Rupees there and the pirated Signal propably is sold also in the United Arab Emirates as the price is marked on the cover also in Dirhams. This pirated page Signal magazine, issue 90 of , contains in fact ads taken from a few different Signals. They have been combined into one magazine, inner 80 pages have been printed on web offset on light yellow paper, the multicolor glossy cover pages are fine four color offset work on better paper stock, even the new layout is good but the front page photos are not from the original Signal magazines!

I would like to have a few hundred copies myself, for resale purposes Should I be angry or proud about this pirated Signal magazine? I do not get any money from sale of the single copies, the money is "stolen" from me But could I have arranged sale of thousands of Signal magazines in the Pakistani bookshops? What about the printing expenses? Color separations, distributing costs??? Who benefits from the pirated Signals?

The economical profits go the printers and marketers in Karachi and Lahore, some bookshop owners and magazine retailers earn their commissions, too. Even some printers, paper dealers, lorry drivers may get bread thanks to the Signal? Most Signal advertisers propably benefit from these pirated magazines, they may receive more replies to their ads from Asian countries This kind of "publishing business" has been going on for several years in Pakistan!

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What to do about the pirated Signal magazines? As I simply am NOT able to hinder their printing on the other side of the world I've done just the opposite. I try to increase Signal's readership by letting foreign penpal publishers reproduce my magazine legally for local resale anywhere in the world.

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I've sent co-operation franchising, splitting of profits offers to hundreds of publishers and printers. We should see the first "official" foreign Signal edition now in November Printing and distribution mainly in India Friday, March 20, Just received this penpal listing from Kenya As you can see the email address is not complete, just the first part had been written.

On the advertising form The Sender is always what you see below: Sunday March 15, Mail from Vanuatu? Click the stamps and see the entire envelope addressed to Signal To read fresh news about Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, click this link: Hurricane news Aid workers in Vanuatu Saturday March 14, Read newspapers in your own language! It is easy and simple. I was working in the local daily newspaper here in Lahti Finland from to Monday February 16, Last week the postman placed a very interesting large envelope into my mailbox.

It was thick, heavy and surely made me very curious. What did this envelope contain? Take a look yourself. A piece of colorful embroidered Fante cloth, precious local handicraft with the text on it: What about the three-pages-long personal letter? Want to read what this 24 years old journalism student has to say?

Letters like this with fascinating valuable local handmade art items bring great joy to the life of the publisher of this website Thank you Tetteh for your letter, it was greatly welcome. Best of luck to you in your journalism studies and in your personal life! Raimo Kaarna, the publisher P. All the Signal magazines - both the printed papers and web editions - have been issued by just ONE MAN for 55 years, from to And the work is continued. Signal's editorial office and publisher's home in Lahti Finland. It's cold here now, degrees Celcius, and snow Tuesday January 27, Received an email from an impatient reader a few days ago Where is My Friend's Subscription?

Thank you for your email and also the order for sample copy of the Signal The letter was received in December, possibly you sent it by surface mail taking some days from USA to Finland. The first line on the address label is: The next mailing within weeks, at first I'll print some additional pages containing the snailmail ads of November-December and January Raimo Kaarna, the Publisher I did print six new pages of the Signal during the last weekend, continued the work today by stuffing the envelopes, glueing the postage stamps and will take a bit over 50 letters to the post office tomorrow, on Wednesday.

Christoper as well as the other paying 'customers' will receive their Signal copies soon! Thursday January 15, at 0: From I am your pen-pal. I can thank you from bottom of mine heart that today I have pals, collectors - I am a Great hobbyst for dolls, coins, stamps, banknotes Thank you for email Izabella. Raimo Kaarna, the publisher Wednesday December 31, Happy New Year to all the Signal readers This New Year card is changed hourly All the cards are from 's, 's and 's and originally mailed to the grand aunties of Signal's publisher, Raimo Kaarna.

Sunday December 28, Just received an email from a very old Signal-reader in Holland Take a look at the contents: Dear Mr Kaarna, Wish you a very happy new year! I am no longer looking for penpals but, still get letters from time to time. Could you please remove my listing from the site? Thank you for the many happy encounters that, that simple magazine gave us. It's nice to see that you are still providing people with the chance of making friends even in this very different age of communication.

I wish you all the happiness and good health in the years to come! I've already deleted your ad from the normal web Signal a few moments ago but have to continue my work a bit later to remove your old penpal listing also from the pdf-version of the Signal. That ad was composed with the pdf-software of early 's on one of my old computers, and I don't have the pdf-software in my current computer using Windows 8.

But I will solve the problem soon anyhow Happy New Year to you and all the other readers, too! Also the latter advertisement was just deleted from tabloidsignal2. Friday November 21, Signals and Big Mails were posted to the readers about weeks ago Now I have started receiving replies to these snailmail letters to my street address Purokatu 18, FI Lahti, Finland.

Will start composing the penpal listings from these letters to Signal pages soon. Ten color pages, A4 size, penpal ads, several photos Just received today several emails with information of finally getting rich: Let's make it in an easier way, just pack the banknotes - the bigger the better - into bundles of and stuff them into an envelope and mail to my street address.

No vain costs to you or to me I receive now some emails daily, almost half of them are similar to the above examples. The criminals are fishing for your own money by promising incredible and impossible profits or commissions. Also this Mac is some ten years old but it is faster than my Windows 7 computer In the W7 computer I use the 1st Page software to write the html-code, old but good software! I can make the pages exactly such as I want them to look like. When I added a few new penpal ads using the NVU html-editor to a file written with the 1st Page html-editor the entire code was simply ruined.

There were all kinds of extra html-tags and code on the page, it did not look the same as earlier. It seems to me that Apple does not understand Windows and vice versa, even though html-coding is simply text editing of the commands. Had to rewrite the newest page from top to toe, that's why it looks a bit different now. Used the Windows 7 and 1stPage doing it because I'm accustomed to it. Monday July 14 I received my 50 years old Harting single record player from Germany last week Found it on German eBay auctions, the price was Euros 55 and postage to Finland was Euros 16, A friend was just doing some tinkering to connect it to my stereo systems.

Now everything functions properly and I can play the below "not for sale" "disc jockey records" and "promotional records" from WHLM-radio station in USA, mainly from 60's and 70's. Publisher's computer expert friend Seppo was cycling with his lady friend Mimi in the neighborhood and they paid a visit to me, too. We were discussing about the Indonesian wooden and bone carvings which Signal received years ago from Kuo Wei Yong in Bali islands.

We took a look at Signal's other website called - www. The photo was taken by Seppo, Mimi on left, Raimo on right Look inside this years old fine art album by '-mari ' Excellent drawings and water color illustrations, 36 original art pieces from year I bought this small album from a local fleamarket here in Lahti Finland in November Saturday, June 28 I want to buy this record player with the changer for 12 singles!!!!! Bought exactly the same player here in Lahti Finland in when 16 years of age, now I am 71 already. I used to received single disc jockey records in lots of different at a time from a friend working in the WHLM radio station in USA, gave good Finnish and foreign postage stamps in return.

In all I received far over 1. The needle of my Harting single player got ruined some years ago. Tried to find a new one in the local shops, did not succeed. Took the player to a radio shop for repair, no one could help me. Later I managed to loose the entire machine, propably when getting divorced in early 90's? Or then it was lost when moving back to my orginal childhood and current home.

Why to buy this over 50 years old Harting record player now when all the music can be listened to on web, on cds and dvds etc? I just remembered the name of the manufacturer, Harting and of course searched for it on web. Found the above photo from Germany, on ebay. I still have a few hundreds of those singles from 60's, 70's and 80's and I love old memories and old music Remember having picked it back to my own collections after divorce but could not find it today. Thursday June 5, What is a Friend Lilian Faulkner - UK Someone you can feel at easy with, to tell your innermost thoughts, knowing your friend will treat them as you would, their bearing their soul to you.

Someone you'll never meet. Yet you feel you have always known. Perhaps in another time and place.