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The relationship between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman is an interesting one, and it's fascinating to see how these two personalities play off one another.
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Some of that is simply cause we have kids and have to communicate for there wellbeing. Lol, the part about the sex could not be more wrong. Let me ask you guys commenters a question. Why in the name of fucking Leo do you guys need to be so rebellious? Whichever site I visit, I never see positive comments. All because of you fucking negative humanity. Try and appreciate quotes. I personally am a Leo and this particular site has been a lot of help to me.

We may be stuck in our little dream worlds, but we can still control our minds better than most. Dream on and try to guide your thoughts to the person you seek. The need for freedom is undeniable, but compromise can make it all possible. If you are with someone who cannot compromise, acknowdlge it and try to move on.

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Compromise is the only thing that can possibly make a relationship work for anyone. We are not heartless.

Aquarius Woman Leo Man – A Powerhouse Of A Relationship

However, it is clearly how someone somewhere was made to feel by one of our own. That person could not find a compromise with an Aquarian.

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Focus your mind on compromise and pay as much attention to detail as you can. The lion is grand and beautiful.

Leo Man And Aquarius Woman

I dont know about the rest of you but my leo guy doesnt want to be tied down. He wants fun fun fun. And me the aqua woman have to keep reminding him. Hang with me and you will learn to be free … of everything.

Leo Man - Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

You will be high up…. Do what you want. I have maps inside me. Pick one for your destination. Be happy and make others happy around you. You are my world. Really, there is some truth to all this astro stuff!! Anyhoos all the best to all of you whos looking for answers. Not saying that all Aquarians are alike, but this is one thing that is very off, the fact that aquarians have issues in feeling intimacy and affection. We are dreamers and live in a fantasy world, as far away from cerebral empty love as possible. The beauty of their sex life is in things they can learn about their bodies, their confidence and the way they look at the act of sex.

Through the struggle of insecurities and forced liberation, these are two partners to form a strong connection by a simple act of gravitation that the Sun has over Uranus. Everything seems clear in a relationship between Leo and Aquarius when we look at it from a distance. Although they could find incredible understanding and freedom for both partners, usually when they separate they realize how little they have actually known about each other and how little trust they shared in the first place.

Both Leo and Aquarius are heroes in their own way. If they end up fighting for the same cause, they could turn down entire governments and use their incredible force to change anything in the world. To get there, these two would have to stop the battle they have with each other, because energy can be scattered on their unnecessary fight for dominance in a relationship. Leo is a sign ruled by the Sun and has the ability to give clarity to any situation. Aquarius, on the other hand, understands the necessity of change and they seem to carry around a spark to ignite and excite any possible situation that they find worthy.

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This can be irritating to many, especially Leo, but in fact it is a necessity of liberation we all carry within. Leo is exactly what Aquarius needs to find love. It is a strange thing how they find each other, on the grounds of their former relationships, to liberate and shine as if they have been searching for one another for many lifetimes.

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While Leo is the Sun, Aquarius is a lightning and it usually comes out on a rainy day. When Leo falls in love, the entire world can feel it. The warmth pours out from the center of their being and one has to be blind or senseless not to pick up the signals. Aquarius can hide their emotions much better and often has trouble expressing and acknowledging how they feel.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The only thing that can endanger their emotional relationship is their everlasting ego battle and they should both pay attention not to be too proud to let go to love. He feels passionately and loves unfailingly. You want to be in the good books of a Leo individual for she will make you feel like a part of the elite. Whether it be luxurious lunches or simply living day to day life, a Leo man will turn it around in his unique way and make it special for you.

He is a logical being and if it wasn't for his humility, he would have proclaimed himself God. This is true because when a Leo man argues or talks, he knows everything about that particular debate, whether it be the minor details or other important ones. He keenly believes that there is logic to every aspect of life and once you find that logic, you can make your life simpler.

Thus when a Leo man and an Aquarius woman come together in a relationship, you can expect them to be a little shifty in nature. Each sign can dominate the other in different ways which might eventually lead to a much needed balance in their relationship. The Aquarius woman will teach her man stability, patience and a calm approach to life while the Leo man will give his woman some lessons in being passionate and powerful.