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Rachel Barbra Berry is a major character on Glee. She is a Tony award-winning Blaine Anderson (kissed, one date: ended) Will Schuester (former crush).
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Quinn says she is in a relationship with Finn and that Rachel should give up on him. Rachel refuses, saying that it is not over between them. Quinn begins yelling at Rachel, and then the latter decides to write a song on her own. She later writes Get It Right , while crying. At Regionals, Finn tells Rachel "break a leg," and that he likes her song, to which she replies that the last time they were there he told her he loved her, and that he must listen to her song carefully "because she mean every word of it. She thanks all of New Directions for supporting and trusting her.

She believes Sunshine is a spy and tries to warn the rest of the Glee Club, but they don't listen to her because they need her to earn enough money to go to Nationals. Finn and Quinn can't handle Mercedes and her 'diva fit' so they appoint Rachel 'Head of Talent Relations' which Rachel eventually accepts. When Mercedes refuses to go on during the Benefit Concert, Rachel goes after her and convinces her to come back and perform. Mercedes asks why Rachel is a bigger star than her, and Rachel tells her that all she cares about is being a star and she doesn't care if people like her.

Rachel tells her that nothing could top that, so she won't go on. Finn accidentally hits Rachel in the nose whilst dancing and he goes with her to the doctor. She is told that her nose is broken, but it is a "clean break" and there is an opportunity to get a nose job. Rachel looks puzzled, but also as if she is considering it. Later, she informs the New Directions that her nose is broken, but she is considering getting a nose job. On her next doctor's appointment, Quinn accompanies her and she encourages Rachel to have the procedure.

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When Rachel informs the Glee Club that she is going to have the procedure, they say they have thought about it and they are all against it. Rachel argues, and then Finn says that Rachel is beautiful and shouldn't get the nose job. She looks touched, but then says that she is going through with it. Later on in the girl's restroom Puck comes in and tells her he doesn't want her to have the nose job and asks her to give him an hour of her day.

The next day, Rachel and Puck are shown at the mall where they meet Kurt, who expresses his disinterest in the procedure and claims that they're there to have a "Barbravention. When the rest of New Directions are about to perform "Born this Way," she comes in and tells them she cancelled her appointment and is not going to have the nose job.

They support her and she later joins in on Born This Way where her shirt is revealed to say "Nose. Rachel is found asking Sam to prom, however he turns her down. She is up to her old tricks in trying to get Finn back, being the one who brings to Finn's attention the rumor about Quinn cheating on him with Sam.

Her and Finn then go on a stakeout to try to find out exactly what Sam and Quinn are up to, but stumble upon Kurt and Sam hugging; the two jump to conclusions and a new rumor soon spreads. They later go on another stakeout and this time spot Sam with Quinn. Later, Rachel sings Go Your Own Way to Finn in the choir room, which leads to Sam telling everyone about the rough time he's been having lately at home. Rachel goes with Finn to the motel once again and they meet Sam's little brother and sister. They give Sam back the guitar that he had to sell and encourage him to stay in New Directions, for himself and for the team.

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Rachel joins in with the group number of Don't Stop and is seen dancing with Sam's siblings. Rachel comforts Mercedes when she leaves the choir room and tells her that she also doesn't have a date to the prom. However, she comes up with a plan, and they meet Sam in the auditorium and they tell him about their proposition. They both tell him they want to go to the prom with him and that they'll loan him money to take them.

In the following scene, Rachel is seen at the auditorium preparing where she sings Rolling in the Deep , during which a surprising moment comes when Jesse shows up and sings with her. Afterwards he tells Rachel that he is sorry for how he treated her and asks if she's doing anything for prom. As a show of respect, she tells him to get a simple corsage for Quinn with green ribbon to match her eyes. Rachel, Mercedes, Sam and Jesse all meet up at Breadstix before the prom and discuss their expectations for the night. Rachel agrees with everything Jesse says, which might be a sign that she still likes Jesse.

At the Prom, Rachel sings Jar of Hearts whilst sharing some very telling glances with Finn, who is on the floor dancing with Quinn. After a punch is thrown, Finn and Jesse are both thrown out. Later, Rachel follows Quinn into the bathroom after Principal Figgins announces that Kurt is prom queen. Quinn is very angry and blames Rachel for everything that happened, saying that no-one voted for her because they all knew that Finn would rather be with Rachel before slapping her in the face, although she quickly apologizes.

After that, Quinn reveals that she's terrified of the future, and Rachel tells her she is the prettiest girl in the school, but she is "much more than that. Rachel is the only member of glee club who is happy with Jesse's return as New Directions' show choir consultant. When Will announces that he is planning on doing one group number and one duet, Finn states that he and Rachel should sing the duet, which causes Rachel to look touched, but still agrees with Jesse when he suggests they use Vocal Adrenaline's method of focusing the performance around their best member.

Rachel later encounters Finn in the hallway and asks him why he hadn't signed up to be the lead performer at Nationals. He says he's 'Lima good' but not 'New York good,' and she tries to prove him wrong attempting to convince him to sign up, without success. At the auditorium, Rachel says she's singing My Man for her audition.

Before the performance, Jesse asks her if she's singing this song about anyone in particular, but she responds 'no,' however while she is singing Finn is shown, showing that it is actually about him. Jesse is impressed by the song and that, along with the fact he wants to be her boyfriend again, leads him to tell her that her performance was simply brilliant. Kurt was also visibly emotional after Rachel's performance and remarks "She may be difficult, but boy can she sing!

Schuester that choosing Rachel as their lead would be the only way for them to beat Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals. During Jean Sylvester 's funeral, Rachel, along with the rest of the club, is found very touched by the ceremony. She later joins the rest of the New Directions to sing Pure Imagination.

After the funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn because he is still in love with Rachel, since he has a special connection "tether" with her that he doesn't have with Quinn. At McKinley, Jesse goes to inform Rachel of her success and tells her that she means more than anything to him before kissing her. Unbeknownst to them, Finn walks in on them kissing holding a tulip, seeming that he was going to reveal his feelings to Rachel. In the end Rachel loses her spot as soloist when Will decides that they will all perform together as a group, but she doesn't seem upset by this option.

Rachel is seen remarking "I made it" after New York City has been shown. She purchases tickets for Cats for all the New Directions, before finding out that Cats has finished a long ago. Shortly after, New Directions are assigned to write two new original songs, but Puck and Quinn believe they should go outside and let New York write the songs for them. Back at the hotel, the New Directions girls and Kurt are having a pillow fight while Rachel is writing an original song. She receives a text message from Finn asking her to meet him in Central Park and to 'dress up.

Rachel musters up the courage to talk to her "if not for her, then for Kurt" and in doing so, receives praise from Patti as she was also in a show choir when she was in high school. She also makes Rachel promise her she will never give up, which Rachel does. She then tells Rachel that Finn is 'cute. Near the end, Finn tries to kiss Rachel, but she tells him that she can't. She then walks away leaving Finn heartbroken. Rachel and Kurt singing For Good. The next morning, she is woken up by Kurt to go have " Breakfast at Tiffany's,.

Kurt reveals that Blaine would also join them. Rachel, however, is worried about Finn, but Kurt tells Rachel to bring him along too. Rachel isn't able to decide on what to do, so Kurt pulls Rachel to the Gershwin theater where Wicked is playing. Together they sneak inside and perform 'For Good' from Wicked together. At Nationals, Rachel sees Sunshine in the bathroom after hearing her throwing up. She comments on it, but Sunshine reveals she's nervous and doesn't understand why Rachel is so mean to her.

Rachel reveals that she feels threatened by Sunshine's talent. Sunshine tells Rachel she wants to leave Vocal Adrenaline , that she wants her green card revoked and to return home. But Rachel tells her to perform since she has a gift. Sunshine wonders on Rachel's sudden change of heart, and she answers that girls like them should stick together. Then she and Finn perform Pretending. After their performance, Finn kisses her, and the audience is silent.

She pulls away shocked and nervous before jumping back into their next song. After their performance, Rachel wonders with the rest of New Directions if they lost. They see the top ten for the final round and they place at 12th, and she is upset like the rest of the group. When she goes back to Ohio, she finds Finn in the library, where they discuss about next year and her plans for college.

Finn says that graduation is still a year away leading to a kiss, after which she agrees to be his girlfriend again. The Purple Piano Project. Schuester as he explains his plans for recruiting new members: Kurt and Rachel go to Emma's office and explain to her their plans for the future. Emma informs them that Juilliard doesn't have a Musical Theatre department, offering them something closer to home like Kent State. Later, we learn of Quinn's new 'bad girl' look and Rachel confronts her, pleading that they were once friends and that the Glee Club needs her back.

In the cafeteria, Rachel is the one who encourages the other members of New Directions to stay true to Mr. Schuester's assignment and begins to sing We Got the Beat. Later, when Sugar Motta walks into the choir room, Rachel appears to be slightly intimidated, but that expression later turns into shock as she begins to sing. Rachel then convinces Will to not let her join the Glee Club because she would ruin their chances at Nationals. When they attend the mixer for NYADA, they are confronted by a group that act and dress in a way that is almost identical to them and who happen to be extremely talented, causing them to come to the realization that even though they are hot stuff at McKinley, outside they aren't even "stuff.

This culminates in one of the most touching emotional scenes between the two divas where Rachel claims Kurt makes her want to be his boyfriend. Kurt also shows a vulnerable side to him with regards to his talent that he sees Rachel as "one of a kind. They offer each other encouragement and swear to never, ever give up on their dreams.

Kurt and Rachel pinkie swear to each other and then do the "gay high five. Rachel voices her concern about the musical and Will brings in Emma and Coach Beiste who will direct the play in Will's place along with a student director: She then proceeds to practice for her audition before her mother and suggests she audition with the most challenging song for Maria, Somewhere. Rachel practices the number alongside Shelby as the scene changes to Rachel's audition. Later, Rachel and Finn discuss the future of their lives as Rachel assists Finn with changing a tire.

They share a kiss. Rachel goes up against Mercedes for the lead role of Maria in the school production of West Side Story. This begins when Emma, Coach Beiste, and Artie get her and Mercedes in for a call back audition because they couldn't decide between the two. Before her second audition, Finn gives Rachel a small pep talk. Emma tosses a coin to decide who auditions first. Rachel wins and decides for Mercedes go first. Afterwards, Finn tells her that she did amazing, however Rachel responds that Mercedes was better than her.

Kurt confronts her on this topic and the two are left in a rather tough situation. Later, Rachel and Mercedes are called back into Emma's office in order to find out which one of them landed the lead in the musical; the final decision was for the two to share the part, but after Mercedes complains about having to share the spotlight with Rachel and quits, Rachel is given the lead role of Maria by default.

Shortly after, Finn meets Rachel at the lockers and she tells him how she got role, but only because Mercedes quit, and Finn urges her to drop running for Senior Class president against his brother. He also tells her that he's not sure who he'll vote for yet.

Rachel is very upset that Sue cut the funding for her musical. She is seen later sitting with Finn during new member Rory Flanagan 's audition , calling him "magical. Finn invites Rachel over to his house, thinking about having sex, as he believes they are ready. She agrees, and after they have dinner, they begin to kiss in front of the fire. When she says she wants to have sex with Finn, he asks her why, and she tells him that she needs to prepare for her role as the sexually awakened Maria in West Side Story. Finn is hurt by this and walks out. Rachel later calls an emergency meeting with the Glee girls to get advice about whether she should wait to sleep with Finn or not, in which she learns that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with someone you truly love and if you would have no regrets.

After their first performance of West Side Story, Rachel goes over to Finn's house, to find that he is deeply upset about Cooter Menkins , the OSU football recruiter because he did not like him.

Quinn-Rachel Relationship

Rachel comforts Finn, telling him that they can find new dreams together. She apologizes for what she did earlier, saying that she wanted to have sex with him for all the wrong reasons. However, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally make love to each other. This finally makes their relationship sexual, and shows they love each other. Rachel is continuing her campaigning for Senior Class President, which is still upsetting Kurt, to the point where he refuses to talk to her. Knowing that her NYADA application is due very soon, she asks Shelby to sign a letter of recommendation that she already wrote for herself, to which she agrees.

Shelby tells Rachel that she is proud of her, and that she definitely has a good chance of getting into the school, because of all of her credits and impressive resume. Rachel then asks Shelby to write her own version of the letter of recommendation for her as well. After thinking about what Shelby said to her about having credits on her resume, Rachel decides to withdraw from the Class President elections. She apologizes to Kurt, telling him that she should have withdrawn as soon as she got the lead in the musical, and he forgives her, saying it was awfully difficult being mad at her.

She pledges her vote to Kurt and promises that she will do whatever it takes so that he is elected. I Kissed a Girl. Kurt tells her that he sort of wished he could cheat and stuff the ballot box so that he could win, but he admits that it would go against his morals to do so. Putting her worries aside for a bit, Rachel defends Santana in the hallway along with all of the other girls, when someone is bullying her after the commercial that outed her ran.

At the student elections, Rachel supports Kurt the best she can and tells him that he can still win. However, when Kurt wins the election by more votes than possible, Rachel confesses to Finn that she is responsible. He tells her that she has to step forward and come clean or otherwise Kurt will be suspended. She realizes that it is only the right thing for her to do, so she tells the truth about stuffing the ballot box in Kurt's favor, and in turn she receives a suspension on her permanent record and she is banned from competing at Sectionals. Rachel comes to collect her books from her locker when she runs into Quinn.

She tells Rachel about her plan to get Shelby fired, and Rachel replies that even though what Puck and Shelby are doing is wrong, he is of age and what she will be doing if she gets her fired and they take Beth away which will be detrimental to the little girl's life. Rachel is upset when she watches with New Directions during Sectionals and is shocked to see Harmony as their competition. When Quinn leaves during the Troubletones performance, she reminds Quinn that revealing Shelby and Puck's relationship is going to hurt Beth, but it is also up to her whether she going to go through with it.

Outside Principal Figgins' office, Quinn tells Rachel she didn't tell Figgins about the issue and asks Rachel what she thinks about Yale, saying she isn't as talented as her or Kurt, but wants to study Drama. Rachel offers her to help her with her application and she asks if they're friends to which Quinn replies, "Yeah, we kind of are. Seeing Santana alone while the other girls are pulled back into the group, Rachel walks up to Santana and walks her forward holding hands.

Rachel gives Finn a list of fifteen things she wants for Christmas, telling him he only has to get her five of the things. Rachel is extremely excited when Mr. Schue tells them they will be doing a Christmas Special on TV, and she auditions with River , which Artie isn't pleased with, finding it too depressing. She re-auditions in a duet with Blaine, Extraordinary Merry Christmas , which Artie finds perfect for the show.

Rachel is disappointed with Finn's first gift, hinting that she wants earrings, but when Finn gives her gifts again, she is overwhelmed. She accepts his first gift again, a deed to a star named Finn Hudson and earrings. She keeps the first two, but decides to sell the others to give the money to charity. She is later seen in Artie's Christmas Special, along with her friends, where she takes part in the song My Favorite Things. Rachel sings with the rest of New Directions in Summer Nights and is happy for Will when he announces he is going to propose to Emma. She and the rest of New Directions give Artie a 'Beckyvention' because they don't want him to lead her on.

Rachel, Kurt, and Finn go out for dinner and Rachel complains about the future. Finn starts to talk about his Dad, and Rachel starts singing Without You to him, after which they share a kiss. Later, Rachel sings We Found Love with the rest of New Directions and the synchronized swimmers, and at the end of the episode, after a little talk about how much he loves her, Finn proposes to Rachel. Finn asks Rachel about her answer for his proposal. At first she says she doesn't know. Shortly after, Rachel meets Quinn in the girl's bathroom, and Quinn shows Rachel her acceptance letter from Yale.

She then tells Finn that she'll marry him. Later, she joins the rest of the group, singing Black or White for The Warblers. At the end of the episode, however, Rachel suddenly receives the NYADA letter, and she doesn't know what to do since she already accepted Finn's proposal.


Rachel is with New Directions when Mr. Schue asks where the club thinks they will be in , to which both Rachel and Kurt reply, "Broadway. She tells Mercedes and Kurt about her engagement to Finn. They both think that she is rushing things, but she says that Finn is one of her dreams. Rachel is first seen learning how to play drum with Finn, and when Mr.

Schue asks if they want to serenade the classrooms with love songs, everyone say no, except Rachel. Later, Rachel gets a letter that says she must go to the auditorium to meet someone and she comes, meeting Finn, who has received the same letter. There, they meet Rachel's dads, Hiram and LeRoy who claim to support their impending marriage. In the choir room, she and Finn announce that they're engaged, and some of the group seems happy, but the rest seem to disagree.

Finn's and her parents agree that Finn can stay the night so they can get used to sleeping together. However, Rachel and Finn have a fight because Finn wants to use the bathroom but Rachel doesn't let him. Luckily, they make up things and lay in bed together, and then go to Breadstix for Sugar's party. Before that, they announce to Rachel's dads that they're going to marry in May, after Nationals.

Rachel is at Lima Bean with Kurt when Sebastian approaches them and says that he has an engagement present for her. She opens the envelope, and there is an awful, nude photoshopped picture of Finn in it. She is disgusted, and Sebastian threatens to put the photo up online unless she drops out of Regionals. Rachel tells the club, and Finn is mad that she'd rather perform than not have the photo get up online of him. He walks out of the choir room, she feeling guilty. The next day, they are seen talking at the lockers together and Rachel tells Finn she is sorry, and that she wants to get married right now.

They then plan their wedding to be at the court house and announce it to the Glee club, saying that even though not all of them are supportive of their decision, they are all invited. That same day, Sebastian also tells her he won't put the photo up online because of Dave 's suicide attempt. She is then seen performing at Regionals, and celebrating with Finn and Quinn when they win first place. That afternoon, she is leaving school when she sees Quinn back in her Cheerios uniform and tells her how good she looks, and asks her to be her bridesmaid, which Quinn accepts.

Rachel is seen at the courthouse in her white dress, and refuses to get married until Quinn comes, which drives everyone else insane. She asks Quinn to hurry up and keeps asking where she is, which Quinn receives while she is driving, and while texting Rachel back that she is "on her way," a truck hits Quinn leaving the cliffhanger of whether or not Rachel and Finn got married in this episode. Rachel along with Finn are walking towards her locker when they run into Quinn to whom she is glad to see.

After having a meeting for senior ditch day, Rachel breaks down in empathy to Quinn and regrets that she is being stuck in a wheelchair. She calms down after Quinn reassures her. After taking some master-class with Cooper, she takes note of his acting advises and uses them in a little role-play. Rachel, with her other New Directions friends excluding Quinn, Artie and Blaine head to Six-flags for their senior ditch day. Realizing the blind nature of her own ambition, she then helps him plan for college with Emma and Will during a counseling session and is shown to be highly optimistic and happy throughout, but he throws the brochures away the minute he leaves.

After being lectured by Will, Finn sings More Than a Woman to her while they dance, and tells her that he wants to go to New York with her, to which she reacts explosively. Shortly after, she claps and squeals in excitement when Mr. Schuester writes "Whitney" on the whiteboard. Rachel states she is excited to immediately begin practicing Whitney Houston's version of the Star Spangled Banner. Later she approaches Kurt at his locker, telling him that after practicing the song all night, she can't get it. Kurt receives a text from Chandler , but Rachel assumes it's from Blaine.

She says that Finn regularly sends her cute text messages, usually with puns about her boobs. Rachel questions the innocence of Kurt's texts and admonishes him. Later, Santana and Rachel sing a fun rendition of So Emotional. Rachel joins the other girls in confronting Quinn that it seemed like she and Joe are more than just singing partners, but she denies it.

After that Rachel shows up at Santana's locker, which confuses her. Rachel tells Santana that they wasted three years as enemies when they could have been singing together, and Santana says they hated each other, but then admits that their duet was awesome. Santana says there's plenty of time for another one, but Rachel points out they only have forty-two days until Graduation. Santana is annoyed when she realizes she's going to miss Rachel. The latter says that even though Santana went out of her way to make her miserable, she still respected her talent and ambition, with which Santana agrees.

Rachel asks Santana to put a picture of her in her locker and then gives her a quick hug, and Santana puts the photo up. In the auditorium Rachel and Finn show up to the optional rehearsal and join in the performance of My Love Is Your Love with the rest of the group.

The episode begins with Rachel's inner monologue as she describes how she is a star, her various plans and efforts to stay healthy and fit for her NYADA audition not touching door-knobs, not kissing, her hours spent practicing her Oscar Award Acceptance Speech, etc. She reveals that will indeed be performing Don't Rain on My Parade for her own audition, since she's been belting it from the age of two, and convinces Kurt to play it safe while offering herself as the lead female role in his performance during his audition. As Kurt takes the stage, she watches anxiously as he changes his mind in front of Carmen and begins to perform Not the Boy Next Door.

After the performance and Carmen's compliments, she is seen in the audience with Blaine, Will and Finn clapping, but looking nervous for herself. Backstage she and Finn exchange a few words before Carmen calls her name. Stepping confidently on the stage, she begins to perform her song, but forgets the lines. Embarrassed, she starts over, but fails again. As she tries to start a third time, Carmen closes the audition, leaving Rachel crying in shock on the stage.

A few days later, she and Kurt exchange words near her locker as she looks visibly traumatized and rebuffs Kurt's consolations, stating that she hasn't slept in two days and really needs to be alone. After Kurt hugs her sadly and walks away, she closes her locker and begins a heart-rendering performance of Cry , culminating in her standing grief-stricken on stage, her face covered in tears.

Rachel attempts to come to terms with choking her NYADA audition and the death of her lifelong dream. She takes down all of the photos on her Dream board. She tries to focus on her new smaller dreams: She walks in on Becky practicing her wave for when she wins Prom Queen, and when she tries to keep her hopes realistic, Becky tells her she doesn't want to talk with her because she'd catch her faliure.

Finn asks Rachel if she's bummed she didn't get nominated for Prom Queen. She says she wouldn't expect to be nominated, but Finn says he voted for her. He accuses her of being selfish, but Rachel mentions she's having a bad week. She says she can't believe she's going to end high school as it began, with Finn and Quinn getting all of the attention.

When they all express their frustration about Prom, they make plans to host an Anti Prom Party. She tries to sell the idea to the rest of New Directions. Rachel arrives at a hotel room for the anti prom with Kurt, Blaine, Puck, and Becky. She is a little annoyed at Becky's over-enthusiasm. Rachel suggests she could try on her prom dress to show everyone, when Finn arrives at the Anti Prom Party just in time to see Rachel walk out in her prom dress.

He tries to talk all of them into attending the prom. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all agree and leave the hotel and enter the prom together. Rachel texts Quinn to meet her in the hallway and apologize for being irrationally angry with her, and Quinn forgives her since she didn't even know it. Rachel tells Quinn how much she means to her. She still sees her as she was when they first met, but she has learned to become friends with Quinn. Rachel says she voted for Quinn for Prom Queen.

Although in the official vote Quinn beat Santana by one vote, they talk it over before certifying their vote tallies and conspire to make a difference. After Finn is announced Prom King, Figgins says they have another unprecedented write-in winner, announcing Rachel as the Prom Queen, much to her surprise. Finn and Rachel share their official dance to Take My Breath Away as he reassures her that she is sexy, beautiful, and inspiring to everyone. Rachel says that if this can happen, maybe anything's possible. She is leaving her fourteenth message to Carmen Tibideaux. After Tina storms out, she goes after her saying that Nationals is very important to her and she puts much effort in it.

During Tina's Dream, she turns into Rachel and Rachel turns into her. Later, Tina finds her while she is practicing and offers to drive her to the place where Carmen is taking a master class. Rachel tells Tina she will be the lead vocalist of New Directions next year. When driving with Tina, she is worried about what Carmen will say. Tina helps her gain her confidence, then asks her if they can sing together, to which Rachel says yes. When they get to Carmen's lesson, she talks to her, but she is denied a chance. Back in the hallways Rachel is seen talking to Finn about how Glee is a group of different kids, who all came together and that's why she loves them.

In the midst of the chaotic situation, she says just because Mercedes is struggling with her food poisoning, they have are no reason to give up on performing at Nationals. Later, Rachel runs into Jesse outside the Chicago hall, who taunts her somehow, by knowing that she's scanning the arriving crowd for Carmen, in hopes that she'll get a second shot at getting into the arts college.

She points out that they dated long enough to know that when Jesse gets nervous, he can get offensive and shudder. Jesse relents and admits that Vocal Adrenaline's loss at last year's Nationals broke their eight-year winning streak. He's struggling with the new rules, but Rachel reminds him that his past performances Bohemian Rhapsody set the gold standard for show choirs for years.

As Rachel prepares her make up in the Backstage, Finn reveals to Rachel that he's bought a glass mug from Chicago for them to smash during the Jewish portion of their wedding ceremony - he wants it to symbolize the city where everything changed and New Directions went from losers to winners. Rachel spots Tibideaux taking her seat in the audience halfway through the performance. Emboldened, she finishes strong with a smile in her face and the crowd in a frenzy. While they are waiting for final result, Rachel looks anxious as she holds Finn and Sam hands tightly and is rejoiced when New Directions is placed first at Nationals.

When they return to McKinley, Rachel looks worried as she enters the school hallway and finds herself surrounded by indifferent-looking fellow students. The hockey goons march toward them, slushie cups in their hands. Rachel and the glee kids brace themselves to be slushied, but instead the cups shower them with confetti. She and Finn kiss at the hallways during Tongue Tied , background music montage and after the unexpected celebration by the McKinley students, Rachel marches towards the Trophy case in the choir room with the Nationals Trophy in her hands as she places it there.

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  • At Principal Figgins office with Finn, they listen to Figgins request. He wants the Glee Club to perform for the "special event" at the teacher of the year ceremony. Rachel and the other New Directions acknowledge the fact that graduation is near and soon, and that they will have to say goodbye. Schuester gives them their final assignment: Rachel and the other members of New Directions participate in the final choir room songs as they celebrate all the great times they had together. Later, Rachel and Finn are seen speaking to each other in a room about their wedding while they discuss graduation and New York.

    After, Rachel and the other seven seniors finally graduate from McKinley. She, Finn, and Kurt make a pact to open each of their acceptance letters at the same time. Nearing the end of the episode, she packs her bag thinking she is about to get married to Finn, but Finn drives her to the train station. As she looks confused, she tells Finn that is isn't funny and they'll be late. But Finn explains the fact that he has cancelled the wedding and engagement and her dads will meet her in New York and he will be joining the army to redeem his father.

    At first, she is heartbroken. Rachel demands that she will not go unless Finn goes with her, but after a Casablanca -style encouragement from Finn, she obliges and goes to the station with Finn as Roots Before Branches is sung by the two.

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    After the train leaves the station, she looks out the window in tears and sees Finn chasing after her and everyone else disappearing from the corner of her eye. When she can't see them anymore, she continues singing, upset. She walks through streets, crowds and across roads, and finally, finishes off the song as she walks with her pink suitcase into a full crowd as the episode comes to an end.

    This is the last time we see Rachel in Season Three. Cassandra July welcomes her and other students and asks them to start dancing, since it is the class "Dance Cassandra seems very critical and rude, calling a girl "Muffintop" in front of everyone. As Rachel walks past, she rolls her eyes and Cassandra stops everyone. Cassandra asks Rachel if she is offended, which Rachel quickly denies. Cassandra then makes an offensive comment about Ohio, making Rachel uncomfortable. The teacher puts the music on and makes everyone dance, continuing to pick on Rachel, shouting "Higher" until Rachel falls.

    Cassandra bends down as Rachel tells her she doesn't need her help, but Cassandra shakes her head saying she sucks. Rachel, upset, sighs as the camera cuts to the Glee title card. Rachel says it's happy to know she's missed because growing up can be lonely and that she misses her friends, dads and Finn. She says she hasn't heard from him in two months and he must be giving her the space she needs to achieve her dreams. Rachel explains that her roommate seems nice, but she hasn't talked to her personally because she always has company she's having sex , as Rachel covers her ears.

    Rachel then goes to the bathroom, saying that she takes a 3am shower in the morning when no one is around. Rachel hears someone showering and singing Sister Christian , which seems to grip her. She takes a peek and sees someone showering. Brody Weston then steps out naked as Rachel stares at him and they both hold a long stare. She smiles for a second and then hurriedly returns to the sink. Brody comes over and asks Rachel if she's a freshman.

    Rachel complains about Cassandra, and Brody says that she must be good if she survived a class with her. As Brody talks, Rachel is surprised to know that Brody also has a "moisturizing ritual. He winks as he departs and leaves Rachel looking happy. Rachel is seen walking on the streets as she's on a phone conversation with Kurt. They talk about Brody. Kurt teases her and asks if she likes him, but she replies saying she will always love Finn. They say how much they miss each other. Rachel is later seen in the dance class with Cassandra coming in, calling her names again and asking if she's continuing her failure.

    Rachel replies that she had a rough week. Cassandra picks on her again and says that she better decide what she's feeling, because a lot of people at NYADA will do anything to make it into the business. After a short argument between them, Rachel says that she can smell alcohol, angering the teacher. Rachel watches the performance, shocked and utterly destroyed by Cassandra's seriousness. Rachel and Brody sit next to each other, and she looks particularly excited. Carmen then calls a female student to sing. Rachel watches intently, but Carmen quickly stops her. Carmen says she thinks the student needs to practice a little bit more and cuts her.

    Brody-Rachel Relationship

    Rachel begins to worry about being cut, but she is suddenly called to be the next to sing. Even when Kurt is voted the winner, he remains impartial. Once Rachel comes home, Brody has decorated the entire house for Valentine's Day. They share a few kisses and Brody notices that she is kissing differently and asks if Rachel has seen Finn. Rachel denies anything has happened between the two.

    When Rachel asks if Brody has done anything interesting, he denies it and says he's been at home watching work-out videos, but a cutaway scene shows Brody leaving a hotel with money, obviously implying he has been prostituting himself. At the end of the episode during Anything Could Happen , Brody and Rachel are seen sleeping in the same bed. Rachel gets up to go to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

    After constantly rifling through her roommates' possessions, Santana finds a pager and a wad of cash in Brody's things and comes to the conclusion that Brody is a drug dealer. Rachel dismisses this and doesn't believe that Brody would do something like that. When Santana questions Brody's whereabouts during the snowstorm, Rachel tells her that he is probably stranded somewhere and calls him to prove that Santana is wrong. Brody tells her that he is stuck at his friend Leo's house, but a disbelieving Santana thinks otherwise.

    Brody tells her that he has to go and Rachel doesn't question anything after that. Girls and Boys on Film. At the beginning of the episode, they sing How to Be a Heartbreaker. He tells Rachel about this and Rachel wants Santana to make a choice. She must either leave him alone or leave the apartment, she chooses to leave. The next day, Brody goes to a motel room thinking it is just a regular customer when he realizes that it is Santana waiting for him in the room.

    He starts to try and explain, but Santana tells him that he needs to explain it to someone else. Finn then comes out and confronts Brody. They then get into a fight and Finn ends up beating Brody up and before Finn leaves tells Brody to, "Stay away from my future wife! Brody is mentioned in this episode after Finn apologizes to Rachel for physically attacking Brody at his hotel, seeming a bit worried as he saw the phone call from Rachel. However, Rachel is touched and gives him gratitude for defending her over Brody. He is no longer mentioned in the conversation after this.

    Rachel asks Cassandra if she hooked up with Brody to give her a lesson, but she replies that she actually slept with him because of his abs. Rachel then says to her "But yours are so much better". Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ].

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    The New Rachel Brody is working out on a park bench in New York when Rachel comes by him to ask him to help her with a "sexy" assignment after Cassandra July tells her that she is not "sexy enough" to dance the tango. The two put on a very sexual performance of Britney Spears ' Oops! Brody comes to Rachel's defense by saying that she was great, but Cassandra claims that Brody was great and Rachel was "just okay", claiming that "Maria von Trapp, Willie Loman, and Shrek" were roles more suited for Rachel.

    This angers Rachel and she tells Cassandra off, which gets her kicked out of the class. Brody compliments her on her new makeover and reveals that he had a makeover, claiming that he was a "scrawny kid with a bad haircut and a unibrow". Brody once again tells Rachel that he likes her, which makes her smile bashfully. Later, Rachel is cooking dinner, but burns it accidentally. When Brody arrives, they have a pizza dinner instead, laughing at Rachel's shocking cooking skills.

    Their talk eventually comes to what they were like when they were young and secrets they haven't told anyone. However, Rachel insists that they are just friends. Later, when Rachel and Finn go on a double date with Kurt and Blaine at the karaoke bar, Callbacks , Brody runs into the foursome, providing an awkward situation.

    The Break-Up Cassandra starts off Dance by inviting upperclassmen, including Brody, to assist her in her class, and Brody and Rachel immediately pair off together. Rachel is excited to see him and informs him on her decision to audition for The Glass Menagerie. Cassandra interrupts their conversation and that ends their interaction for the episode, but not before Rachel makes arrangements with Brody to help her with her audition. Glease Rachel is in her dance class when Brody walks in taking Cassandra's place. They are shown sitting together during various rehearsals, and they skate together when the Glee Club visits April's skating rink.

    When Mercedes becomes light-headed, she imagines several characters as food, including Jesse as a hamburger and Rachel as a cupcake. In her fantasy, they are walking through the cafeteria together and chatting happily about Funny Girl. During Mercedes' introduction at the school's pep rally, Rachel is sitting on Jesse's lap looking content.

    Jesse hugs her around the waist and sings happily with her as the rest of New Directions join Mercedes in her rendition of Beautiful. Schue 's performance of Ice Ice Baby , Rachel says it was good, but Jesse could have done a better job. When Rachel discovers her reputation at school is worse than she thought due to her very low ranking on the Glist, she decides to make a music video to Run Joey Run. She triple-casts Puck, Finn and Jesse as her boyfriend in the video, and when she shows the video to the Glee Club, the three are very angry with her.

    Jesse tells her he's mortified and is extremely put off by the video. Later on, he confronts Rachel by her locker. Rachel tries to get him to understand by telling him she has a pathological need to be popular and would expect him to understand as a fellow star in the making. He agrees on that level, but as the guy who gave up everything to be her one and only, he can't see past this. Rachel is disheartened and sadly tells him she knew he'd break her heart. Jesse humorlessly tells her that even though everybody thinks he's the big heart-breaker, she broke his heart first.

    He straightens up and puts on a strong show face, asking her to not talk to him in ballet club. Rachel is sad and seems like she doesn't know what to do, but she knows she messed up. As a way to apologize to the three boys, but mainly Jesse, Rachel performs Total Eclipse of the Heart. It seems as if Jesse is also saddened by the situation, but he doesn't forgive Rachel and ends up walking out at the end of the performance along with the rest of New Directions.

    This is seemingly the beginning of when Rachel and Jesse 'take a break' in their relationship, although they don't actually break up. Jesse does not make an appearance in this episode since he goes away with some of his Vocal Adrenaline friends who are on spring break. He leaves because he is still upset about the Run Joey Run fiasco.

    When Rachel catches laryngitis, Finn takes her to the doctor. She finds out she might need surgery, and when she asks Finn for his opinion on the matter, he angrily replies, " Why don't you ask your boyfriend? Oh wait, you can't because he's not here. It is never acknowledged whether or not Jesse finds out about this. They enter McKinley's halls, and Jesse puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close to him. They walk down the hall, and Jesse asks Rachel what she wants most when she lies awake in bed at night and what's missing from her life, and Rachel simply replies, "My mom.

    Rachel relays to him the only reason she hasn't asked her dads is because she doesn't want to hurt their feelings. Jesse tells her he'll help her look, and they don't have to tell her dads because he wants to make all of her dreams come true. Rachel comes into her room with boxes where Jesse is waiting. They find her sonograms and baby teeth along with her first singing trophy from when she was eight months old.

    When Rachel isn't looking, Jesse takes a cassette out of his shirt pocket labeled "From mother to daughter. He quickly tries to play it, but Rachel stops him frantically claiming she isn't ready. She's not ready, and " what if she's singing on the tape. What if she's terrible, or, worse, what if she's better than [Rachel herself]? Jesse leaves Rachel's house and enters Shelby's car outside sopping wet. He tells her he can't get her to listen to the tape, and Shelby tells him he needs to try harder. In their conversation it is revealed that Shelby asked Jesse to "befriend" Rachel, only Jesse decided to date her instead.

    Shelby tells Jesse to just get her to listen to the tape and to make sure she finds out she's the one singing on it, and then he can come back to Vocal Adrenaline.

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    • Jesse tells Shelby that although he started this entire mess to hone in on his acting abilities, he thinks he kind of likes her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Later, Rachel walks into her bedroom only to find Jesse already there putting the cassette into her tape player.

      Rachel rushes over to stop him yelling she's not ready, but Jesse gently takes her hands in his and says, "Yes, you are. At the end of the episode, New Directions performs a group number of Dream a Little Dream during which Jesse casts Rachel a regretful, concerned, and sad look while Rachel is still feeling upset from listening to the tape. Jesse doesn't appear in this episode. Although it isn't acknowledged, Jesse was seemingly there in costume since the actor who plays Jesse, Jonathan Groff , was seen wearing one of the Lady Gaga costumes while on set shooting the episode implying he was practicing with them for the competition.

      Since the Funk storyline actually happened before Theatricality, Rachel and Jesse are already broken up. Rachel and Jesse are no longer dating. She stands in the back of the auditorium staring at Jesse forlornly. Before they receive the results of the competition, the two share a competitive look that expresses their desire to triumph over the other.

      Rachel is distraught when she finds out they didn't even place, and she looks sadly and Jesse clutching the Regionals' trophy and hugging her mother who turned down her offer to teach at McKinley and to start a relationship. In the episode Prom Queen , Jesse comes back from Los Angeles to see Rachel, interrupting her in the auditorium while she sings Rolling in the Deep they continue the song as a duet.

      He tells her that the dumping-and-egging thing was his one great regret and that he hopes to make amends with her. He asked Rachel regarding what her plan for prom is. Rachel invites him to join her, Sam , and Mercedes on their "Prom on a Budget" something that does not go unnoticed by Finn , who tries to convince her otherwise. During prom, Rachel seems to be enjoying herself with Jesse. Rachel seems to like it, but is a little uncomfortable. Finn grows increasingly uncomfortable with the two of them and picks a fight with Jesse, much to Quinn's chagrin, which results in both Finn and Jesse getting into a fight and then getting kicked out of the prom by Sue.

      As seen in the promo, the Glee Club doesn't want him there. When Rachel performs My Man for the solo audition, Jesse asks Rachel if she is singing to anybody in particular. He seems disappointed when she answers, " Not really. In fact, Jesse called Mercedes "lazy" when she had no choreography but didn't insult Rachel at all when she had no choreography. Rachel meets Jesse on the stage in the auditorium, and he tells her he's convinced she won the solo. She's excited and smiles before jumping to hug him.

      When the conversation becomes more serious, Jesse tells her he used to think fame meant everything, but now he realizes there's one thing that matters to him more: He swoops down and gently kisses her, and Rachel doesn't protest.