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When you rub your eyes, you've been dating each other for 6 months and she's screaming at you for looking at the waitress in a seductive.
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Love you to pieces!

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Just finished your book, I feel great. Although this video was hilarious for the most part, I felt a little disheartened at the end. I am a believer of sexual freedom and expression as long as both or all parties consent. I personally am a cuckquean, but I am also a wonderful, kind, intelligent successful, confident, attractive woman who any guy would be lucky to have. In fairness I do keep my sexual kinks under wraps for as long as possible, but I would be broken hearted if I fell in love with a guy and he called me crazy for it.

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Now I can just go on quirking around freely without feeling weird about my passions! What a great laugh. Yes, too much milk in the tea? Omg, yes, send it baaaaaaack!!!!!! I do my own milk.

Is She ♠Crazy♠? (Top 7 Signs That You're Dating A Crazy Woman)

I think you might need to work on your technique in bed. Also, funny you mention Jerold. I recently met one of those crazies who suggested the vary same thing. Good thing my crazy detector has fresh batteries. How do I go about getting honest feedback from the kind of guy I want to be with? Um, Matt are you just out of a bad relashionship with a crazy person? The way you did some of those points seemed they are sitting on a very raw nerve. Since you turned my life upside-down AKA the right way up, at one of your retreats…I met a guy. One of the first things I liked about him?

When I first met him I found his personality endearing, sweet and honest. I was a real sheople person. Thank you Matthew and Team!!! I find myself a little weird and crazy, and I was wondering if I would find a guy that would accept my craziness.. Here in Venezuela it gets serious hahahaha… Idea for your next video: What to do if you get fired for watching Matthew Hussey videos at work… Love u!!

There is something I actually really need your help with Matthew I really would feel a lot safer in my life if you could help me with this.. I am still laughing. There is nothing crazy about it if both partners are in agreement. I agree with you. I listened to the short audio many times , and let me tell you this your amazed more than chris pine an actor. At times it nearly destroyed him.

He lost his social life. He buried himself in studying and learning everything he could about relationships and human dynamics. Matthew you are blessed to have a great person like him in your life. I think you lift mountains …no … then what … donkeys. I drink my tea black.

What makes me quirky? I would literally watch the credits to hear the song. I also still own the very first toy my parents got me when I was a kid. I like that about you. I think Matthew might have a second career as a stand up comic or actor even. Love his parody of himself. This sort of behavior, including slamming my character in her fb page, continues for m when I finally lost my sheit.

If the behavior had ever provided a reprieve, maybe I could have but she was relentless. No wonder, neither my bf, nor his bf have ever in 40yrs, ever had a successful relationship. The stiff upper lip is another example of an endearing quirk. But sometimes you have to dump some tea into the harbor. Every one has a bad day. Every one has made at least one big mistake. Every one breaks down. HOW am I ever going to stop falling in love with you when make me pee my pants laughing?

This seriously happened to me with an emotionally immature man. Do not sing it on first date. You just described, every man I ever dated. Very insecure, korky turned crazy. I kept thinking, is it me making him feel on edge? Sometimes he would throw a bit of a fit. I would sit there and think…this guy is mental or has a screw lose. Still hopeful in finding that somewhat normal guy. My programs are a great way to find and keep your Mr. It got made so poorly growing up in my household I learned to take it black and strong enough to dye my hair.

Anything to avoid milky tea. I could barely pay attention to the rest of the video after that pillow scene, LOL!! Yep, note the accent. Black with just a shot of cold water so that I may drink it without burning my tongue. Coffee is worthy of a hissy fit: Love the videos Matthew. This video strays a little further from the usual value you provide in your other videos. I honestly love your stuff, but I come to this blog for insight and knowing how to master adding value to other human beings.

I understand part of being generous or adding value is humour — I agree. If you want to see Matt in his upper most serious mode, where he has every aspect of your interest at heart and bends over backwards, goes to hell and back and ends up even more spent on energy in your corner than you do… Go do his retreat! Even in his humour, there is underlying grit.

I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet ride Aladdin: Unbelievable sights Indescribable feelings Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling Through an endless diamond sky Princess Jasmine: A whole new world Aladdin: A hundred thousand things to see Aladdin: Hold your breath, it gets better Princess Jasmine: A whole new world Princess Jasmine: Every turn a surprise Aladdin: With new horizons to pursue Princess Jasmine: Every moment gets better Both: A thrilling place Princess Jasmine: A wondrous place Both: For you and me.

I love the learning with laughter. Appears you struck a nerve with some overly sensitive people. But if the guy is lovely and likes animals, trailers and wants to learn how to make me a tea the way I like! The video about crazies is a riot. However, women need tools to figure out crazy very early on before they get sucked in.

Unfortunately, we often already have kids or are engaged and heavily emotionally involved before we figure it out. It took me 15 years to get away from my ex, and I still have been struggling for the last 8 years to get the child support. I am sending this to all of my friends in hopes that they will love you as much as I do it after they see this. I have a friend in our circle, keen and becoming bolder who phoned to ask us to a live music, picnic event he had also posted out to all on social media.

I tentatively said yes and soon got a phone call back with him opening the phone call shouting Nooo, this carried on for a while. We must not date crazy people. Of course there are crazy, dangerous people out there and they will always give you clues, you must just learn how to read them. No matter how subtle. It is not your place to change, treat, or help them, we are not mental health professionals.

There is clearly a problem with stigma and taboo in society around this issue, around anyone with a disability, one I feel deeply concerned about. This is a lovely light hearted piece, Matthew obviously has a heart of gold and a wonderful sense of humour. An underlying serious message to this is his work in making sure we all make the right choices in choosing a partner and how crucial that is to our life and well being. Could not agree more, Kathryn! I understand that some people were offended because they have a disability or something out of their control and I believe it was taken to heart, when really this was as you said, a light hearted piece meant to bring laughter, never to call out anyone or offend,…and at the same time, reminding us to be safe.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard that it hurts. Great to see you laugh so much. And tea is just hot water and a bag most times. Thanks for this vid. Singing Disney songs is not crazy. Wanting me to dress up like Jasmine? Crossing the line for me.

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But to each their own. This video is crazy. I am not crazy. My ex however was the calmest person who never lost his temper. He was charming and everyone loved him instantly. He was the one who was living a double life with 2 women for 4 years as well as being a habitual thief and stealing 10s of thousands of pounds. Sometimes your too close to the situation to realize whats going on. They try to control your life, ex: They always try to one-up you, ex: They will always try to get the last word in, in an argument.

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I was raised by a narcissist. Everything is always a complaint or everything consists of something bad happening to them. If lying has been made habit, it means they have done it a lot. If you hear a lie, where the truth has no consequence, you can never trust another word out of their mouth. Everything is your fault. Is there a misunderstanding between you two?

Was it due to them miscommunicating to you? Did they provoke you to do what it is you did? Did they entrap you in any way? You made them act the way they did, and there is no consequence for them making you act the way you did.

If you ever apologize to this, they own you. This is where they insist that your memory is wrong. This is meant to train you to not question their judgement, since you no longer trust your own. If they get you in this trap they can feed you lies, that you know are lies!

But then you think that what you know is wrong, so they must be telling the truth. Did you have to cancel spending time with them to see your family? You will make it up to them like an indentured servant. Sadly, some of this negativity can be truth. They have some judgmental comment about any person other than themselves that they bring up.

They make you feel bad for it. Anytime there is juicy drama gossip around, they have to use it till they wear a hole in it. These people need hunted like a wild animal and their skin used to make a leather jacket. When they twist and turn your entire life to their needs and desires. As other have said, the narcissistic quality of blaming others but never themselves.

When they make you feel like complete and utter shit for not helping one time, for not being there at the right time. When they make you focus each and every fiber of your limited being to their satisfaction. When they force guilt on you for you being the reason they want to off themselves because one thing you did that they did not like…leaving you so, so confused. Continue to be kind…but never let someone take advantage of you. But alas…I cannot be blamed, not after that.

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