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Lyrics to 'Online' by Brad Paisley. I work down at 23 Of The Most Heartbreaking Christmas Songs Ever When you got my kind of stats, it's hard to get a date.
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We Danced Brad Paisley. Love Story Taylor Swift.

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What would happen if the biggest movie star in the country met the most famous person in a tiny rural town, aka the most famous person in the country? Meet Paisley's song "Famous People. He meets a famous movie star who's hanging around town, and the result? This song really is a knee slapper. And it's the kind that only the ever-charming Paisley can get away with. After all, as the story goes, the narrator of the song gets a little jealous of his girl's potential suitors, so he does a little dirty work to make sure he's the only one for her.

And it's not just a few white lies: He tells a cowboy the girl used to be a man, informs the doctor she was dating she's actually married, and scares away the dentist by telling him she had seven kids.

Songs About Online Dating

In recent years, the celebrity spotlight has translated to pretty crazy behavior. In "Celebrity," Paisley casts a harsh light in a humorous manner on what show business is like today -- specifically, the explosion of reality shows, entitled behavior throwing a fit when your latte isn't spot-on , and run-of-the-mill Hollywood troubles like on-a-whim marriages and suing family members. He's poignant in these lyrics: And all the women stood up and cheered when this song came out because it lifts up women in the most hilarious way.

He takes on the macho man who "don't take orders," reminding him cleverly that while a man can probably bench , he's subject to what the woman wants.

This line specifically had us hook, line, and sinker: Even though this song isn't full of romantic mushiness, it's a pretty perfect love song. Because it gives advice on what to say -- or not say -- to your spouse, and is especially helpful for newlyweds or new couples; sometimes honesty isn't the best policy. If she really does look chubby in that dress, Paisley tells you what to do. Her voice was truly a once-in-a-generation kind of gift.

Easy to see why.

It actually came from the soulful George Harrison. John Lennon said he thought it was the best song on that album. This blues singer truly made the song her own in In , Celine Dion cemented her place as a music legend, dominating the charts for six consecutive weeks.

Top 5 Songs Couples Send Each Other (and 5 They Should Send)

Songwriter Diane Warren said she wrote the song in tribute to her father. Full of gratitude and rapture, this song expresses the ways that love transforms and uplifts a person. Lead vocalist, Cleveland Duncan, said of the song: But the music and lyrics immediately struck a chord with audiences. Then the decision was made to add in Diana Ross, and an inspiring love song was born.

32 Perfect “Love Songs for Him" (Classic, Rock, Country & More)

The song you share with your loved one becomes a very special thing over time. Classic love songs are classic for a reason, after all. It dominated the charts for almost a month in the U.

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  • Slow in the beginning and more swinging in the middle, this song combines rock, pop, and even a brass section to create a totally unique anthem of love. A Motown hit shows up once again on our list. His silky voice lays on compliment after compliment about a girl who makes him feel on top of the world.

    Take a look at them in action:. Say what you will about the old-fashioned look and simplistic lyrics, but for me, the earnest delivery of the Temptations makes this song an easy-listening favorite for a romantic night. The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and remains a favorite of happy couples everywhere.