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Today, we have adjusted matchmaking settings in Competitive Crucible. Matchmaking parameters have been changed so that the opponents.
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December MTGA Matchmaking Update | MTG Arena Pro

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MCC November Update

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Valve updates to casual matchmaking reddit, 2slow4flo from. Yet there are now the upcoming hangar module. Epic Games recently released a new update for Fortnite Image: Here is the current schedule in place for the next tournaments being held in after Alpha: Beta Tournament Duo Dates: October 23 - October 25 Description: Grab a friend and take on the world - until you are the last two left. Friday Night Fortnite Squad Dates: October 19 - November 30 Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action.

Salty Springs Cup Solo Dates: The best players still have a goal to achieve and then everyone else has the very achievable goal of winning 50 games of comp. Cant play any form of pvp without getting shot through the map, around corners and two shot max deaths no matter wtf I do. Also, the fact that accidentally stubbing your toe on me on the way by is enough to kill me during spectral special is just peachy.

Not sure theres a single thing that feels like realistic matchmaking involved in this game. Great characters and concepts but never seems to execute properly. Been playing several years and may recall a time or two where it felt like a legit match, but when games are more irritating than rewarding the game is junk.

Senpai's DATING TASK! Matchmaking Senpai & RIVAL... Secret way to WIN? (Yandere Simulator Update)

Im not a game-maker but the imbalance in matching, the fact that map perameters dont seem to count for squat or work, hiding rewards behind quests that are never mentioned anywhere in the game world and have no logical solving abilities, titans can one punch kill everything but no other class can, competitive is pointless for any solo player ever, half of the matches are half over when you show up and your losing by 40 points to begin with, the other half are idle teamates or you start one or more teamates down, then destroy our rank for losing brilliant, this one , supers can be ruined by basic weapons, the only logically acquireable rewards are the same 4 junk pieces over and over and never communicating with the community like you care about the millions we've invested in you not to mention being the only game that blames their shitty servers on their customers , all make this a game that is only worth the time until something that actually registers as fun comes along.

Also, if we are such epic gaurdians, why can we not so much as jump on a stone without being killed? Put some climbable or interactive stuff in the game. Any less ability and it'd be a damn sidescroller.

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Sorry for the rant, i want to like the game but the straight garbage that is pvp has done me in today. Give us options to choose weapons or armor for the iron banner.

I want the armor with stat that's I use. Not junk smgs and rocket launchers. I got good weapons from across the game I'm in dying need of armor now lol. Lower loss penalty in comp by a lot. Raise win point gain. The way it was before was nice.

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Still not playing until progression is based on individual performance rather than team performance. The way it seems at the moment is players will either earn the guns or pay for them. No one will be able to complain anymore because everyone will get the prize eventually.

Now i know a lot of people are going to say "yeah but you should only have Not Forgotten if your willing to put the time in" n yea i agree but as long as account recovs n carries are present that statment means nothing. As a secondary benefit to the community as a whole it will put less money in the pockets of the people doing recovs etc. So no sooner did I post you a poor response I got booted from a game.