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Dallas Stars Center Tyler Seguin (who is No. 3 in points in the NHL, boasting 25 goals and 28 assists) is revved up for NHL All-Star Weekend.
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The highly unusual move to seek foreign talent is a sign of how far China is willing to go for success at its home Winter Olympics. With a population of nearly 1. The national and local governments have been pouring money into new facilities, equipment and training for players and coaches in the past few years, with the majority of the new ice rinks being built in shopping malls. But it remains to be seen whether Beijing will grant citizenship to foreigners to strengthen their rosters, following in the footsteps of Seoul for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

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Such a move would allow China to expand its player pool, while encouraging engagement with the Chinese diaspora. However, China does not currently recognize dual citizenship. To become a naturalized Chinese citizen, a foreigner would have to give up his or her previous citizenship, making the option undesirable to many foreign hockey players.

If I forget the battle bag at home on game days I will turn the car around and go and get it.

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The kids love the bells. They may not be able to hear me cheering or yelling for them, but they hear those bells. And I think it makes a difference.

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My sons actually gave me two cowbells for Christmas — the bells have kind of become a joke around the other hockey parents — but now I have these extra bells in my battle bag. When another Mom lost her voice at one of our playoff games I reached into my bag and I tossed her a bell. Parents get blinded by the dream. Their kid scores goals in a season and he is doing all these spectacular things on the ice when the other kids can barely stand up — and the parents go crazy.

They think they are going to the show, and their kid is eight. They completely fail to understand what that goals means because, you know what, lots of kids score goals in a season. My kid scored goals in a season. Frankly, nothing matters until your kid hits puberty. Your kid can be a star at 8 and want to quit at But parents get these unrealistic expectations, and it is not just the parents.

Coaches feed into this. It was right before the game. But the offer made me feel so dirty, like I was being asked to pimp out my own kid, and he has just turned But the truth is these kinds of things are happening all the time in minor hockey because hockey blinds people. It is almost like a sickness. Coaches will promise to make a kid captain — if they come and play for them — and that kid might be eight. I remember walking out of this meeting and there must have been 40 messages on my phone — from parents.

All these parents were calling me and leaving messages and literally marketing their kids to me and saying how they could do this, and that they had had extra hockey lessons or extra skating lessons or whatever it was. They could barely stand up. No one actually offered me any money, but there were offers from parents to help on the bench, to be the trainer, or the manager — in exchange for getting their kid on the team.

Away from the rink, these are absolutely normal, high functioning people with good jobs. But, a few of them, you get to the rink and they become different people. I have a good job. But I found that I was spending extra hours a week coaching. So it was like having two jobs. It was like running a small business. And I was a volunteer. There were some good things about it.

The team won a lot and the kids were really great kids — and their parents all seemed great. Everybody pretty much got along. Things got crazy when we went to a tournament in Detroit. We had a team dinner in the hotel banquet room. There was pizza, chicken fingers and fries for the kids.

China hockey eyes foreign talent hook up | Shanghai Daily

The parents had some drinks and socialized, and the kids tore around the place, playing mini-hockey. It was a fun night. I was completely dumbfounded. I coached the team for two years. Two years was enough. I drive a minivan, obviously. What else could it be?

It can fit four kids, four hockey bags — and luggage. It has a DVD player — with headphones for the kids — and a selection of movies. One kid will be assigned to change the movies. I program all stops into the GPS ahead of time — to save time and confusion — if there is not an adult navigator with me. I do a bag count to make sure that all the hockey bags have actually made it inside the vehicle and that none are sitting behind it, waiting to be run over. I have never run over a bag, but I have driven off without bags from a rink, which resulted in a lot of frantic phone calls and a rescued bag.

The van rules are restated before departure: Before a new passenger is brought aboard they are asked if they have gone to the bathroom, since full bladders and unanticipated bathroom breaks play havoc with punctuality. My wife and I had always talked about building a boat and sailing around the Caribbean with our son, Max. The idea was to do something out of the box, to have a family adventure.

An Ode to the Junior Hockey Player

Then Max got into hockey — he is a goalie — and our plans changed. We were living in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. Our boat was a footer named the Northern Light. I built it myself, sold my medical research company and the three of us, and our chocolate lab, Gus, moved to the Port Credit Harbour Marina in Mississauga. That was in The idea was that Max, he was 12 then, could play hockey with a bunch of Canadian kids in Toronto.

Because that was his dream, to play hockey against the best players in the world. And for three winters he did. I designed the boat so that each of us would have a space of our own. Every morning we would pile together and eat bagels and read the Toronto newspapers. Max was home-schooled by my wife, Shirley. She is my ex-wife now.

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