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What's up, this is Julien from Real Social Dynamics, . in her eyes (you can get her in all sorts of relationship AFTER she sleeps with you). .. Executive Coach.
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Should Britain Ban 'Pick-Up' Coach Julien Blanc?

Trump tweet responders By Ian Burrows What does it take to get the coveted top reply spot to a Donald Trump tweet and who are the people that always seem to get in first? Water-smart gardening By Nicole Mills If you love your garden and hate seeing it suffer in summer but don't like the idea of keeping your taps on to keep it green , here are some tricks to help you use less water. Most coffee species at risk of extinction By science reporter Belinda Smith and environment reporter Nick Kilvert At least 60 per cent of the world's coffee species are in danger of disappearing thanks to climate change.

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Here's the short version Kyrgios joins Tomic in slating Hewitt as Australian tennis feud rages on. Most Popular Police allege airline cabin crew smuggled drugs into Australia for years Australia has a porn problem — and we appear powerless to stop it Body of missing German tourist found in NT after police access phone data Australia to see world's worst house price fall Heatwave expected to peak over the coming days 'Among the most ridiculous proposals I have heard': Could Trump nominate Ivanka for the World Bank?

Shock jail term for woman who kept baby meerkat, after man who stole it handed a fine Woman found dead near Melbourne shopping centre may have been assaulted after tram ride photos This is what the artist sketched, but here's what was erected 'He is not a paedophile': Qld's worst sex offender released into the community photos. It's no surprise Theresa May was beaten on Brexit — it was the size of the defeat that shocked What's next for the Socceroos in the Asian Cup? Independents won't matter as much as you think next election Get ready to say goodbye to the Big Four era in tennis.

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He went to extraordinary lengths to gain entry to the hottest clubs, such as posing as a club promoter in order to trick bouncers into letting him in. This guy should have been drowned at birth.


He is a misogynist scum bag that needs some prison time being choked. I to have good experiences with RSD. I reveal all here. Not every girl will sit there and take what you have to say. I show you how to pass with flying colors. Hardly ever will you find a hot girl waiting to be approached by you. Here I show you how to create those windows to draw her into going after YOU. If you all do the above right, logistics is what will screw over most of your pulls… Until now.

Here, I teach you what you need to know to be ready to pull the stunners under the toughest circumstances. How to move things forward, and stay present as a Real Guy in her mind until you do.

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RSD Julien Blanc - Dating Coach

I tell you exactly how to get her back to your place willing to sleep with you. I know , it took ME 7 years to internalize everything I am teaching you at this point. At first I had to resort to alcohol, but over time there were several re-frames and strategies I came up with, that completely annihilated my AA.

And I tell you how to get over yours in a snap. This is probably the single hardest thing to do because we all grew up Socially Conditioned. In this installment I tell you how to turn your personality into an irresistible tool to attract women hint: It took me roughly 8 months to figure out how to resolve this. But not for you.

Julien Blanc

It sounds way more vicious than it is, and with good reason. Simply a High-Value Man that will provide them with a full range of powerful emotions. I brought together 3 of the best in the Game. Where I sit down to break down different aspects of Game only True Elite Players can bring to the table.