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I just played an ARAM game, and the matchmaking seemed way off. Their Team: Plat V Diamond V Gold II Diamond V Plat II. Our Team.
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Because ARAM now has matchmaking, people are punished for dodging, which discourages players from doing it. If you want casual fun, just click on the ARAM gametype and sit in queue for maybe half a minute. It's a much better experience just from that alone. However, the new ARAM mode also blind-picks teams, meaning you don't know what the other team randomly rolled. Before, if the enemy team had some really dominating character like Nidalee, someone would generally dodge. Now you don't know, and that is kind of a nice change.

Matchmaking for ARAM in League of Legends

It is "all random," after all, and part of "all random" means sometimes the RNG picks Jayce. Additionally, if you get a champion you don't like, the new ARAM mode includes a reroll mechanic that allows you to change your character!

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You build points toward rerolls by playing ARAM games; you build these points more quickly if you have more characters in your roster since you're more likely to get someone you don't want. In practice, you seem to get a reroll about once every 3 to 6 games, so you do still have to play with the spirit of "all random. You can store up to two rerolls at a time, which forces you to think a bit about them but still lets you save up if you have a lot of good picks in a row. This helps curb dodging even more, since there's a mechanic in place to allow you to avoid playing characters you really don't like.

Just as in all other modes, you can also swap characters with your team. Recently, I had an interesting situation where I got Janna, whom I was pretty happy with. I accepted the trade and spent a reroll, since I had my second reroll almost fully charged. I got Yorick, whom I am also pretty happy with.

However, our Sivir player saw that I got Yorick and asked me to trade, which I was more than happy to do, as I really like Sivir.

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Another time though, our Master Yi player traded him away for Sona, then rerolled her. We lost that game. A little pro tip: Don't reroll if you have Sona, ever. Statistically influencing random behaviors Naturally, like anything I do in any game ever, I think of ways to game the system. The ARAM game mode has plenty of ways to exploit little advantages. My champion roster is not especially large. I own around 40 characters, which is a fairly small roster for someone who has been playing League for over a year.

Because my roster is kind of small, it doesn't work as well for ARAM; I get fewer rerolls than someone with a bigger roster. Additionally, my roster is heavily diluted by the free week champions.

ARAM Matchmaking is Actually Random, Who Knew?!

Of course, there's a way to game the system a bit. I went to the shop and looked for low-hanging fruit -- champions who are good or decent in ARAM, like Annie, whom I don't own yet yes, I played League for well over a year without unlocking her , and picked them up for low cost. This helps pad my roster so the free week champions are less likely. At the same time, it also gives me more rerolls since my roster is bigger.

Of course, people who bought champion packs are basically hosed. Aren't all games made by matching? And I have RP but whats the point of spending it on this if i can just win it somehow? I have gotten one about every other game so far, so just play more matches and you will get some. As of patch 6.

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