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In case you were wondering how specific dating websites have gotten in the last decade, look no further than the dating app that pairs you with a beard. I think love finds you when it finds you — or when it stops asking about.
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It seems to list people in order of there last login. Kick some money towards marketing. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.

How a joke dating app for bearded men became an international sensation

Performance and reliability increases. Plus, you can totally use animated gifs as profile photos now. Push notifications have arrived! We've also fixed some bugs, and made a few key iOS 9 compatibility fixes. As always, we run a "mugs for bugs" scheme, and if you contact us with information of a new bug we'll post you a Bristlr mug.

Bug fixes, UI improvements, and even smoother Facebook integration.

Do you have a beard?

This is our best update yet! Thanks to the wonderful Chris Dell for his help with this update.

If you find a bug, email john bristlr. Mugs for bugs, yo! Facebook login has arrived, and we've fixed a whole bunch of bugs. If you find a bug, or if you just want to say hi, send an email to john bristlr.

Bristlr gets you dates

If you're telling us about a bug we didn't already know about, we'll send you a free Bristlr mug. You can now upload more photos from the app; all via your edit profile page. Account creation is more reliable. Granted, there are probably a lot fewer people itching for a stroke of my beard than there are who want to tickle a baby's nose is that what you do?

Bristlr Review

Well, good news for those face gropers, and good news for my face, because there's a new website that can now satisfy both those pogonophiles who can't resist the urge to wrap their figures round some uptown curlies, and attention-seeking beardies. According to the promotional bumph, Bristlr, " much like Tinder , is a networking site for finding people you might like to meet up with.

Don't call me a lumbersexual. You can find people near you who either have beards, or are looking to meet people with beards. Why are we even surprised that such an app exists?

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  • We should be more surprised that it hasn't been around for years. The internet is slowly swallowing every niche and fetish at an alarming rate. There already seems to be a dating service to cater to the most specialist of tastes, while the beard itself has been analysed, dissected, exploited and commercialised ad infinitum.

    A hook-up site for hairies is frankly long overdue.

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    • Bristlr matches men with facial hair to those who love some facial fuzz.
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    • From Bristlr to TrekDating: we found love on a niche dating site!
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    • But is it any good? I signed up to Bristlr, just to have a look around, soley in the name of journalistic research.

      Bristlr matches men with facial hair to those who love some facial fuzz | Daily Mail Online

      Unlike other dating sites, there's no irritating, lengthy personality questionaire to complete; it's all about the beard. If you like a particular beard-fancier, and she digs your face-fuzz, you're free to exchange messages, presumably about your favourite brand of beard oil and whether or not you enjoy being stroked "against the grain". And seemingly more Canadians than any other nationality. But this would only provide 24 hours of no-holds-barred furry fun.

      Call me cynical, but it sounds like Bristlr is not in the "free love" game.


      Browsing the site, there also seems to be more men with beards that want stroking than women who want to stroke them.