Minnesota interracial dating

hi, i have an uncle living in minnesota, and i have visited him a few times. i'm going to take a shot at this. Minnesota is about 85% white.
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I'm in a IR marriage Now I have experience very uncomfortable situations around rural Texas and parts of east Texas, but never Austin metro. We've stayed in Minnesota on numerous occasions, and never a single issue nor ever felt uncomfortable. Each time we've stayed weeks. Never an felt uncomfortable or had any racial issues.

Not to say that none exists. We plan to move to MN ourselves in the future, we absolutely love it there I think you'll be perfectly fine in Minneapolis area, but those that live their would be a better source of info. We have seen ton of IR couples as well as different race babies with different race parents.

Racism In Minnesota

Texas unfortunately still has some very racist areas. There are lots of interracial couples in the Twin Cities. You'd fit in just fine. I've lived a lot of places, too, and while I know there are racists out there, where are you spending your time that people you know -- and not just weirdos on the bus or drunk on a street corner -- are saying these things?

It sounds like Minneapolis or St. Paul could be a great fit, and while there are those people who say offensive things, I doubt you'll encounter them much in daily life. As to where in the Twin Cities would be best, I'd follow the typical relocation advice and find a job first, then focus on location.

The Good Life: Pioneering interracial couples in Minnesota share their experiences

And then, instead of city, focus on specific neighborhood. You'll have lots of good neighborhood options in both cities and if you like suburbs, you'll find nature-filled suburbs within close proximity to the core cities, too.

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Thanks for the feedback! It's been mostly college age students and young professionals saying horrible things, we're homebodies but like to socialize as well. The farmer's markets were like our refuge in California, so many interracial couples and people who just didn't care and were out to get produce and have fun. I'm hoping Minnesota has farmer's markets like that.

My aunt stays in Minneapolis and she says the food there is very diverse; then again she's also one of the people who gripes about my relationship and makes it her issue. Anyway, thanks to you both for the feedback! I really doubt someone would say something racist or sexist to your face in the Twin Cities, especially in the core cities. It is not uncommon to see interracial couples. Years ago Minnesota was not very racially diverse, but that has changed in recent years. Minnesota has large communities of Hmong and Somali immigrants. We do have good farmer's markets!

It sounds like you'd fit in very well in Minneapolis. You're a young punk who hides his face behind a keyboard an talk shit. You don't know anything about my sister. Eddie PetiteChick's Brother You can hit me up here if you want to get real with it Tatted I'm tired of the stereotypes about Black women, much as the Black men claim.

I ain't having it. That comment about Black women not wanting White men cause their nerdy clearly shows people who have not come to the realization that we are a race of people who just as different in their thinking, behavior and achievements as any other group. It wouldn't be nice if one said "the Irish men who drink a lot" don't like Italian women because they are associated with the mob. Time for the stereotypes to be checked. I don't know who you think you're talking to, and quite frankly I don't give a fly'n shit anymore. Nothing you say makes any sense to me so it goes in one ear and right out the other.

I'll write, post, holler, cuss, question where and when I feel like it. We are the epitome of manhood. What are you rambling about Tatt that on your forehead? I got more than 1 degree. I lift weight and stay in shape. My job financially satisfies my needs. There is no myths. That sex myth is true. Stop all your bullshit. You are just mad black men pulled down your pantie, spanked you, and left you. I can understand the frustration. But I am no longer going to let you emasculate men anymore. The more successful you are as a black woman. They call you arrogant, bitter and mean.

Why should we "temper" our talents to make insecure black women happy. Fuck that, we are the alpha males and you will bow down and kiss the ring. You can always be with a white man If they want you. Get used to it! Pointing at Petite Watch your step! When you starting riding with Tatt. You will get it next! He said black women are the ones fucking up. Their bad attitudes and prickly personalities turn off white men.

Stop trying to make excuses. Take the information and use it. This is some more B. Why can't a woman of color just recognize and be a attracted to a man that just so happens to be white??? Some black men need to just stop Some think they are the epitome of "manliness" simply because of "myths" and who knows what.

Some can't shut up about what they do and don't have because of someone else yet they are the "strong" ones Good day, Good People tatted2death. LOL Glad to see you handling business over in this thread as well. This is a pet-peeve of mine as well You ask some very important questions that no doubt will be misconstrued some how Hey, I even have a few of my own Maybe, just maybe it had a little something to do with the double-standard going around with men of color dating whomever they choose but women getting the stink-eye AND worse from dayum near anyone if she even glanced at a white dude.

Although I can't fully relate to people's "peer-pressure" issues when it comes to most things, I am sure that in at least some of these cases it had something to do with it. Peace and Blessings tatted2death P. I sense you are the same way Aquariunsun Thanks for your comments.

I don't know a doggone thing about MN but let me ask you the following with regard to this statement: I saw it more of a problem of black women making the choice.

Top 20 States For Interracial Dating (INFOGRAPHIC)

There were many very beautiful black women there that could have charmed that white man, but more than likely they were turned off. Things may have changed now. I also see the younger college age of all races more receptive to dating outside their race. From what I'm reading here that doesn't appear to be the case. I coud be wrong of course Do you think all Black women whether living in MN or otherwise are "monolithic" as though we all want a non-intelligent gentleman regardless of race?

This to your point that "White men are nerdy? So you say it was "our approach? The same holds true for the man with woman.

Interracial dating minnesota

I presently live in AZ 9yrs moved from MN. I have to say that back when I lived in MN I knew many black women that felt white women were taking away their men. When I talked with them about dating a white man a common respose was that white men were sort nerdy " had no soul", and they were not open to dating them. In AZ I see people of all colors together, and it is not at all oncommon to see a white man with a black women. If someone is attracted to someone regardless of race give a few hints and flirtations; you may be very surprised at the results.

I don't live in Minesota but I do have cousins who live there and say the same thing about how black men pass her up for white women. So in light of everything spoken on here, I'm not surprised one bit. Alot of black men are very colour-struck and self-hating.

They don't like for their dirty laundry to be aired out, but oh well if it was clean in the first place, then there would be nothing to air out.

Thats why in this society as a whole, although it's they are still considered ignorant and only good for entertainment and sexing. Needless to say I do not feel sorry for such black men. However, I'm happy to have a very self-loving black man whom I can treat like a king while he treats me like his black Nubian queen. Jessica I have to ask, if this is ALL a bunch of hype then why are you worried about it?

You have a white husband and most of your friends do, then you shouldn't be worried right?

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I am a white woman and really have never been attracted to black guys, I do think it seems like in black culture men and women are fighting a lot. White women have same problem losing a lot of good white men to other cultures. I lived in California and in a lot of areas asian and latin women and many are very pretty are taking the white men in big numbers. I think the IR thing been going on for years in secret just like how gays been sleeping with each other for years, only difference is now its out in the open instead of hidden. I work with many white women and majority are dating or married to white men so this is not as widespread as made out.

I think this hype is just that and a lot of frustrated people blowin smoke. This topic peaked my interest, because even though my first girlfriend at age 6 was jewish, and we always lived in integrated, or my family integrated neighborhoods in Philadelphia, she and I hooked up again in college 20 years later in St Paul, MN. After that relationship, I had 2 more there in the twin cities over a number of years, and never regretted a minute of the time there. It used to be Uncle Sam's, then 1st Avenue by the time Prince was around, and that was a proverbial breeding ground for white girls looking for black men and occasionally the vengeful black woman looking for a white guy.

Is it still there? The 2 relationships I had after college there were both with white girls from Minneapolis suburbs who had never been exposed to black men except media reports on TV. I treated them both well and they both ended up marrying black men. I see not a lot is different if you guys are still talking about it 30 years later Let me say engaging in a relationsdhip because of a trend is freakin' rediculous.

Black men are with attractive white women everywhere. You will find black women who you know YOU would never date with black men. What are you talking about? Your name says it all, pal. George W doesn't care about black people. Especially black women if you choose to date them as some sort of trend rather than genuine love and effection.

Bob, I see where you're coming from, but let me remind you. What you're talking about is learned behavior. Some people say things such as what you are saying as though it's something genetic within black females or people in general. And with TV, the radio, and the internet, we cannot seem to escape the negative stigmas that are place on us by society. Many people understand this, some don't and decide to wage some outlandish campaign to snuff black men out; much like it was planned back in th 's. It's like a overweight woman who decides to start working out.

She may give up if she isn't encourage or is constantly being told she's still fat despite the fact that she IS trying. When someone hates a certain gender, race, or gender of race, they'll say anything about them. Respectfully disagreeing with Timbo That's been my observation. I've lived everywhere and the statistic is just plain false and holds no validity. Dating black guys is a trend for white girls. It's what they do best. I've seen this trend everywhere. Two of my white female acquaintances only date black men now because no white will have them, one of which specifically stated this when we were at lunch once.

If even beautiful black women are getting passed up for plain jane white girls, something is wrong with the the black women in Minnesota and everywhere else. So maybe it's not just a white guy experience, maybe black dudes are frustrated with these REALLY hard to get black females. White females are more sexually liberated, and are less paranoid that you will still respect them in the morning after a romp in the hay. I have dated many white women because they will at least speak when spoken to, as opposed to the silence or negative facial guesture received from black women when attempting to start a conversation.

White women tend to be more receptive to conversation, kinder, more thoughtful, and sexually uninhibited, which is the opposite of a sister's general attitude. Sister's tend to be argumentative, as opposed to black women who'll express an opion and "let it go. My woman is in PA too. Reggie you hit it right on the nail.

Yet these pasty white men want black women so bad. I tell them let get them. My mother always use to say in her Caribbean accent it is "better to let them feel it than talk to dem". By the way, you left out professional black women are controlling. I don't blame you for liking Latin women and white women.

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By the way, the PA white women are nice. I have a black fiancee she half puertorican. These black women have multiple children and have the nerve to make threats of a white man taking them on with their "tribe" of children. During a rally to oppose the same-sex marriage ban, they held a sign: So people need to open up their heads.

Celeste Pulju was living in a communal house in south Minneapolis when she met David Lawrence Grant in David was helping out at a sober house. As soon as my parents figured that out, they had to switch their head around, and they fell in love with his family. Being the wife of a black man and eventually a mother of black children, Celeste says, she had to develop a kind of peripheral vision.

Once they were driven off the road by a car full of white men. But the couple never let these dangers stop them from living their lives as they wished. Mary Ann and Sharon Goens-Bradley. Sharon and Mary Ann Goens-Bradley had to fight for acceptance in their relationship on two fronts, both because they are of different races Sharon, 56, is black and Mary Ann, 58, is white , and also because they are a same-sex couple.

They met at work. Out in public, especially early on, they were invisible as a couple. Things shifted when they adopted their daughter, who is African-American.

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Peggie and Richard Carlson. Peggie and Richard Carlson were co-workers at Minnegasco when they met over 40 years ago. Peggie was one the first female workers at the natural gas company, and an African-American woman at that. Richard, who is white, says he first learned of her existence because of an incident of sexual harassment Peggie experienced on the job. They announced their wedding in the St.

Paul newspaper along with their address, which was customary at the time. One of the letter writers apparently sent similar missives to others as well, and he eventually was caught by law enforcement. Joseph Terry was an interning resident at Tufts Medical Center in Boston when he saw his future wife, KaiMay, across the crowded cafeteria. It took him a year to build up the courage to talk to her, but she turned him down because she was dating someone else.

Joseph was about to leave for Georgetown University for further training. A year later, they met again when he was visiting his sister in Boston. Wrong and I became Mr. KaiMay was in her 30s by the time she met Joseph, working as the head of social service at the medical center.