Anyone ever hook up with someone from craigslist

Hope I don't end up running into someone with diseases or whatever. . So, I need a good body to hook up with some /10 off craigslist?.
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The vast majority of guys online are massive creeps, so if you seem normal you already have a decent chance at getting a reply. It's probably not going to work for me then Nope, at the time y'all actually meet up they are typically big enough sloots to just say "fuk it, let's do it" Anything else?

It can work for u if you are realistic with ur standards. Be willing to go down 2 points below your rating It could be a transsexual posing as a women just so you know Here is the posting I made: Originally Posted by SuperDick OP you live in lone tree? I wouldn't say you're a "bigger guy". Just leave it at average. Maybe be a little bit more descriptive to make yourself stand out.

Give them a reason to pick you over the 's of other thirsty dudes posting in the same section. In on bateman reincarnation thread. OP why not tinder? That seems that be what everybody is using these days. I would think craigslist would be some grimey sloots. I know a little bit about everything, but I don't know a lot about anything. Any reasons I should give them specifically? I have a nice apartment in a nice area I ask if she's expecting anyone and she says no.

The pounding continues so she goes to answer the door. I hear talking, then crying, so I pull up my pants and walk out there expecting to get yelled at or hit by a boyfriend or something. Turns out it's a sheriff's deputy and the girl is in handcuffs. They were on a warrant sweep and she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. The deputy told me where I could pick her up and I just nodded. As she was being loaded into the back of his car she looks at me and says "see you soon" and I said "ok". I drove the fuck home.

She called the next day and I didn't answer. Later I get an email about how I'm an asshole and she was mad I didn't come get her and she had to call her boss to bail her out and shit and to never call her again. And I did feel like an asshole for about a minute but realized that I didn't know her and didn't want to be part of any drama.

If I actually came from the BJ I might have chosen differently. I didn't know her last name so I couldn't look it up. And I did reply to her email telling her that I was sorry but didn't want to get mixed up in anything. When we emailed before we met, we both made it clear this was NSA and bailing her out of jail was major strings. Also, the cop just assumed I was her boyfriend when he told me about the bailing her out stuff. I didn't want to embarrass her further by saying "I'm not her boyfriend, we just met for sex" so i played along.

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Props to you for NOT bailing her out of jail. If I were in your position I think I would have bailed her out and that would not have been the proper thing to do! This is far more appropriate of a response. The guy had some communication with the cop. He seemed to have gotten a GTFO vibe. This isn't exactly Craigslist related, but still a funny story. On on BBS I had met a girl playing a door game. We got to chatting and we agreed to meet. This was a scary thing but I didn't know it as I was only 14 and this was in We arranged to meet at the local mall in the arcade.

I show up early and wait as I'm a horny 14 year old. She told me she was 17 and pillowy. This girl showed up and she was huge, like probably lbs big. I almost ducked out, but the girl did have a shining online personality, so I decided to go ahead and talk to her. We walk around the mall for a bit and she said she wanted to get some food. She literally got 9 things from Taco Bell and didn't offer to get me anything.

I sat with her while she ate. After watching her gorge herself she pulled out her wallet. She showed me her drivers license and confessed that she was actually After the drivers license she showed me business cards from bondage places and sex stores and said she liked to shop there.

I was getting scared a little. She asked if I wanted to see her car. I was thinking alright, maybe she's got a nice car and well, that will be a good way to get out of this situation, we'll be in the parking lot and I can say I have to go. We get to the parking lot and she's parked WAY out in the lower 9s and her car is a beat up old Ford Escort or something like that I was like, is that really your car.

She said you do want to see the inside, I said I can see it from here, and then she said do you want to see the back seat? I ran as fast as I could from her and hid behind a dumpster until my dad picked me up an hour and a half later. Are you saying that Craigslist enables more long-lasting relationship than it enables murders and rapes, or are you saying murders and rapes result in long-lasting relationships though fewer than Craigslist?

I think he's saying usually the murders and rapes you get off craigslist are more short-term. When I was 15, I was embarrassed by the fact that all the people in school were talking about how having sex was awesome, and I had never done it. I end up going on craigslist in the CE section, or something like it, I don't recall, and find this one chick who seemed to be closest to my age, she said she was I look at her pictures, which were pretty fuzzy this was , photo technology wasn't nearly decent back then.

I didn't look like it whatsoever, but whatever. I get on a bus to go see her, she lives in the middle of god damn nowhere, it was like an hour long ride. I meet her at the bus stop, and immediately I can tell there's something wrong with her face. She either had a stroke or palsy or something, because one side of her face was doing all the work and the other side was doing fuck all. She was a bit pudgier than her pictures led on, but she seemed to move around okay. We walk from the bus stop, like 15 minutes away to her parent's house. Her parents were out of town, she said, so we could do whatever we want.

So she sparks up a joint and offers me some. I was terrified of pot at the time, and had never smoked any substance, so I decline politely, saying my parents would find out. She insists, and the penis gets the better of me and I take the joint and try to smoke it like I'd seen the rappers do on MTV. Instead I lip it to the point where the roach gets soggy and falls open, spilling the weed out.

She gasps and the working half of her face looks pissed, the other half seemed okay with it all, and I was sure she was gonna kick me out.

Instead, she picks up the weed, puts it in a baggy and tells me to sit down on the couch. I do, I remember noting that the living room seemed pretty bare and sterile, white carpet, eggshell walls, really nondescript American furniture. She pulls my pants down, and my embarrassing tighty-whities, too. She asks why I'm not hard. I'm not hard because I'm scared shitless and she's ugly and I instantly regretted being there from the moment I arrived. However, in order to maintain a shred of dignity, I tell her it's because we haven't done anything yet. She tells me won't suck my dick until I make her cum, and pulls her panties down, and hitches up her Hot-Topic black cargo skirt.

Instantly my dick forgets her face because I'm staring an actual vagina right in the eye. I can't quite remember how I started, but I do remember sticking my fingers inside her REALLY roughly, with much resistance, and them coming back bloody. It really grossed me out, so I pretended that my parents were expecting me back at home and that I needed to leave.

She gives up at this point and tells me she'll drive me back home. For some reason I was incredulous and asked her "you have a car? My mind starts reeling and I'm silent for the entire car ride home. The next night, she sends me an AIM message yelling at me because I took her virginity and didn't even fuck her.

She sent me a bunch more when I ignored her, I didn't know what the fuck I was supposed to say or do, and eventually blocked her. For those of you saying I should write more, thanks! I'm actually writing an "enhanced memoir" novel. It's gonna be a mixture of a cohesive story, bizarre flashback, and chapter-long poems chronicling my break from civilized society following a bad breakup. I end up in Richmond VA, have casual sex with strangers, do a shit-ton of drugs, fall in love with a girl, contend with her junky boyfriend and somehow escape in one piece.

It'll be better composed and edited than this post, and I'll share it on reddit as it continues toward completion. I'm really excited you find my story entertaining and meaningful, and it's inspired me to move onward. Yeah, this was kind of a repressed memory, I hadn't thought about it in years but this thread brought it all back. Good thing the internet is anonymous. It's not like you have your name in your username or anything.

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I tried using it a long time ago. Would send emails, then exchange photos. They always stopped responding once I sent a photo. Well one did respond post-photo but just said they were super busy and good luck. That's usually what bots do right before they take your picture to use it as a new identity.

Aww look at his username. It makes it more depressing. Like, he is just a nope. Oh, to be a nope, hearing, "Hey, you I'm shedding a tear for this I am so sorry justanope I bet you're a neat guy and you don't need those bitches anyway bro. I hooked up with a 50 year old man that I met on CL for an entire summer when I was I was a virgin, super lonely, and saw his post To show how inexperienced with guys I was, I didn't realize that watching a movie meant anything besides watching a movie I don't think he ever believed that I was a virgin, but I seriously couldn't fit his cock inside me and so we never actually had sex.

So, this continued for the rest of the summer, but sometimes we'd hookup in his camper or his car. He was nice, but fat. And he always had to stop me because he would come too quickly. And he would always try to get me to have sex without a condom, but that wasn't happening. He would play guitar for me while singing his crap songs, and he would message me all the time on bbm.

Oh, and he was married. With a teenage kid. And he gave me money sometimes too so I suppose this was my stint in cheap prostitution.

People who've hooked up on Craigslist, what was the experience like? : AskReddit

And I'm sure he did this with other women, who were probably more experienced working ladies. I know it's awful but whatever, it happened. And since no one knows about this, it's nice to get it off my chest. I was 18 at the time and posted on Craigslist looking for a pet and master relationship, I got a lot of "hey cutie" emails and whatnot, got flagged many times but finally ran into a promising prospect.

He wanted to be sure I was a person so he had me take pictures doing various things, like holding up three fingers or placing my hand on my forehead. After we talked a bit we decided to meet at a hotel that night, I would bring the toys. I put on my slave outfit under my dress and had my bag with me. Went to meet him, he was a nice guy and informed me that he was into women with bush and that I was to shower with him and wash him. I had shaved not knowing this and the entire time he kept looking down at me with a sad disappointment.

I brought my silk ties because I obviously didn't know this guy, he tied me up and we had sex. He wanted me to stay there until the morning but he had somewhere to be. After he left, I waited for a while and left, texted him and told him that he was too old for me. He has a video of me and I am so glad that it hasn't surfaced, I routinely Google my name make to make sure. That is some incredibly risky behavior. Letting a stranger tie you up the first time you meet them.

Meeting at a private place. Letting him take video. Glad you came out pretty much unscathed, but jeesus I hope you're not operating like that these days. About three years ago I decide to browse on the casual encounters section. I've done that before without any results, so my hopes weren't terribly high. There was an ad that had a picture of a pretty decent set of tits, but that was all. I emailed the person and got a response relatively quickly, much to my surprise. We exchanged a few pics, and I noticed that this girl only took pictures at certain angles, not showing too much of anything at any given time.

We spoke on the phone so I could ensure it was actually a female instead of a dude posing for whatever reasons they would. She gave me her address, which wasn't exactly in the best part of town, but I went ahead anyway. She lived in a gated condo, and told me the gate would be wedged open, which it wasn't.

I called her, and she told me to wait because enough people come and go that someone will be coming out soon enough. A few minutes later someone came out and held the door open for me, so I walked in and found her unit number. I knocked and she cracked the door open to look at me before opening it the whole way. Anyway, she had candle lit, some latin jazz fusion music playing, and the place was surprisingly clean.

We talked on the couch for a minute before she whipped out her tits, and I hadn't gotten laid in a while so I went for it. Afterwards I left pretty quickly, went home, showered, and felt overall dirty for like three days. I'd probably do it again. Thanks to a comment with a link from KaylaKaylaKayla that included a link which I have modified, I'm upping the previously mentioned weight of to the range. As far as I know, none of the pictures included in that link are of the girl in question.

This is a link of user submitted photos, actually for science to a degree.

There was no personal info of the girl included in the post, and I couldn't come up with any at this point even if requested. I could play this off as the good guy that didn't want to bail and hurt her feelings, but like I said in the story, it had been a while. Given it was a random craigslist hook-up, I'm sure she knew what was going on - you were her human dildo.

Nah, we pretty much stuck to missionary and it was my goal to get it over with quickly. There were a few thrusts of doggystyle, but as an assman I felt super awkward looking down at That's a very simple question, yet so hard to answer. I think I spent most of the time focusing on finishing and nothing more. There was no pleasure or emotion in it. And the whole time for the eyes bit. I knew a chick who would only, ever take partial face pictures behind her cat.

She was huge, not only in weight but in height. The bottoms of her legs were normal sized. She had the wonkiest body shape I've ever seen.

She got laid a lot, mostly by dudes she met online. If they turned her down, she'd guilt trip them by saying "I'm used to guys not finding me attractive because of my size, don't worry about it. She had a constant stream of dudes that she was "getting to know" so that her guilt trips would work. She was the fucking Queen of Pity Sex. I met my wife on craigslist but not because either if us was looking to "hook up", I just wanted someone to talk to.

Anyone ever hooked up with anyone off of craigslist?

We never even argue let alone actually fight. I've never been happier in my life. Here's the story of a guy from my home town: He's in medical school in Connecticut, age ish, and is home for the Christmas break. He finds another dude to hook up with on CL -- keep in mind the other dude posted the CL ad. They meet at the local library parking lot at midnight. While him and the other dude are discussing the big bang theory in his car, the cops pull up.

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It turns out the other dude, who had posted the ad, was So long story short, this guy is now a convicted sex offender and doesn't really have a future as a doctor. Sorry for the confusion. I really didn't catch that euphemism the first read through. I didn't get it until I read your comment. I thought it was a cute way to break the ice and then got all confused thinking it was a sting and the guy must have known the kid was underaged. So thank you for pointing that out! I found this on description of an experience on 4chan and Ive always assumed this is how most encounters go.

I started by replying to ads, and found that most would be bots. So I started posting my own and got to be choosey. I even post my phone number and start talking to people faster that way. I've met probably at least 30 women on there and in different states too, as I had a job that traveled for awhile. Anyway - on to the experience. To start most things off, you go and sit on a couch or bed and just kind of start talking. If you have a movie or tv show, I usually put that on The usual questions come up, like, why are you on CL, have you met anyone on here before, what do you like, whats fun for you, etc Both parties are usually receptive to that since you did come for sex.

There's times when it was sex Immediately, but I've found it always seems more relaxed and better if you have that slightly awkward chat first. The thrill of having sex with strangers is a pull for me And it may have me a little bit fucked up no pun intended relationship wise as it's hard for me to stay sexually interested in a partner past about 4 sexings. Never really feel dirty, just relaxed.

This app is made for people who want sex, by people who like sex. Surely the relationship is a good thing to have in your life, but finding one on the site whose main intention is to get you laid? I used it, and my friends did as well. And everytime I asked them how many times they got what they wanted from such an experience, the results were overall negative. There are many spam websites that are using their services to trick people and get money out of them. So for internet, there are Tinder and Lucky. And Lucky is your choice for finding that casual encounter. No connections with a Facebook account.


You get to decide how much information there will be displayed. Another cool feature, it gives you a moment of freedom and creativity. Roleplay is the most important thing for a proper casual experience. How it works is very subtle. You give your location, and the app introduces you to the people who are near your area. And, of course, if you both swipe right, well, then the games have begun. The rules that Lucky has given us actually go in our favor — they are designed in the sense that helps you, as a user to find matches more efficiently and effectively.

Lucky is direct — you like someone, he likes you back, you two then engage in a conversation and later have a unique experience. Another cool feature from Lucky is the blog. People who use Lucky app occasionally read the blog. With this open-minded territory, people are less closed, they engage in a conversation that contributes to both sides and know how to determine the boundaries together.

Well, if you are the type of person who wants his encounter to be spontaneous, then the rule goes — anywhere and anytime. A simple walk to the store can become a casual sexual encounter. You go down to the store, just for that specific thing and you see some girl near the vegetable area. Your eyes meet and you smile at her. The two of you talk, the chemistry is there and you exchange numbers.

Of course, the rhythm is different than on the casual encounter platform but not less successful. On one hand, you have a very wide range of people that you can hook up with, while on the other hand a different set of locations can give you plenty of other casual encounters. People go to bars and parties not only to have a good time, to freshen up after a hard workday, but also to engage in flirting. As with Lucky , the success of finding a hookup for the night is all about your sensibility.