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The first two were hands down, undeniably, the best. I'm still hoping Anna Katmore would consider writing a book after they graduate high school. Would love to read about them graduating college, getting married, and having kids. There's so much more to read about their love story.

Book 5 and 6 are Susan and Chris's story. It wasn't as addicting as Hunter and Liza's story. But it was definitely cute, charming, romantic, and funny. I absolutely loved the confusing moments Sue had of not being able to tell Ethan and Chris apart. But towards the end, Sue's insecurities became too repetitive. Her constantly questioning his intentions and true feelings were becoming extremely annoying. And it continues in book 6. I enjoyed Chris's version in book 6. I dare say, he's just as swoonworthy as Ryan.

I love his determination to be with Sue. Quitting is not a part of his vocabulary. He knows what he wants and he's not going to quit until he gets it. I love that about him. She again, like in book 5 was great. But towards the end, she just becomes too darn annoying. And in this version, she just seems flat out cruel and mean. I felt so bad for Chris. I actually wanted him to forget about her. She didn't seem worth his heartache to me. I know what he did was wrong. But, she took it to another level.

I felt it dragged out too much. The epilogue from book 5 was not included in this book In my last review I'd stated I was kind of surprised that she went that route, but I understood why she did. It genetically made sense.

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Curious to read his version. But, to my dismay, it was not included. I was kind of disappointed about that. If you wrote it in book 5, Own up to it. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. No need to run off and find the next best guy to replace me—no matter how cute that guy looked, by the way. Hunter sucked in a breath between his teeth, his expression sheepish. He cast Ryan a look befitting a Boy Scout and a subtle nod. The next second, Ryan took off, back to the others.

To my total surprise, it cut me silent. With my head slightly cocked, I gazed up those few inches he had on my five-foot-eight frame. He smiled all the way to his ears. Because of how sweet he looked when he did so, I was willing to give him ten seconds to say whatever was on his mind. I used to play soccer a few years ago. When Ryan asked me to play for a while, I said yes to do him a favor. He squatted in front of me, elbows resting on his thighs, so we were eye to eye. I drew in another deep breath and finally let my frustration sail off on the ship of sighs.

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With my index finger, I shoved my glasses farther up my nose. He headed away, but after only a few steps, he twisted to me again, walking backward. I sat rigid with my gaze transfixed on his back. My hands, which were usually cold as ice bags, were now sweaty. Why the heck were they sweaty? I wiped them on my white jeans and ground my molars together. Replacement player, my ass. Hunter would have to answer a few questions for me after practice. It was The Fiery Cross , an Outlander novel. In the distance, I heard Hunter introduce Ethan as their temporary teammate.

Everyone who knew Hunter also knew his friends. Well, apart from me, obviously. Most likely to continue getting on my nerves. For a moment, I considered switching the music off or at least turning the volume down, but when I reached for it, my hand developed a will of its own and plugged one of the headphones into my ear. Fine, I was curious. I picked up the white iPod and skipped a few songs forward, then searched through the library. Apart from that one song, there was no more Volbeat, which was a shame, but the other music was good enough to keep listening.

Some metal, some rock, and even Ed Sheeran—that was totally my thing. Twenty pages flew by to the voices of Kings of Leon. Only once or twice did I sneak a peek at the soccer field to see how Charlie Brown was shaping up—and holy moly, he was good! He cut a fine figure when he ran, too. Not like Kyle Foster, who thundered across the lawn like an engine on steroids, or like Alex Winter, who seemed too lazy today to even tie his shoelaces. In fact, Ethan was some serious competition for Hunter. He looked like he owned that field in a very natural, very comfortable way. Have you ever been caught gaping at someone, like really ogling in awe?

You know how it makes your cheeks heat with embarrassment, right? Heat crawled all over my face, right up to my hairline, as Ethan called me out on my staring with a tight-lipped smirk. I was listening to his music, I was ogling him, and I certainly was glowing red as a stop sign. Could it get any worse? If only time machines were real. I would go back thirty minutes exactly and never walk up to this bench.

As something touched my shoulder, I jumped right out of my skin, jerking my head around and screeching. The iPod, connected to the headphones in my ears, slid off the seat and landed on the ground before I could grab it. His back was turned to me. I breathed again and pulled the headphones out of my ears, dropping them in my lap together with the iPod.

Still fumbling to turn off the music, I made a wry face and got right to the point. For the length of a drawn-out breath, Lisa frowned at me. She shoved a hand through her long brown hair. Good, she had no idea. Knowing and not telling me would have been a major breach of trust. When Lisa spotted Ethan in the middle of a sea of blue jerseys and the truth dawned on her, an Oh was all she gave me. Ryan loves having you on the team. And until then, why not bring in a temp? We both turned around to find her and Allie Silverman behind us, scanning the soccer field with spiked interest.

Like Lisa, they were both on the cheerleading team—the team that usually cheered for us soccer players. Simone was the girlfriend of one of the guys on my team, and the two of them usually stuck together like glue, so her remark made us all chuckle. I whirled around to check. I slapped both hands to my face, groaning with my eyes squeezed shut.

I wanted to dig a hole all the way to China to hide in. When I opened my eyes, thank God, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. She was tiny and funny and I loved her like a sister. She would back me up against the gossiping hens surrounding me. Sam sat down Indian-style in the grass in front of us and made a face.

What did I miss? I have to turn around, Susan, I just have to! I froze at her words…gulped…and saw the soccer ball rolling toward us. She picked it up and sure enough, Charlie Brown was jogging our way. Appalled, I stared into his wicked eyes. When he started to grin, I wanted to shout at him: I told them your name, so what? His gaze landed on my lap.

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  • On his iPod still in my lap, to be exact. A moment later, however, I was snickering along with them, because aside from all the embarrassment, the situation was funny. Sam leaned back to prop herself on her elbows and stretched her legs out in front of her. She was the smallest of us, all right, but always wearing camo pants and black Doc Martens, she was also the most dangerous-looking of us five—even if her appearance was deceiving. Right now, she let go of a long sigh. And Sam would know a thing or two about dramas herself. Because her father was a general in the U.

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    No one could have guessed that Chloe still had a crush on Tony Mitchell, the guy from my soccer team who Sam had hooked up with. It had caused a pretty nasty scene a week ago when Chloe wrecked her car and later almost drowned herself in the sea. We had quite an eventful fall. Admittedly, none of us had liked Chloe Summers much before. But after what happened, we all looked at her with different eyes now—even though she never looked at any of us, ever.

    It seemed she felt really bad and sorry about what had happened. Stopping behind Sam, he bent down and stole a kiss. But there was a grain of truth in that joke. I flashed a tight-lipped smile across the field at Ryan. Catching my gaze, he rubbed his neck and laughed out loud, knowing that Tony had just ratted him out. Watching the two of them out on the field was always a delight. Hard to say which of them was the better player.

    But that was still a few months off and no one talked about it just yet. Practice ended at quarter to four, and my friends immediately fanned out to their guys on the field. Being seventeen and still as single as could be, I stayed put and shoved my book into my backpack. It was then that I saw Ethan walking toward me and my mouth dried out. Before he shook it out and put it back on, I got an exclusive glimpse at his rock-hard abs and shapely chest. Determined not to get caught staring again, I quickly turned my head away and rose from the bench. Startled, I pivoted to him. He loped over and stopped so close to me that a whiff of his sweat caught me square in the face.

    In any case, it smelled manly and… nice. Still slightly out of breath from practice, he sat down and glanced up at me. He resembled a little boy, which was quite a cute look. When I lifted my eyebrows, he started to walk toward us, but Lisa quickly grabbed his arm and said something to him that made him stop and smile. She cast me a brilliant grin, gave me two very unsubtle thumbs-up, and dragged Ryan away to the parking lot. I rolled my eyes. He was still gazing at me.

    Do I make a worthy player for the Bay Sharks? Dropping my gaze to the ground, I coughed to get rid of the annoying dryness in my throat. For a few seconds, Ethan just stared at me. The feeling was aggravating. The heat of embarrassment rose in my body and here I was, once again wishing for a time machine. I sounded like a hyena. Yeah, that was sexy Susan Miller at her best. But sexy or not, the anger and tension from the past hour slipped away from me. I did check you out, but I had to see what Hunter came up with to replace me.

    Ethan had watched me, fascinated, when I had my laughing fit, but now he chuckled, and the sound of it was quite delightful. Like that was the only thing on my mind since you introduced yourself. A shrug rolled off my shoulders, and suddenly I felt I could be honest with him. Your long passes are excellent. I guess Hunter could use you. And yes…I like your music.

    UNHhhh Ep 75: "Online Dating Pt. 1" with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

    Man, I needed to stop before I talked myself into a frenzy which, hands down, happened more often than not, especially when I started to feel comfortable with someone. A little surprised, either over my swell of words or about my taste in music, he tilted his head. Ethan turned to me on the bench, putting one leg on the other side to straddle it. An excited gleam appeared in his eyes. One that I knew all too well from myself, when I talked about books or music. Their best one is Live from beyond Hell. You can borrow it if you want. I even got them to sign my hoodie after a concert last winter.

    When I found the right one, I held the phone out to him so he could look at the screen. My proud grin reached from Utah to Ohio. The picture showed me with the singer from Volbeat, his arm casually draped over my shoulders, both of us smirking at each other rather than into the camera. Ethan nailed me with a calm stare. Oh boy, could it be that Charlie Brown and I spoke the same language? We raved endlessly about the bands we loved, those with a natural talent for singing, and ranted about others who apparently thought they needed to strip naked in a video to draw attention.

    It struck me dumb how much Ethan and I were in tune. None of my friends felt so strongly about my taste in music, so this boy in front of me was definitely a keeper. Your great aunt Muriel is here. I brought the phone down quickly and glanced at the display to check the time. She was right—it was five past seven. His slightly senile, hard-of-hearing sister Muriel had come from Pasadena to celebrate with us tonight. I was supposed to help Mom cook dinner. Just where had the time gone? My face felt like the color just vanished from my cheeks.

    Ethan rose with me. As we reached the parking lot, he stopped by a blue Ford Mustang and unlocked the doors with the punch of a button on his key ring. And it was exactly how I felt about having to go home now. In fact, my mouth and throat had gone so dry from talking that I constantly had to swallow now to keep my voice smooth.

    We looked at each other for an extended moment as if neither of us wanted to say goodbye first. Maybe we should do it again. What do you think? We could go get a soda together somewhere. I ran a hand through my hair and played with the ends that hung in front of my chest. A very funny feeling spread in my stomach. One that was usually reserved for when I was watching a movie with Zac Efron in it. I waved at him instead of saying goodbye and turned around, grinning like a lunatic.

    I laughed and again found a strand of my hair to twirl around my finger. It started right after dinner when Gramps had blown out the thousand candles on his birthday cake and Dad cut it, then handed him a piece. Granddad cut me a wary look from across the table just before I got up and went to the fridge to get a glass of milk. No idea why I did that.

    But each time my mom and dad got in an argument, I felt the need to dash out of the room and find something else to do. I gulped down some milk right from the carton, then went to the sink and washed away the cow-ish taste in my mouth with a glass of water. I filled a glass for him, then another, as my great aunt Muriel joined us with a confused expression on her face. Muriel pulled out a metal folding chair next to my granddad and sat down. Same big nose, the thin lips, and a healthy rosy color to their cheeks. Fetching three forks, I joined them, and we ate the cake to the background music of my parents having their second go at each other this week—and it was only Monday.

    Mom and Dad were decent enough to stop fighting for a moment when Gramps and Muriel said good night and thanked them for the invitation to dinner. Gramps always let me sleep on the couch. Do you want to wake Susan? Only took them four hours of nonstop shouting at each other to remember they actually had a daughter. I pressed the pillow harder over my ears and tried counting sheep to escape the mad reality downstairs.

    I watched him do that for some time and concentrated on the warm feeling that spread in my stomach. It was the thought of seeing him again that had my insides in a funky twist. Oh boy, I was so going to put on nail polish tomorrow. Simone did it all the time, and she was the most beautiful girl I knew. I wanted to look pretty for Ethan. Getting really excited, I flashed a smile in the dark. Sleep must have claimed me, because when the alarm went off next to my face, I jerked upright to bright morning light in my room.

    Rushing to the bathroom, I showered, put on some tropical-smelling body lotion, combed and tied my wavy, light brown hair in a high ponytail, and fished for the untouched set of ten little bottles of nail polish in the cabinet beneath the sink. It was a giveaway prize from one of my favorite authors some time ago. Each color of the spectrum was in that box, from yellow to deep purple.

    Maybe because hers were always perfectly manicured and hyper long, and mine were as short as could be from biting them in French class. Mom was my last resort. She always did her nails, so she would have some remover, too. Grabbing my schoolbag and also the CD for Ethan, I rushed downstairs to find my life-saver but stopped dead in the doorway to the kitchen when I saw her sitting at the small table where Gramps, Muriel, and I had held our own little celebration last night. She was wrapped in her dressing gown, a cup of steaming coffee in front of her, and the pretty auburn hair I always envied tied in a messy knot at the back of her head.

    When she looked up at me, dark rings dug deep into her skin underneath her green eyes. Mom smiled at me. A smile that drew forgiveness from everyone so easily. He came in at that moment and kissed her on the top of her head before he left for work. But first he came toward me and planted a kiss on my forehead, too.

    When he was gone, I sat down across from my mom. That made her laugh and eased the tension a little. Dad and I will try to be better, I promise. I nodded, giving her the encouragement she needed. When she dragged my hand toward her and planted a kiss on my knuckles, she noticed my failed experiment and her forehead creased to a frown. Mom brought out her first aid kit, which was actually a whole damn bag full of nail polish and stuff, and started rubbing drenched cotton pads over my nails until they were as clean as ever.

    Dating Trouble (GBT 4)

    Grinning, I waited until she looked up and caught me pausing for a dramatic moment to announce my news. Do I know him? My stomach had filled with that butterfly feeling you always hear about, but it turned out to be just a burp from the soda I drank after the first half—which I suppressed of course. The moral of that story: You know, because of my knee. We talked all of yesterday afternoon and he invited me to have a drink with him today.

    Hell, yes, I had forgotten. What other choice did I have, anyway? After Mom was done cleaning up the mess on my nails, I snagged a donut from the kitchen counter and left for school, eating on the way. The trouble with the nails had cost me too much time to sit through my usual breakfast of toast, eggs, and OJ this morning. Licking my fingers after the last bite, I walked through the doors of Grover Beach High and headed to my first class—science.

    Pushing through the crammed corridors always proved a little hard in the morning.

    Dating Trouble (Grover Beach Team #5) by Anna Katmore

    I shouldered my way through to my locker and got my science book out. As I banged the door shut and spun the lock, I caught a familiar figure in the corner of my eye. My heart started breakdancing. I stood there nailed to the floor for a moment, savoring that new experience down to the core.

    Eventually, I inhaled deeply a couple of times and walked up to Ethan. He was surrounded by a group of people, three guys and two girls exactly. They all looked like seniors, a class above me, and I knew none of them. He was talking to one of the girls, a Thai supermodel lookalike—all long legs, delicate features, and yards of black hair. The first thing I noticed about Ethan was his clothes. The white shirt and battered jeans fit him a lot better than the Charlie Brown outfit of yesterday. His short blond hair was styled to a casual Mohawk, his lips curving into a flirtatious smile directed at the girl.

    A small sting in my chest made me aware of how much I disliked the sight of the two of them together, but I refused to read too much into this display and stopped next to him. When Ethan turned his head to me, his smile wavered. That caused my throat to dry out a little. Instead, his gaze wandered from my head to my toes in a skeptical once-over. Heck, what was wrong with him today? And the worst thing about this was that all his friends were staring at me like I was some kind of alien.

    Where was the chatty, fun guy from yesterday? Could he really forget me so easily, or was he just playing stupid? Well, there was one way to find out. And while it may not always be realistic there's something simply beautiful when you read about it. And this one was just perfect. In fact I could honestly say this didn't feel like a fairytale at and was so real that I could imagine this ending as being practical.

    If do no other reason. Buy it readit and just enjoy that damn epilogue. Kudos to the author-again! I absolutely loved Ryan and Lisa's story which is why I was excited to read this book. It's true that Chris is no Ryan Hunter but that's okay because he's still charming and lovable in a different way. I also liked Susan as a character because even though she's supposed to fit into the nerd trope, she's strong, level-headed, and not the squeaky shy girl that you commonly see in romance novels.

    She was also smart and I loved the fact that she figures out most of the plot twists quickly because I find it annoying when books have characters that remain oblivious until the end to something the reader figures out twenty minutes into the book. The banter between Susan and Chris is enjoyable and the book is well-written.

    I would give it 5 stars if not for the epilogue. For me, it story of ruined the story and was totally unnecessary. I don't understand why the author felt the need to include it but I wasn't happy with it. I think there's a charm in not setting the character's future in stone and say exactly what happened to them and what will happen after the story. I don't want to give details in order to not spoil the story but I REALLY disliked the epilogue as I felt it gave me a bitter aftertaste that makes me look at the story in a less positive way.

    I would recommend this book but suggest you skip the epilogue if you want a truly enjoyable experience. See all 49 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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