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Twitter never specified what threat it was, which post it was or the nature of it. He was just given a message that he had been suspended for making "violent threats".

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Something this guy has never, ever done. That's not the kind of person he is at all. Not once has he ever threatened anyone. He's blown the lid on some things before, which means that he's always had to keep it civil because it's sensitive issues.

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Again I will repeat myself: No post was linked, no quote was written, nothing. Twitter themselves couldn't even support their own action, because their action clearly had no other motivation than to cover for someone. They've got nothing, they know it, so they can't provide any evidence for their suspension. It's clear as day that Twitter doesn't have a leg to stand on and thus haven't provided the actual offending post. The one force of nature they call by name.

Can we not pretend BroTeamPill is an innocent lamb being persecuted? C'mon now, I say this as an old fan of his. If someone's been accused of a crime, leave it to the authorities. Just because shit-talking them makes you think you have power, doesn't mean you have authority of any sort. It isn't protecting a sex offender.

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It's treating one account the same as another account, which is logical policy by a social media provider. Doing otherwise would set an example that Twitter could ban people on the basis of an accusation. If he has some sort of evidence then maybe he should take it to someone of authority rather than witch hunting and muddying public opinion so widely that the accuded could claim any jury pool was so biased that they couldn't get a fair trial. Who has he 'exposed'. Who was he going to 'expose'. Why does the lack of a Twitter account stop him doing this.

Often involved with people who've turned out guilty? You're not presenting much actual information here and that which you are kinda assumes guilt on anyone he accuses. There have been more than a few cases of false allegations recently. Last edited by Ozyorkbourne; at Like any online forums, social media, or comment section. Break the rules and get banned.

They don't owe you anyone an explanation, because most don't even read the terms of service. Threads about conspiracy theories are not allowed here.

Twitter bans user to protect powerful sex offender.

The message from Trump could not be clearer, "We do not have 'allies'. We do not have 'trade partners'. We do not have 'common ground' or 'common interests'. We do not have 'strategic alliances'. We do not honor 'agreements'. Originally Posted by Ozyorkbourne. If you have evidence that someone is a sex offender, you should contact the actual police, not the internet police. Originally Posted by Jettisawn. The sex offender has over power? There's tons of other platforms he can spread his message on if it's that important.

He shouldn't let getting banned from Twitter stop him if he really is providing evidence for something like sex offenders.

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