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a wealth of information about dating vintage/antique photographs using cues such as women's clothing, hats, hairstyles, fashion accessories.
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With the rising trend of oat milk these days, read on to find out. Trim was largely concentrated on the bodice during the early s, having contrasting fabric, lace, braids, puffs, frills, gathers, tucks, pleats, and fancy collars. By , the bodice trim continued down the skirt, with sweeping curves and scallops of braid or lace sewn diagonally.

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Corsets were loosened in the s, and the shirtwaist or blouse, in white, pastels, deep colors, or stripes, were popular. These were generally worn with darker skirts.

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The bodice was cut extremely narrow in the shoulders with thick gathers of pleats and full over the bosom. The bust line was quite low by The women in the images below all wear separate skirts and blouses. The blouses are loose in the bosom with gathers and pleats down the front. The back of the shirtwaist was usually shorter than the front, seamed down the back, and fitted.

Collars were usually quite high and often very stiff and straight. For active wear, women donned white or navy blue tops with sailor-like braid on a deep square sailor collar and long, black silk sailor ties.

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The sleeves are one of the most distinguishing features of the s costume. Ordinary Americans and Fashion, , Throughout the s, the skirt was significantly narrower and closer fitting than previous decades.

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  • During the early years of the decade, skirts were fuller at the hem. An overskirt draped to an apron front, and a full, flounced underskirt and full petticoats threw out the bottom of the skirt. Skirts often fell in multiple layers of ruffles and flounces. An overskirt was often pulled up at the sides to reveal the underskirt. Throughout the decade, many skirts had small trains.

    Notice the narrow skirts with full hems in the images below. The narrower cut became more fashionable toward the end of the decade.

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    This more conservative dress style still demonstrates the overskirt with the fuller underskirt, and one can see the material gathered at the back of the skirt. The girls in the images below have pulled their skirts up at the sides to reveal the flounced underskirt. During the first four years of the decade, the shortwaisted, fitted, basque bodice a fitted bodice with a crisp flare over the hips was quite fashionable. The lower back was often trimmed with deep pleats and bows.

    The shorter bodice is worn by the young women in the image below. Collars and cuffs became quite frilly and lacy.