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May 20, Dating apps are a hot business right now after all, with Tinder valued Sway then proceeded to spam everyone in my contacts, without notice.
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From that moment, the seriousness of the problem grew. The gangs had found a way to infect networks of zombie computers with malware. They organised the computers in a militaristic hierarchy, with early zombies infecting downstream computers. Some of the zombies became middle managers that transmitted commands from the central servers.

The largest botnet on record, known as Rustock, infected more than a million computers and could send 30 billion spam emails per day, before it was taken down in March Microsoft financially supported a complex international operation across different legal jurisdictions because Rustock sent its emails through Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

The drug company Pfizer was also involved because the Rustock spam advertised counterfeit versions of their patent-protected Viagra. The cat-and-mouse game with the bots is never-ending. But the botnets reacted by paying online workers in developing countries to solve thousands of them. In the past few years, botnets have become much better at concealing their tracks, so that the security experts require advanced computing techniques to locate them.

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They even search the internet for information to fill out their profiles and post material at predetermined times that mirror human behaviour. Some go as far as cloning human behaviour. Meanwhile, natural language algorithms allow them to engage in conversations, comment on posts and answer questions. To defeat such a formidable opponent, Dr Andriotis says machine learning has become an essential tool.

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We extract characteristics of accounts we know to be human and of other accounts that we know to be bots. Then we create specific algorithms to distinguish between human and botnets on Twitter. The AI can classify it if it looks like a previous account. Twitter used a similar approach to determine whether social botnets were trying to influence the US elections.

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They concluded that more than 50, Russian bots had re-tweeted Donald Trump nearly , times in the 10 weeks leading up to the US election in November Twitter examined things like the timing of tweets and engagement with them. Other indications of a link included accounts set up in Russia, associations with Russian phone carriers, Cyrillic characters in display names and Russian IP addresses. Facebook also revealed last year that it had uncovered 3, ads from accounts connected to a Russian botnet manufacturer.

Emilio Ferrara, a world-renowned investigator in this field based at the University of Southern California, estimated that about , botnets were engaged in the political discussion about the US Presidential election.

He calculated that they made about 3. Ferrara used several indicators to spot the bots, including whether the Twitter profile was customised as bots are more likely to exhibit the default profile setting. Another strong indicator was the absence of geographical metadata because humans use smartphones that record digital footprints.

Further evidence came from activity statistics, such as incessant activity and excessive numbers of tweets. Botnets retweet content more frequently than generating new tweets. The botnets spread some outrageous claims on social media during the US elections, but a lot of people were taken in. Some parts of the world have been much better at regulating to prevent spam. The control element is often a big draw for many parents, as depending on the card you choose, you can even get text notifications every time your child spends on the card, detailing what they've bought and how much it cost.

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