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Most of the guys on the forum wont want to date male bankers for .. dating outside of finance, but that's my personal preference / opinion.
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Great way to Gain Experience in Banking. Woodforest National Bank gives people opportunities. I gained a lot of experience that transition to other jobs later in my career. This is a great way to start.

Guys, what's your opinion on dating female bankers?

As far as compensation I would say that they offer very little pay and little to no raises or advancements. Customer Driven Work Environment. This is another Customer Service job where you take pride to work at.

Its a job where we look forward to making sure that the customer feels comfortable leaving their money in our hands. Great introduction to the financial industry. I loved working here for the most part no complaints as far as the job itself. More or less the management was very inexperienced as I worked when the branch first opened.

But it was overall a learning experience for us all.

Amazing place to work. This was my favorite job in my whole life. Everything about this bank was just perfect. Unfortunately due to a family emergency I had to leave. Regardless this place was the best job I ever had. Pay is decent, culture is not good. Worked for 5 years at Woodforest. Although the pay is decent and benefits are not bad, the culture is less than desirable. Job is very boring, schedule is erratic and hours are 7 days a week and all holidays with the exception of Christmas. Required to go out into the store and persuade shoppers to open accounts. Ok to start here to get into banking, but would not recommend long term.

Wonderful company who puts their employees first. I worked in two separate locations and loved them both. It increased my customer relations and gave me the skills that I needed in the financial field. Would be better if management had a clue and could delegate all duties better. Like I said Just a job.

I worked at a location that was closed on the weekends which was great. The pay was very low but the bonuses was nice if you met your goals. It wasn't a bad place to work overall. I enjoyed working for Santander the branch manager made the workplace unbearable. He wanted people to do unethical things to get accounts. He talked about employees to other employees. Need to enhance a big way in technology. They have working hours which changes every week. They provide good benefits - like health, dental, vision and personal insurance. Company provide paid leave but no sick leave.

I love the atmosphere. I feel that this company is a wonderful place to work at. It provides a welcoming environment and I can see anywho who has a passion for customer service, to join this team! Benefits were very accommodating. Offered employees great opportunities to earn above and beyond your normal pay grade. They were very generous with the PTO and holiday hours that you could earn. Customers could sometimes be the hardest part of the day. The best part was the team you clicked with daily.

So many great relationships built here. Cool atmosphere, management was great, always encouraging. Customers made you want to come to work to serve them. Great people to work with but the stress and pressure is overbearing. I decided to take a teller position right out of high school not thinking i was going to advance so early in my career.

As you start a new position you see that you become more and more of a number to the bank. There is no balance between work and personal life but they assure you that they will work with your schedule, not true! On a positive note they have great people working for them unfortunitaly not well conpensated which is why they have such low retention rate.

Was this review helpful? It's a retail bank. B of A is a good bank to work for. I left due to an opportunity to advance to in to business development. Great coworkers and nice shared mission made it enjoyable. Great benefits, but number driven. I loved working for the company the first two years.

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It was very customer focused, and the benefits are outstanding. We coached each other and was very team oriented. Wonderful place to work and great learning experience. Then it changed to being very number driven. Customer needs weren't the focus anymore. Sales goals were are unrealistic levels. Office moral at multiple offices went way down. Then they replaced many tellers with automatic teller machines in the office.

Management, for the most part, does not work with the employee. They are all about numbers, and many are outright rude and condescending to the staff. Promotions were easy depending on who you know, not by your work ethics. I was promoted easily, while others I worked with that did an excellent job, were stuck in a standstill. Coaching changed to criticisms.

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Many people, including myself, decided to find work elsewhere due to the changes. I don't know if they've gone back to their old way of doing things, but I hope so. Because THAT was an excellent company to work for. The benefits alone do make this still a great company to work for, but it wont be easy to go up the ladder. I absolutely love my manager here at BOA and i work so hard for her and my team. However I didn't like the fact that my job was on the line every quarter if I didn't meet my goals.

I was nominated for best customer service and best award goal achiever as a new person. Great company to work for. A normal day at Bank of America coming to work and begin you process.

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Process personal loan and business loan. Entering safe deposit box in to the system for member to open and close placing there personal item into secured vault. When i first started with Bank of America it was great, In was promoted many times.