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The free chat app, which has taken the iTunes chart by storm, has the which has become a genuinely useful tool on the dating scene (ditto.
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Within three years of Azar's launch, the Korean company behind it, Hyperconnect, claims the app has hit million downloads in over countries, and made 13 billion matches between users.

Traffic grows threefold each year, the firm says. The premise is simple: Connect with new chat partners one-to-one, and swipe to make a new match if you don't like the current one.

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Unlike Chatroulette, which did little outside of video and text chatting with random strangers, Azar allows you to add contacts you like so you can chat again, and brings in today's chat expressions like stickers and filters. Azar says it's made money from the get-go, with users purchasing "gems" — its in-app currency — to unlock filters so they can pick chat partners by region and gender. Like Chatroulette, Azar too struggles to overcome the challenge of protecting the innocent from the not-so-innocent.

And because Azar aims to match strangers together — unlike the majority of social networks out there — the risk of random dick pics continues to run high. You're also able to lie about your age on the app, so the app's minimum age limit of 14 is somewhat meaningless as a barrier against offensive content.

But what about all those nudes?

There is, should you so wish, the possibility to connect with Twitter , Instagram and Tumblr as well as Facebook. The idea of connecting with people all over the world is a nice one, and in this Meow has the potential to be the pen pal scheme for the internet generation. The app allows you to select one-on-one conversations with people in geolocations around the globe using the Explore function.

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Not only is this a great way to meet and speak to people worldwide, but it's a nice way to pass time. You can divide search by gender or whether a person is online or not — but it would be nice to have less banal filtering options here.

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The element which is similar to Tinder, is the random match feature. I was matched to a guy whose profile picture was a sloth. Oh, there are quite a few bad things. Some of them falling into the hilarious category, and some the concerning.

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I spoke to Maria, who explicitly states on her profile that she's not into anything explicit. When I asked her why she felt the need to point this out, she replied thus:. A "fur" point, I think you'll agree. Nicholas reckoned that there were plenty of rude people on the app. I went into a randomly selected chat room to see what other people made of it.

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The main point though, is that Maria is right. A lot of content on Meow is filthier than a litter tray.

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I won't repeat the things that were said to me, or the pictures I was sent, because as Maria points out, there are place you can go for that. What is genuinely concerning is that Meow has an option to hide a person's age, which could be very problematic in the wrong hands.

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The frustrating thing about Meow is that it could be a really strong app. In fact, it is a really strong app — it just has a lot of idiots on it right now. It's a sexed-up Chatroulette advertised by a cat that in no way resembles a cat.

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