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Question one. Time for another quiz. Are you ready to get things going? Maybe, or maybe not. Super ready! Let's do it. No, I don't want to do this.
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August 20 Tonight is the Summer Festival. A choice will pop up that involves Chie, Yukiko, and Rise. Whichever one you compliment, that Social Link will get some points added to it. Teddie's also a sneaky bastard. August 23 You can help out Nanako with her homework if you want. Doing so will occupy your evenings though until she finishes so it's up to you. September 1 Back in school and you're already quizzed. I'm sure you miss Summer Vacation already. The answer is "". September 5 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "Sardine. I'm quite confident that people that have played Persona 3 will recognize that high school and the Student Council President.

September 9 When you get your chance to pick what someone else will do, your answer will raise the Social Link status of the character that you choose. If I remember correctly: Yosuke September 10 Today is the last day of the Class Trip. Teddie sure makes a lasting impression, though.

September 16 Today is the first day you can start unlocking Naoto's dungeon. I'm sure I don't have to tell you by now that you should do it as quickly as possible. Talk to the female students on Classroom Floor until someone mentions a girl in the Practive Building. Talk to the girl in the Practice Building. Head for the Shopping District, north part, and talk with the Policeman. Go to the Samegawa Flood Plain and head for the Riverbank. Go back to the northern part of the Shopping District and talk with the Policeman again. Go to the Shopping District again but this time, stay on the south side and talk to the Policeman here.

When given the chance, answer that Naoto had an obessesion with the case and he was treated like a child. Naoto's dungeon is now unlocked. September 17 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "To make profit from spices. The answer is "Centenarians". September 28 The quizzes will end soon.

Who's your PERSONA partner? (FEMALE)

Just hold out a bit longer. The answer is "Hyperbole". The answer is "0. You better do it, otherwise I'll find you myself and shove your disc somewhere that isn't pleasant. The answer is "The green pigment ages". October 6 Naoto joins the party today thus filling out your party. A couple of neat things about Naoto's Persona: October 8 Quizzed yet again. The answer is "Teacher". October 11 I'm sure you know the drill by now. The answer is "His height". October 12 Yet again.

The answer is "Two Yen". October 13 Sigh October 14 Mid-Terms start today. Going will increase your Social Links slightly with your party members. Like always, your score is dependant on your current level of Knowledge and how many questions you answered right. October 24 Test results are posted. I don't really need to see again how you can obtain the highest score. October 27 When given the choice, choose "Enter the pageant, dammit" for an Expression boost. October 29 The first day of the Culture Festival is today. Several of your Social Links will get some points added to them today.

October 30 The second day of the Culture Festival is today. At night, when prompted, pick the choice "Hold the line". It really doesn't do anything but the response gave me a quick laugh. November 1 The answer is "Your back to your shoulders". November 4 I'm pretty sure they pick Yosuke so he can bug the living hell out of me for the answer. The answer is "It excretes toxins". November 6 "Her" dungeon is now unlocked. November 7 The answer is "The South Pole". Do keep in mind what temperature he gives after you give the answer. November 11 The answer is "Koch".

November 17 The answer is "Gamble". I always thought it meant Game Over but what do I know. You better damn well save her too. November 24 Ugh The answer is "Six". November 25 The answer is "It's the last chance". November 26 Come on The answer is "X'mas". November 28 Finals start today.

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December 1 "The South Pole ; 30 Degrees" "1,, dollars" December 2 "Discovered Tuberculosis" "French" December 3 Today is the last day of finals and the last set of finals for the game, so it's time to break out the booze! Later at the hospital, you can now either achieve the bad ending, or continue with the game. If you picked a wrong choice, the game will skip to March December 5 You have to go around town and ask people about the murders now.

Upon doing so, a new option will appear when you talk with people. Talk with everyone in the Shopping District, both North and South and ask each question. The same goes for Junes and the Samegawa Flood Plain. Upon entering Junes, talk to the student in the bottom right corner and ask her the same two questions.

When you select the second question, she'll mention her friend might know something. Head to the Shopping District South again and talk to the very first female student you see and pick the second question.

Persona 4 Golden - Consequences of Being a Pimp

Once you talk to everyone and ask both questions, the game will advance. In order to advance the game even further, you must pick the correct person out of a list you're given and you only have three chances. The true culprit is December 8 Your test results are posted today. You know the routine by now. Adachi's dungeon is now unlocked as well. This place is excellent for experience if you feel you're lacking in levels. You get about on average per battle. If you complete Adachi's dungeon BEFORE the final date, the game will automatically skip to the 24th so make sure to wait until the last couple of days before finishing it so you can max any lingering Social Links.

December 9 You might have to stop a complete psycho but you still have you study, dammit. The answer is "Insects". December 10 The answer is "The 'big' toe". December 24 Today is the last day to defeat Adachi. Also, you'll get a small event with one of your girlfriends here or if you only have one, then your girlfriend. If you have more than one like me because you're awesome, then just reject the calls you get until you get the one you want. As I pointed out before, we're going for the True Ending.

First things first, though, we need to find all the Social Links we maxed out and we have to talk to each person. You can find each person at the following places: Shopping District [South] -Priestess: Use the bus stop in the Shopping District. Shopping District [South] -Hermit: Shrine in the Shopping District. Shopping District [South] -Devil: The Hospital you worked at. Use the bus stop. In the diner that you can eat at to raise your stats. Shopping District [North] -Temperance: Visit the Day Care center you worked at.

Select the Dojima Residence off of the city map. Only do this after talking to everyone. Samegawa Flood Plain [Riverbed] -Moon: Enter the school and check around the first floor. Depending on which club you chose, visit either the Music or Drama room at the school. After doing this, you'll be asked if you want to go home to get ready to leave tomorrow. Next, go to the Food Court in Junes and select "No". Examine the elevator again and choose "I'm not finished yet". Afterwards, go to the Velvet Room. Finally, head to the Shopping District [South] and talk to the gas attendant at the very south end of the area.

The final dungeon of the game, Yomotsu Hirasaka is now unlocked. You can only go to the weapon and item shops from inside the TV World but that's it. Once you beat the final boss [Remember to check the boss section for information], sit back and watch the ending. You've beaten Shin Megami Tensei: I hope my guide was able to help you out. Chances are I'm missing some attacks the bosses have.

I wrote down what they used on me so if you find any attacks that I'm missing from my lists, please do send them to me. Since I couldn't use all the elements on this boss, I'll just assume everything else would've worked normally. As for the words up there: For the first boss, this guy isn't that hard. When you get back up, use Zio on him to get a bit of damage in and then Guard on your next turn to reduce the amount of damage from his attack.

From there on out it's pretty much a repeated pattern so Guard when he's about to use Wind of Oblivion and keep using Zio on him and he'll go down in no time. You'll get the first turn this time. On her first turn, she'll use Green Wall which will make her strong to Garu based attacks instead of being weak to them. When this happens, start using physical attacks with Yosuke by using either his Personas physical attacks or using your own weapons.

After a few turns she'll indicate that she's staring at Yosuke. When this happens, guard with Yosuke as on her next turn she'll use Mazio. Yosuke is weak to Zio based attacks so as long as he's guarding, he won't be knocked down. From here on out she'll just mainly stick to normal physical attacks so just start using Garu on her again when the Green Wall is gone to take her down quickly. If your levels are a bit low which is quite possible if you avoid any Shadows along the way then there's a good possibility that he can kill a character in one hit if they're not guarding.

Yosuke is going to be your main healer in this fight so have him ready at all times. If you have a Persona with the skill Tarunda, use it immediately to lessen the impact of his attacks then switch over to a Persona with an elemental skill and start using it. It's a simple procedure but because of his attacks, you'll have to be wary on when to attack and heal.

Considering how the first two Shadow bosses were cupcakes, this one is going to be a massive pain in the ass. In order to do this, have Slime learn Red Wall then fuse it with an Apsaras. You have to be at least Level 8 or 9 though to actually make it. If you do this, the battle should go a bit smoother but it'll still be a bit difficult at some points. Once the battle starts, whip out Orobas and cast Red Wall on Chie immediately and keep recasting it whenever it wears out.

We don't need this boss getting in any more attacks than normal. She'll start out the battle using simple attacks such as Agi and Double Fangs. Once you do enough damage, she'll summon a Prince to aide her. This thing isn't really threatening but it'll cast Diarama on her ONCE and only once during the battle. She'll then cast White Wall on it, wasting her turn. Once you do enough damage to her, she'll use a devastating fire attack called Burn to Ashes which does heavy damage. This is why you should use Red Wall on Chie.

After she uses Burn to Ashes, it's a matter of keeping your health at full and attacking with Chie and the main character. If you have Rakunda it would be a massive help but it's not necessary. The battle starts off simple enough. On his first turn he'll use Red Wall. This is just a waste of a turn since he already absorbs Agi based attacks so use anything that isn't Agi or Garu based to damage him. Using Rakunda will go a long way in this fight as he has well over HP. He'll use Rampage again if you survived a few turns later so recast Tarunda on him and get back to full health.

On his first two turns, the Daring Gigas will use Power Charge then Rebellion and then use either a normal attack or use Single Shot which should do just less than damage if you're at a decent level. Heal immediately and just use whatever you want on him since he has no strengths and weaknesses. Rakunda and Tarunda will help in the long run for this fight. Your first priority should be to take care of the Nice Guy since he'll use Heat Riser. Until the Nice Guy is dead, have Yosuke use Dekaja every turn. That way the Nice Guy will just keep using Heat Riser over and over again while you try to kill him.

Avoid using Bufu based skills on him and you should be fine. Tough Guy isn't really a threat. He only uses Rampage and Kill Rush but his attacks don't do any significant damage so you can either focus on Shadow Kanji after killing the Nice Guy or you can take out the Tough Guy. As for Shadow Kanji, he starts off simple enough. He'll use Power Charge and then either Swift Strike or Fatal End and will keep following this pattern until you knock off most of his health. After you do, he'll start using Fanatical Spark which is Zio based.

When he starts using this, he'll use it every turn from there on out so it's in your best interest to have Yosuke guard every turn while Yukiko acts as your healer. He might look like he's a dumbass at first glance but once he starts attacking, he's far from it. He tends to pick on Yukiko a lot and will keep hitting her with Bufula until she's dead and then he'll make haste to target another character with an elemental weakness.

So how do you counter this? He's got decent defense to boot so use Rakunda on him to ease things up a bit. The only thing that makes him dangerous is that he can poison your party with Virus Wave or confuse you with Mind Slice after using Stagnant Air. As long as you can cure those you'll be set with this fight. If you have Yukiko in your party or any Persona with an immunity to fire, or a Strength to it, Shadow Rise will use Fire Break on her first turn to negate that resistance. She rarely uses Spirit Drain but when she does it takes off about 30 SP from the character it hits but don't bother restoring it.

Just Guard for the next three turns and the battle will end. The one thing you'll want to do is avoid bringing a Persona with a weakness to ice and avoid using Bufu based attacks as he'll only absorb them. Shadow Teddie tends to use Foolish Whisper on his first turn which has a chance to silence your party so if anyone is silenced, especially Yukiko, heal it right away as you'll want your Personas for this fight.

Using Rakunda will go a long way in this fight as he has plenty of HP to knock off. When he starts using Mind Charge, make sure to guard on your next turn as he'll use Mabufula and it'll do a decent amount of damage. When you knock off a certain amount of his HP, he'll use Ultra Charge. On his next turn after using it, he'll waste a turn charging up more so make sure to guard after that. On his next turn, he'll use Nihil Hand which will knock down your party members if you're not guarding.

One last nasty trick he has up his sleeve is that he can use an attack called Nullity Guidance that will knock down a character AND make them dizzy and it gives him an extra turn. Once you can learn his attacks and what they do and know when to guard, it shouldn't be that difficult. Bringing in a Persona with Bufula will be a big help and bringing in Teddie isn't a bad idea either considering he has both Bufula AND Mediarama which will go a long way in this fight. If you can do that, you can easily survive his attacks to use Mediarama afterwards.

On his first turn he'll summon a little buddy to help him out. Use Garu on him to either make him Dizzy or to kill it. Afterwards the Killing Hand will stick to using Deathbound which isn't all that strong so just use whatever you want to kill it. The meatshield has only three attacks: Fight is just a standard physical attack on one character.

Item causes Exhaustion on a character and spell hits all characters for non-elemental damage. But that's not all. He can attack twice in a turn so make sure to cure Exhaustion immediately if a character is inflicted with it as you don't want to lose your SP at all due to it.

After defeating the meatshield, Shadow Mitsuo will fall to the ground leaving him open for an All Out Attack. Don't bother casting any offensive stat boosts as Shadow Mitsuo will use one of his turns casting Dekaja. Now you can tell which element Shadow Mitsuo will use depending on which wall he uses. For example, if he uses White Wall, he'll use Mabufula until it wears off so having Yukiko guard at certain times will help. He too can attack twice as well so make sure to stay ontop of healing and heal any status effects he throws on you.

After you do enough damage he'll start trying to restore his meatshield so start using your best attacks on him. If you do enough damage, the soldier will disappear and you'll get a chance for another All Out Attack. Thankfully this boss doesn't seem to have a nasty habit of casting elemental skills over and over again on a specific character. Rather he'll try to either instantly kill you with Mudoon or try to confuse you with Mind Slice after using Foul Breath on you.

As long as you have a Persona that can withstand Mudo based attacks and something to heal Confusion, it's not that hard of a fight. As you can tell by his attack list, the Dominating Machine sounds like a BDSM movie has a very simple attack pattern which consists of injecting itself with steroids with Power Charge and then having 'roid rage by using Herculean Strike. Needless to say, either Yukiko or Teddie is a must have for this fight. Because of this attack pattern, the fight is a simple "Hit and heal" type of deal that really doesn't take much planning.

However do be warned that when he gets low on health, he'll start building up to blow himself up using Last Resort to take you all down.

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You'll know when he's going to do this when he just uses "Stand By" as one of his turns. Thankfully he does this when he has so little HP left that you can take him out in a single round. If you come completely unprepared for this fight, there's a good chance that you're going to die here. The first thing you'll probably notice from her attack list is that she has access to all of the elemental spells AND she often targets a characters specific weakness so it's in your best interest to bring in a Persona that has no elemental weakness such as Black Frost.

However that won't mean you're invincible in this fight as Shadow Naoto is able to wipe away all elemental resistances that you have with Element Zero. Another dangerous thing about Shadow Naoto is an attack called Galiglim Eyes which brings a characters HP down to 1 and causes Enerveration on that character so you'll want to cure and heal that character immediately.

Once you take off enough of Shadow Naoto's health, she'll start focusing on a single characters weakness by either using a Ma-dyne or just a regular -dyne spell. If that character does get hit and is knocked down, Shadow Naoto will use Heat Riser on her next turn so having Dekaja is a good idea for this fight.

All in all, this fight is more annoying than anything. Having a Persona with Garudyne will help out a lot as it's weak to wind meaning Yosuke will be a big help here if you've been using him. There's not much to this fight really. If he uses Mind Charge, just make sure to guard on your next turn as his magic can pack quite a punch, especially if he strikes a characters weakness.

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  6. His physical attacks just as strong so just have Yukiko or Teddie keep up by using Mediarama or if you have it, Mediarahan. On its first turn it will use Mind Charge followed by any of the elemental-Dyne skills and that's it. Thankfully it's not all that smart and usually doesn't target a characters specific weakness but even still if your Main Character is at a low enough level or has a Persona with an elemental weakness on it, you may be in a bit of trouble unless your party members can take damage in your place. This fight is just about healing and countering.

    Not too much strategy to it. The battle starts off normal enough as he'll just throw out elemental-Dyne spells so make sure to have a Persona that doesn't have an elemental weakness at all or has a skill to Null out their weakness. Once you do enough damage, he'll use Quad Converge which will strengthen one of his elemental spells but it also lowers his defense to it. You'll know which skill will be the most effective as he'll be casting that one as well. For example, let's say that he uses Quad Converge and he starts using Garudyne.

    This means he'll be strong against all elements except for Garudyne, which will do nearly triple the damage to him. Just keep using the appropriate elemental skill for this part of the fight. The hard part of the fight comes after you knock off about half of his health. He'll control one of your characters. The character he chooses is completely random and the character that turns against you retains any status boosts they received which is why I told you not to use Matarukaja yet.

    The controlled character will either use one of the 8 skills they have or will just normally attack you. Just keep guarding until the character regains their senses. After doing a bit more damage, the boss will control all 3 of your party members so take off any Personas that have an element weakness that your party members use and for the love of god use guard.

    Use a healing item when needed. On the third turn your party will snap out of it and return to your side of the fight. Either way don't use Bufu based attacks on this boss as you'll only heal him meaning you should leave Teddie out of this fight and let Yukiko do the healing unless Teddie is already your healer. Overall this fight doesn't really take a lot of planning or strategy as all you really need to do is attack him and cure any status effects he inflicts on you. All he does is summon another Chaos Fuzz onto the field or a random enemy from the area and then attacks you.

    You have to take them out all at once or they'll just keep summoning.

    What Persona Do You Give Off? - ProProfs Quiz

    They only have HP either so a few well placed Ma-elemental-Dynes will do the trick. Problem is, he has High Counter so there's a good chance he'll bitchslap your attacks back at you. Because of this, dedicate one of your characters that has no Physical Attack skills [Yukiko or Teddie] to healing duties as you use skills such as Primal Force or Vile Assault. His worst attack byfar is Mudoon but even then you can either revive a character hit with it or block it out entirely by using a Persona that has an immune to Mudo based attacks.

    Since he has no strengths, feel free to use whatever attacks you want. A Persona that has Dekaja and one that has no elemental weakness is recommended for this fight as Ameno has a nasty habit of casting stat buffing skills before his big attack. The first thing you'll notice about this fight is that he can attack twice per turn, sometimes 3 if he decides to hit a character with ane elemental weakness. The battle starts off timid enough.

    One of this attacks, Nebula Oculus, hits your entire party for about damage so make sure to have Yukiko or Teddie ready to heal your party up. After you do enough damage to him, he'll use Bewildering Fog to make himself invincible for the next few turns so don't bother wasting your HP or SP on him and heal up if needed. He'll then use Mind Charge and then Tarukaja and Sukukaja on his next turn afterwards so make sure to guard after he does this.

    On his next turn, he'll use Nebula Oculus which will hit your party for really heavy damage, possibly killing you off if you're not guarding. Immediately use Dekaja on your next turn and continue with your assault. On occassion he'll use God's Judgment which halves a characters HP but it's easily countered with a well placed Mediarahan. Other than that, there's nothing too special about his other attacks.

    The only one you might not have seen is Quake but that only hits you and knocks down your characters. All you really need to do is either cast Tarunda on him or cast Marakukaja on yourself as all he does is Rampage. It hurts for quite a bit so if you can't debuff him, just heal up and use Rakunda on him before assaulting him with whatever attacks. It's pretty much an all out slugfest here so there's no real strategy to it other than debuff him.

    Another nasty habit he has is casting Evil Smile followed by Ghastly Wail which kills any character inflicted with the Fear status. Because of his instant kill nature, he doesn't have as much HP as the previous sub bosses so use Rakunda on him and it shouldn't take too long to take him out. God's Judgment still takes off half of a characters health so make sure to heal right away.

    The only other nasty attack that she can do is Foolish Whisper which will silence your party and Megidolaon. After you take off all of her health, the battle will end in a few turns so either keep guarding or attacking. It's up to you. Usually on her first turn, Izanami-no- Okami will use Mind Charge on her first turn followed by an elemental spell or Megidolaon so make sure to heal up right away. As the battle progresses, she'll start debuffing you with Masukunda, Marakunda, and Debilitate.

    Unlike in Digital Devil Saga, Debilitate only hits one character this time instead of your entire party so make sure to Dekunda it right away. Once you do enough damage, Izanami-no-Okami will start using Fury of Yasogami which will do about damage to your entire party. She'll also start using Summons to Yomi which instantly kills any character it hits but it seems to only work if that character is inflicted with Fear or any kind of status effect so make sure to pay attention to your well being.

    When you get to the halfway point of the fight, she'll mix it up by debuffing you and then try to knock your characters down and follow it up with Fury of Yasogami usually so make sure to stay ontop of healing. Near the end of the fight is where it starts to get nasty. She'll use an attack called World's End which will hit you for a decent amount of damage AND inflict a random status effect on all of your characters.

    After this attack she usually uses Summons to Yomi which will kill any character inflicted with Fear as indicated above so you're going to have to get lucky here and hope that the main character isn't inflicted with it or you can equip an accessory that negates Fear. After taking out all of her life, she'll start using Thousand Curses which will kill off your characters one by one as they knock you out of the way of it.

    Don't worry, this is supposed to happen. After all of your maxed Social Links try to get your ass up, you'll get Izanagi-no-Okami. After a few attacks from Izanami-no-Okami, you'll get a chance to attack. Choose skill and choose the only attack available to end the battle. You've beaten Persona 4. If you find a chest that gives you a message if you want to open it, the Reaper is inside of it.

    The Reaper is really nasty and I suggest fighting him at around Level 70 when you can. The first thing you want to do is debuff him by using Rakunda and Sukunda at least to lower his accuracy and make your attacks do at least decent damage. Have someone use Matarukaja as well and you're ready to get started.

    If not you'll want to go level. It's either that or my luck was just really crappy. Along with those he'll often Vile Assault and then start throwing elemental skills back in the mix. Since he doesn't have a set pattern and doesn't have any nasty attacks when he gets low on health, it shouldn't be that difficult to stay on top of healing. Just make sure to have Recarm or Revival Beads or anything that can revive if your healer dies in the fight. Also make sure to always, ALWAYS recast Sukunda and Rakunda when they wear off as you'll want him to miss as much as possible and you'll want to do as much damage as much as possible.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I don't have every enemy listed so if someone would be so kind as to help me with the enemies that I never ran into, it would be much appreciated. If you do send me enemy info, please send me the following: What they're strong against, Repel, Null, or Drain. I'm pretty sure I don't have all the weapons listed here as I probably missed a couple from some chests in the dungeons or never got some available in the shops.

    Please do let me know if I'm missing any by sending me: I'm pretty sure I don't have all the armors listed here as I probably missed a couple from some chests in the dungeons or never got some available in the shops. Left prices are normal prices while the prices on the right indicate discount prices. If there's a number next to a skill, that means the Persona will learn that skill at that level. I'll list the skill set for each Persona for the first Persona for each character. SL means you learn this skill by raising your Socail Link with Rise. The number next to SL means you have to be at that level on the Social Link to learn that skill.

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    Fool -This one is automatic so there's no need to get into details about it. This one starts up automatically. He's on the second floor of the classroom buildings. On Sundays he's at Junes. Yukiko is available Monday through Thursday and on Sunday. She's on the first floor of the classroom buildings. On Sundays she's at the shopping district but sometimes she won't appear there. Available on iPhone and Android. Today Categories Guru's Disciples Submit. I'm not quite sure how to answer this question. I want to protect or look out for someone who is special to me.

    I want to help make the people around me happy. I just want to be accepted for who I am. I want to be taken seriously, be respected. I want to be who I want to be, not what others wish I was. To know my true self. Who and what I am. I want excitement and adventure. No more going slow. To make my own decisions, to run my own life. I cook, I'm trying to get better at it I don't really have a hobby. What else is there to do other than hang out with my friends?

    Actually, I'm kind of between life styles at the moment. I sharpen my skills! Be it physical activity. I get a rush out of it. I like a good mystery now and then. I like to knit and sew I do work with my hands. No, not right now. I do free lance work. I'm my own boss. I have a good old fashioned teen job. Fast food, waiting on people, mascot, that kind of thing. I don't have a job, but I do something similar to charity work. I'm part of a family business. Hama and Mudo Light and dark. I'm more of a healer than a fighter.

    Actually, I would provide support. Analysis of the enemy. You're trying to trick me into telling you because you know I'm not that smart!