Jesus dating profile - Find your perfect match in the largest Christian dating site in The Bible is God's Word, our rule of faith and conduct, and Jesus is the only.
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There is no need to bend the rules or tweak the truth. Sure, you were 29 last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. But sooner or later, the truth will find a way out. Let someone else lie about their weight or height, and you can rest confident in the fact that you are faithful to the truth Prov.

Our new, Christ-driven selves should not be capable of lying Col. Entire websites are dedicated to people who seem to forget that the Internet is a public forum.

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I saw a web comic the other day that likened Facebook status updates to a guy with a megaphone announcing things to every person he knows. Be wise in what you share, because the Internet will keep it forever. That kind of intimacy should be earned, not freely given. Play your cards closer to your chest, keep some things for later, and you may find that your relationships are more interesting from the get-go Prov.

No one wants to spend time with a party pooper, and to avoid sucking the life from the party you just have to think happy thoughts. Inviting people to learn more about you is as easy as sharing information that will attract like-minded individuals.

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Profiles that are full of negativity often get skipped over. Men and women will see you as less of a Grinch and more of a disciple of Christ. The healthiest relationships, whether they sprout from meeting through friends or online dating, are those belonging to couples with similar core values.

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Having core values in common might not seem like a huge deal on the first or second date, but down the road that fact could make things more difficult. If you believe Jesus is the Savior and the only one worthy of that name, say so. Thinking nice thoughts about God is nothing compared to verbally claiming his plans as your own. It might feel like sticking your neck out, but confessing your faith with confidence is the best thing you can do for your future relationships Rom. Of course there are exceptions, but many, including those browsing online dating profiles, will simply read the first couple of lines to get the gist of things.

A man named Anthony told "Tinder Jesus" that Leviticus instructs them to get stoned together. Most Read Doctor Strange director says Christians are not the solution but the 'core problem' in America Donald Trump says religious freedom is 'under attack' Open Doors report: Persecution is on the rise globally Christians defend Karen Pence over teaching job at Christian school Bible class targeted in China clampdown, Christians interrogated. The 'version of you' myth: Why leaders can't afford to fake it to make it Substance abuse more likely among members of the LGBT community - study Counting bricks: Are we to be doomed by intransigence?

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Maybe post one selfie of you. Feel free to state that you are looking for a relationship. This does not make you appear needy. This tells others that you are ready for a good match.

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  5. It started with wanting to date a guy who owned a Corvette who was also a Christian who atten read more. This blog from May 8, , is a popular one plus it is one I have sent to people I am counseling again and again and again. To me it i read more. Hopefully that relative is not your mother. Compare and contrast these two statements: I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

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    My faith is important to me. It is the foundation that gives me the confidence to be so active in the world around me. Would love to have someone special to share in my passion of getting to know God better and sharing His wonders and promises with. This is a thinking person who sees God in all parts of life. You know you are going to have good conversations about God and faith with this person. A great movie followed by some ethnic food is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday.

    The only thing that would make it better? Someone special to say grace with me over pad thai. I am an active member at my church where I teach Sunday School for 3 to 5 year olds. This is my favorite thing to do. is the leader in Christian dating in Latin America

    I play the bass guitar and run the sound system at the church I attend. I love Jesus Christ for He has loved me first.

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    7. Discovering that I am loved by Jesus is a part of my story. Ooooo there is a story of grace here. No stuffy dry faith here. I am working on growing my relationship with God every day. Bold statement, especially the every day part.

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      A quote from a Christian book that has inspired you and a sentence why. This tells me that you read and that you read to grow your faith. Who the author is also tells me a lot about you. Maybe you could fake this by quoting Ravi Zaccharias or some other heady Christian thinker so I think you are that heady of a person too. Maybe you could go popular on this and quote C. Or maybe you could go clever and quote something profound from a Christian novel.