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However, it varies from region to region and caste to caste. To start your search journey get connected with millions of eligible active users for matchmaking and to receive instant responses.

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Click here to get an assistance. Browse Matrimonial Profiles Religion: In this way, we can see the acceptance of traditions in modern day life. Korean rituals have always accepted a variety of cultural elements while being fundamentally based in Confucianism. They form an important part of intangible heritage in Korea. Intangible Cultural Heritage of Asia and the Pacific.

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Confucian Traditions In the Confucian ritual tradition, the wedding is based on rational decision-making processes. Other Wedding Traditions and Symbols Documents, such as the proposal letter, acceptance letter, date setting letter, and letter promising marriage, which are exchanged throughout the process, act as proof of marriage.

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Conclusion The Korean wedding, which has been adapted to suit the situation of Korea, stands apart from its Chinese Confucian roots. Buddhist Elements in Thai Wedding Ceremonies. According to the Florentine Codex, the bride is carried on the back of a matchmaker The Florentine Codex describes the many events leading up to the wedding feast, some of which you can see in the Codex Mendoza picture -. First the soothsayers had to be consulted in order to set the marriage under a favourable day sign; the good days were Reed, Monkey, Crocodile [Alligator], Eagle and House.

The day before the marriage, invitations to the banquet were issued. By midday all the guests were assembled, gifts were placed before the hearth, and the old men and women were well on their way to becoming drunk on pulque, the fermented juice of the maguey plant. In the foreground, a large pitcher of pulque stands beside a small bowl that also contains [the drink - look for the pulque foam at the top of the bowls An offering of incense was a common ritual at Aztec feasts.


Directly below the incense bowl, a large mat is spread out, upon which the girl is seated with her groom. A young man was, of necessity, several years older than his bride, because he had to complete his education and training before taking on the responsibilities of marriage The matchmakers then led the young couple to a bedchamber, where they remained for four days In the codex picture not all of which is shown here many of the details point to the marriage as the great event that will give birth to a new dynasty ruling marriage line.

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The date of the wedding, by the way, is BCE in our calendar. Scholars disagree as to the place where the ceremony took place: