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There were often variations used on block planes and other tools. Some of the photos are pretty poor. X Trademark Block Plane Variation. Y Trademark Block Plane Variation. Y Trademark Canadian Variation. AA Trademark Canadian Variation. I have small Stanley SH no.

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The employees at Stanley did not have the studies to go by and often used the parts that were at hand. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find even new condition tools that do not exactly meet the conditions laid out in the study.

Often, even on a new plane in the box, a cutter or cap can be a type or two behind or ahead depending on when supplies ran out. So unless you are trying to match a specific type, do not get too concerned about slight variations from the type study. Type can affect value. Several general rules exist; they are not hard and fast, but can point a collector in the right direction. The earlier the type, the more likely a tool has a higher value.

History of the Stanley Tool Company

This especially applies to very early types that were made well before the tool model was established. Second, the shorter the time a particular type was manufactured, the more likely its value will be higher. Some types were manufactured for only a year or two and demand a higher value. Finally, the more significant the change, the more likely it impacts the value. Small changes, such as a new cutter logo, often have no effect, but larger changes, such as adding a cutter adjustment mechanism, nearly creates a new model.

From its earliest days, Stanley used trademarks and various logos to designate its products.

“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

So when it comes to dating Stanley tools , some of the most reliable information comes from dating these marks. Research has accurately dated many of the marks, and today we know the range of dates when most marks were used.

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This information gives us an accurate, not-earlier-than date for the various marks and can be helpful in typing an item. Stanley used a last-in, first-out inventory system, so occasionally an older part original to the tool can be found on a newer tool. This occurs most often with World War II types. Trademarks were widely used in catalogs and advertising, and on original boxes. Some trademarks are the same as the cutter logos, but others are different. Many trademarks were used for long periods.

The notched trademark is also a blade logo and has been used for the past few decades. Condition may be the single most important factor in pricing Stanley tools. A plane may be the rarest model or the most eagerly sought-after type, but if its condition is not at least good, the value can be significantly reduced.

Vintage Stanley Tools Catalogues.

Some may think this is a bit overboard, but all you need to do is review a few major tool auctions to see how the tool-buying public is applying a detailed and concise buying strategy. A nicer plane could not have been found if you stood next to the Stanley production line in and had your choice. Sign in Already have an account? Recycled shavings video Started 2 hours ago. Assembly table of my dreams Started 4 hours ago. Advice from an old farmer Started 5 hours ago.

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