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They ask you to:. Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at ftc. Today, I am writing to say, yes, highly educated means we are just as gullible as others. I am out about 16, to a scammer maybe more. Sweet nothings and an occasional online playmate and what a dupe I have been. Yes, Romania, said to be involved in medical Name is dubious, cannot pin him to any locale. Cell number untraceable, sends him iTunes cards, the list goes on and my face is permanently red.

Slick moves and honeyed words promises of a car? I gave a lot to these criminals Nothing came as what promised. What a fool I am I wanted to shout over mountain tops.


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Do you have picturs of this man? Can we some have get in touch? Tjis adoptiv kids made some bells ring here What is wrong with us to believe these guys? I for one was rolling my eyes at the stuff coming out of his mouth after only days of messaging! Oh and what is it with the iTunes cards? This guy even sent me his Military ID! Mine was huge money taken away from me. Im lost but thanks that I have God with me. HE is more than enough to start all over again.

I gave up all my savings and retirement - communication had been going on for 1 year. I am bankrupt, devastated and ashamed. This sounds similar to the guy I've been talking to he says he's in the U. He originally sent me a Facebook request which I accepted and within a week was telling me he loved me and wanted to but a house together. He claims he had to borrow a friends phone to talk to me. He never called me because he claimed the phone lines were terrible there due to the rebels attacks.

He had in the beginning sent me 2 pics that were older plus a pic I got from his fb request. He never would send any others even though I asked repeatedly.. The pics I did get were of a white male dark hair wearing a shirt that says good story babe now make me a sandwhich he's in shorts that say army on them with a background which looks like a military environment.

Then he sent a pic of himself supposedly The Facebook pic is of him sitting on a bench in a room with a black fitted knit hat on sunglasses on his head he's got a gun in a holster at his side.. Does any of this sound familiar. Do you happen to have a photo of this guy, sounds similar to who I'm chatting with now. This guy sounds similar to the guy I'm talking to. Since we can't share pics on here can you discribe the pics he sent. Describe him and the background of the pics?

Your story just saved me. I've been chatting with a guy who called himself Tyler Badon for several weeks now. His story was almost identical to the one your guy gave you. The only major difference is that I am gay, so it was an ex-boyfriend who cheated on him and treated him so badly.

And now he is in Afghanistan and lonely, without family, etc. He first contacted me on Instagram and then moved our discussion to Google Hangouts. I got all the undying love crap. He even sent me a little video of himself working out at the gym. And I had the same experience with questions. He asked me a zillion questions about all sorts of nonsense. But when I asked him for details about his previous life in the states or even his life in Afghanistan , he would just ignore them and disappear.

Tonight, for the first time, he asked me if I could send him an iTunes gift card so that he could download music that reminded him of me for when he was lonely and bored. I had never done that before, and I was searching for advice on how to send a gift card on a chat platform when I stumbled upon your story. After reading it, I went back to the chat session we were having and I told him I needed to send the gift card by postal service.

Of course, he would not give me his address. So I blocked him from Google communications services and Instagram. I feel like such an idiot.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

But I am eternally grateful that you shared your story. You kept me from going down what might have been a very costly path. I wish there was some way we could warn others about these schmucks.

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Or, even better, get law enforcement involved and rounding up all the profiles until they capture the creeps. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your story. I'll try not to be so gullible next time. I've been talking to this Tyler Badon for a few weeks now myself. Everything identical to what you have described. Yesterday is when he asked for an ITunes card which I did not send as it immediately seemed fishy. I'm proud of myself to see the red flags when I saw them but so embarrassed that I fell for everything else.

MarkD, I think I may be talking to the same guy! He followed me on Instagram and asked to chat in Google Hangouts! He says that he is in the Army and stationed in Afghanstan. This man asked me for money o blocked him then my Facebook page got hacked so I went back to hangouts to tell him off, he started out saying oh god honey iwould not do that, then he got mean, and said i know where you stay I got people watching you. You got 3 days to buy me a ITunes card or I am going to have you kill.

The Foe followed me on Instagram and later sent me a message he immediate asked me to communicate w him over Google Hangouts and then said that his exit papers for the oil rig along w money were in a parcel in Belgiumand he wanted me to be the heir to help him get his parcel - Andre Chris He also goes by Andre Cristian declared his love to me told me he wanted to marry him and I said yes! People pls flee from these types of scammers. The same thing happened to me the same story oil rig engineer Nelson Andre.

Need money for shipment. He says he is working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and his account has been on hold while he is away. His life is a serious of calamities.

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First it was money for his sick son, then his phone needed updated so I sent iTunes cards, then his son was robbed and needed a new laptop to continue his schooling. Now he wants me to accept a package with money and precious jewels inside. I have told him many times no he gets angry and calls me names. He has my old address, email and phone number. Should I block this guy? If I send my email to you can you send me a picture of this guy? I think he is scamming me as well.

I have been chatting with a man that sounds so similar too this, I too would be intrested in finding out if these two guys were one of the same. I could send you my email and we can exchange photos please. What is it about Portugal? I was just scammed by a guy Out of Africa saying that he had to return to Portugal as his daughter was having immediate heart surgery. He made the mistake by saying that he was staying with his mother but in previous conversations he and said she was dead. MarkD, did the video in the gym show him lifting a an 80 pound dumbbell with his mid section?

He has tattoos and had a ballcap on? Same thing happened to me he messaged me on IG says he lives in San Francisco and has a 5 year old son that is wIth the Nanny and right now he is in Italy working on a contract which closes on the 10th he asked for money to send to his Nanny cause he spent the money on the tools for the contract.

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He told me his mom and dad died and that he is an only child of theirs. He said the contract is worth millions. There are pictures of him inEurope. The guy is going bald and is scruffy with glasses. So my guy lives in France and is a contractor. He has a 12 year old son and lost his wife to cancer. His parents passed away as well. He is completing his contract and has invested all his savings on gold bars and is having them shipped to me so we can start a jewelry business. He would send me pictures of himself in suits and even sent a few of him and his son working our. However I did start to notice that his pictures are not current.

My mom was almost a victim of this idiot, naturally he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. You know the deal. Thankfully we found this page before he went any further with his lies. We set him up, he called and talked to my mom while I was there listening to everything without him knowing.

My mom already knew what he was after and led him to spit out his pretty little "send me money" story because he supposedly broke an oil machine. That's when I made the kill, took the phone and sent him to hell. Told him we knew what he was doing and before he could even say something, I called him by all the names he used to scam other women. At least he was dumb enough to listen to all my cussing-- must confess it was satisfying.

Obviously he ended the call but I sent him the link to this page and called him stupid. This guy claims to be german-american, he uses pictures of a middle-aged, caucasian-looking, military man whose pictures are nowhere to be find online. Apart from all the inconsistencies in his stories, he doesn't sound like an old man in love. He is definitely young, inexperienced and definitely black which explains his links to Ghana banks.

That guy your describing sounds like mine. Loves me very much and wants us to be together forever. Got all of that after chatting for a week. This guy it's been talking to me send me a video from the gym as yours send me a video of a night ride with a very loud music, tattoos , American flag an eagle , he is bold , very nice looking and said he is from Virginia and it is stationed in Bermudas. The second thing he made me confused: He would like to send me this amount from the third person his friend to kept it safe for him untill he back home from Syria.

He said he served in Us Navy. I just ask him this amount legal or illegal. But im still confuse. I need to you guys recommended or advise. You can't use an iTunes card to go online. The iTunes card is used only to buy music, apps or books. The story about finding gold bars is not true. The online warning says soldiers do not find large sums of money and do not need your help to get that money out of the country. Scammers tell people they found money, because they want people to pay to receive the "shipment" of money or gold.

But there is really no shipment of money or gold. If you pay the taxes, fees or import duties to receive the "shipment," you will lose money. They use iTunes to subscribe to services like SmartLine Second Phone Number to create more local numbers to trick other people and pretending they are from that state. Let me tell you I did some real sleuthing and got to the bottom of it.

He is now blocked. He is currently in Madrid and wants A friend of mine got tricked by someone claiming to be Sullivan. He claimed to be a US soldier based in Syria who won the battle against ISIS and the president of Syria gave his team a lump sum of money and a bar of gold. He claimed he sent the package to her to keep for him.

The tracking number from Planet Logistics worked well until it hot to a state close to where my friend lives. She was asked to send money to help clear the package and she did. Australia didn't make the early inroads they did at the SCG , this time Shikhar Dhawan peppered the boundary five times in a ball 32 before trying for a sixth and lofting a catch to mid-off. After the early high tempo, the chase settled into a steadier pace with Rohit Sharma and Kohli adding 54 in 10 overs followed by 59 between Kohli and Ambati Rayudu.

Rohit, who made in Sydney, was starting to move through his gears with sixes off Peter Siddle - a wonderful pick-up off the hip - and Lyon, when he was caught deep on the leg side by Peter Handscomb, who judged it well coming out of the setting sun. The bowler, Marcus Stoinis, celebrated in a manner not dissimilar to Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk. Rayudu's innings was curious and without much timing, his two boundaries coming from edges to third man, and Kohli had to be alert that the asking rate did not climb too far.

Whether it was an instruction from his captain, Rayudu then suddenly tried to clear the leg side off Glenn Maxwell and didn't succeed. These two matches in Australia have not been great for his World Cup ambitions. Kohli has achieved the ultimate aim of this tour - to win the Test series - but that has not dulled his competitive instincts at all. If anything, the defeat at the SCG may well have given him the motivation to go again. As he launched into the Australia attack when the chase was in the balance, he responded to some of his boundaries with vocal reactions.

The period where the chase went firmly India's way was in the 34th over as Kohli took on Behrendorff with a back-foot drive followed by a thumping blow over long-on. A beautiful straight six off Lyon followed although it took him 13 balls to go from 91 to his century as Richardson and Stoinis applied pressure. It was a rare moment of misjudgement when he flicked straight to deep midwicket but Kohli isn't the only one who knows how to calculate a chase. Given how close it was at the end, the way India closed out with the ball - save for the two boundaries Bhuvneshwar Kumar conceded to Lyon off the last three balls - proved a key period with the final three overs bringing just 17 runs after Marsh and Maxwell had given Australia a chance to push Aaron Finch failed again, bowled by Bhuvneshwar for the second innings in a row, and after 10 overs Australia were 2 for The innings was stabilised by Marsh and Usman Khawaja, who added 56 in nearly 11 overs, but just as the pair were finding their stride Ravindra Jadeja produced a magnificent direct hit from backward point to remove Khawaja.

2nd ODI, Adelaide

Handscomb and Stoinis contributed to half-century stands, but it was only Marsh who could go big. He played the spinners well throughout: One of the shots of the innings followed when he lofted Kuldeep inside-out over extra cover for six in the wristspinner's expensive final over. Marsh's one-day form has been one of the few high points amid Australia's white-ball struggles and this century backed up his fifty in the opening match of the series. Maxwell, whose role has been much debated, benefited from the DRS on 26 when it saved him from being lbw to debutant Mohammed Siraj who had a tough first outing as he finished with the second-most expensive figures on debut for India.