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Since Orvis has made a tradition of crafting and selling fine bamboo fly rods . Our bamboo fly rod info and learning resource center offers detailed history.
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I have found via Orvis that this rod, made in , was designed for 8 wt line.

Not what I want Orvis Battenkill Impregnated I thought this would be a question of what to do with a litter of Battenkills If she was impregnated by a Radian, that would produce really weird offspring Gotta stop now, CAB. Originally Posted by huntschool. Orvis Battenkill Impregnated "Impregnated?? That's when wife-type tells you When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.

Orvis Battenkill Impregnated Mark: I passed on the rod. In other words see what they are going for there.

Orvis Bamboo Rods Values?

I have an 8 foot 6 weight that I got some 23 years back and wouldn't have a clue what it sold for today unless I looked at current bid sales to see what people are paying. Anywhere in between would be a possibility for me. Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you. Orvis Battenkill Impregnated Ard: They are hard to find, frankly because they hold up, or no one breaks any tips Thus, very few come to the ebay site.

Bamboo Fishing Rods

I am hoping some of the experts around here provide an approximate value. I have both tips and original tubes and bags for both rods. The condition of the superfine is Very good. The battenkill is in excellent shape. Both tubes show wear. It had a split.

Vintage Rods and Tackle

The other tip is perfect, and the repaired tip is also in very good shape and fully functional. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

They look really old, can't be worth much; I'll take them off your hands. For actual prices, eBay might be a place to start. I think you may want to check around on the flyfishersparadise forums. I believe they are heavy into boo. Also, I believe there is a boo forum associated with the online journal of bamboo rodmakers called Power Fibers.

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If your in or near Balto. Call Wayne Gruaer at He knows old bamboo rods and Orvis ones very well. He will give you an honest value of the rods. Call the Orvis rod factory in Vermont, give them the serial 's and they can tell you everything about the rod.

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They keep a file of bamboo rods made,. If you want to sell them quickly and without a lot of bother call Carmine Lisella of Jordan-Mills Rods.

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