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Dating thread rules: 1. The first rule about the dating thread is you don't talk about it with people you're dating. 2. Develop a thick skin. 3. D.
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There are more than 10, such disorders including hemophilia and cystic fibrosis as well as serious later-onset conditions such as inherited What are dating apps doing to our mental health? According to one professor, they bring out behaviours which psychotherapists would have historically regarded as "slightly pathological and narcissistic. So - are dating apps turning us into narcissists?

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Are they making us disp The Cabinet is gathering in 10 Downing Street for its regular Tuesday meeting. But there's nothing regular about today at Westminster. The scene is set for a vote that could define the future of the UK - and the future of the Prime Minister. MPs will vote tonight on the deal struck by Theresa May setting out the terms of Britain's departure fro The Ministry of Justice in England and Wales is considering banning jail sentence of less than 6 months.

Ministers argue such sentences are less effective at tackling reoffending than community sentences. Prisons minister Rory Stewart told the Daily Telegraph that such sentences were "long enough to damage you and not long enough to heal you. Two men died in separate incidents on the Mourne Mountains yesterday in conditions described as treacherous.

The police and other emergency services were called but both men were pronounced dead at the scene. Is it insensitive to make TV dramas and movies - out of real life heartache? ITV's multi-part drama 'manhunt' follows the investigation into Levi Bellfield, a serial killer who murdered three young women in and around west London during the early Noughties.

The programme has been criticised with one review labelling it as "an exploitative theme No Brexit is now more likely than leaving without a deal. That's the warning from the Prime Minister the day before her deal goes before parliament.

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Yesterday The Times reported a plot by MPs to allow Parliament to take control of Brexit out of the government's hands. So - where next? Is the PM right - could Brexit be at risk?

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And is no-deal no Irish League footballer Jay Donnelly is appealing a four month jail sentence for sharing an indecent image of a child. The striker took an intimate photo of a 16 year old girl while he was having sex with her and shared it on WhatsApp with his team-mates. It later went viral on Facebook. Donnelly was 21 at the time. He pleaded guilty to the off Stress is something that most of us tackle at some point in our lives.

It is not always easy to overcome. But Owen says he has some tips to help us. That's why he's written a new book - Ten to Zen. The Rural ATM scheme ensured those who provided the service were exempt from extra rates charges - but that's fallen by the wayside because there's now no one to sign off on it - Fermanagh businessman Ruairi McKeagney explains to Vinny and we get reaction from Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts. Northern Ireland is set to receive the cash to continue funding peace and cross-border projects after Brexit.

The money will be made available from until But - it is linked to acceptance of Theresa Mays withdrawal deal. It's the meat eaters fight back! The Ulster Farmers' Union says going vegetarian or vegan as a New Year resolution is well past being rare or medium but verging on the side of over done! The organisation says its becoming increasingly concerned about misinformation driving misconceptions about red meat, diets and health.

Vinny got the views of Targets for cancer waiting times have again been missed here, that's according to the latest figures from the Department of Health released yesterday. Yesterday, the government committed to giving local politicians a say on any new EU rules being applied to Northern Ireland in the event that the backstop comes into force. Nolan listener Paul has been told he could face a 3 year wait for a hernia operation. But this is not a regular hernia.


Just before you listen to this interview - a warning - it does contain some graphic description. New figures just out reveal that Christmas Day's TV ratings were the lowest on record.

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They come as the BBC claims it will become irrelevant unless it can transform its iPlayer. A French writer is being criticised and ridiculed after saying he would be "incapable" of loving a woman aged 50 or above Yann Moix told Marie Claire magazine he found women of that age "too old". The body of a year-old woman is extraordinary.

The body of a wo Landline phones should be provided in prison cells to help in-mates maintain contact with families on the outside, that's according to a new report. Currently most prisoners can only access pay phones in communal areas. Independent think tank 'Reform Scotland' said this makes it difficult to have confidential family conversations - and they thi The party's Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson said the proposals were "meaningless" and had "no real significance.

That triggered the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly. An atheist woman has shared the spine-tingling moment she felt 'arms wrapped around her' as she lay in bed alone. She told how, despite not recognising the feeling of heat and tingling on her back, she felt inexplicably calm.

The woman said she had been left wondering whether it could have been her dead father, as her mother claimed to have experienced his presence on numerous occasions in the family home - where she was staying at the time. Despite having been raised a Catholic, the woman said she was now an atheist working in a science based field who 'believes in the factual, empirically provable reality of things'.

That said, the experience left her 'freaking out and crying', she wrote, adding: A British woman asked users of Mumsnet if it's possible for dead loved ones to visit the living after having a strange experience while laying awake in bed file image. The woman outlined in her post how her mother had previously claimed numerous times to have experienced her dead father in the nine years since his death.

Describing the encounter, the anonymous woman admitted she was 'really confused'.

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She said that while her mother had claimed to have 'felt her dad's presence', she had always maintained it was nothing more than 'her imagination going crazy'. Then my whole back went tingly a bit like pins and needles but not in an unpleasant way. Sounds silly but I feel like it may have been my dad.

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  4. I leant over and flicked the lamp on straight after. A flood of responses to the thread argued the encounter was most likely sleep paralysis, a hallucination or a dream due to her drowsy state. Responding to the post, one user writing under the handle 'zzzzz' claimed the experience could be a mild seizure. How lovely that your brain built it into something you needed. I've felt cats jump on the bed when they haven't at all and that's when the majority of people report woo goings on.

    Mumsnet: Woman believes she felt her father's presence

    I think it is related to the sleepy state rather than any kind of woo. Other responses to the post argued the situation couldn't necessarily be explained and the woman should make her own judgement about what truly happened. Many contributors to the thread urged the woman to make her own conclusions about the situation as it's difficult to explain. However saying that I know that I have experienced something very similar. His thoughts were that nothing is impossible, we do not understand everything and if it brought comfort to take this as a gift.

    Scientifically energy cannot die, it can only transform. I don't think people can advise you solidly either way.

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