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"I have a few Diamond Logo items (Chest/Coolers/Lantern Cases) and others { Later Productions} & the date stamping is as follows: 2 gal.
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Push button faucet; molded one piece liner; Royalite base; three colors: White top and base; green, patio pink and aqua. Fast flow faucet; one piece unbreakable plastic liner; drinking cup in handle. Choice of three finishes: Green ventilator top and green fount, steel. Red porcelain ventilator with Matching red enamel fount. Green porcelain enamel ventilator, fount nickel-plated brass. All parts protected from rust and corrosion.

Brass fount, nickel-plated, Bulge type globe. Green ventilator with oversize fount to accommodate aerosol-type butane canister in horizontal position. Camp Stoves- Gasoline No. Compact economy model, steel wire legs. Cooking surface and other features same as C above. Heat drum and 2-piece combo cook kit and carrying case are accessories. Patio pink, carrying case enclosed.

Two aerosol-type LP-gas canisters.

Aluminum wrap around exterior; colors: Aluminum exterior; Color of lid: All Snowlite coolers featured exclusive Cam-Type chrome-plated latch. Bail handle, push button faucet. Other features and color choice is same as No.

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Bail-type handle, push button faucet with spout at bottom of jug. All Snowlite jugs had Coleman logo superimposed on diamond shaped white plastic name plate. Finish of ventilator top and fount unchanged as were operating features. Same appearance as but with lower and Flatter ventilator. Finish and other features unchanged. Finish and other rust and corrosion features unchanged. Ventilator unchanged from Finish and other features unchanged from earlier No.

Hinged steel rod grate, snap out legs. Economy model but with finish. Burner and other features same as larger models. Features same as No. Dark green enamel fount. New in Coleman camp stove accessory packages: Canvas covers for Coleman Camp Stoves: Royalite base, steel belted, chrome-plated hardware, cam-type latch. Thermo-Lock insulation; choice of colors: Bail handle model for one-hand carrying.

Other features and choice of colors same as No. Features and color choices same as larger B. Station Wagon cooler with casing in lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum. Equipped with 25 pound ice compartment with push button faucet and adjustable, removable food trays. Same construction features as other Snowlite models.

Plastic drain and cam-type latch. Ventilator top flattened and streamlined. Heat resistant Pyrex globe. Uses regular 21A mantle. Finish green enamel top and fount. Equipped with alcohol lighter cup. Band-a-Blu stainless steel burners, large cooling area, steel wire grill.

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Same features as previous models, but fount finished in green enamel. Casing enclosed 2 disposable fuel cartridges. Chest-type handles, same features as No. Bail-type handle; one piece unbreakable plastic liner over foam insulation. All with white base and cap.

Push button-faucet and cap with built-in drinking cup. Choice of colors and trim same as No. Same features and color combination as A. Color combinations and other features same as No. Pyrex globe, copper-brazed steel fount. Green porcelain enamel ventilator. Nickel-plate brass fount, Pyrex globe. Alcohol primer cup built-in. LP-gas cartridge slides into fount. New contour design with large cooktop with Band-a-Blu burners. Steel wire legs lock lid in place for carrying.

Chrome grid and green enamel fount. Both picnic stoves use air-o-sol type canister of LP-gas fuel. Bail-type handle, 2-piece outer and inner cap, one-piece liner and push button faucet. Upper casing formed of single piece steel.

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Cap and base of jug in Royalite thermal plastic. One piece inner liner over urethane insulation. Other features and color combinations same as 2-gallon No. Finishes and color combinations same as B and B above. Developed over a period of six years and the first of its kind. In October , Coleman Co. Coleman Canvas Products marked the introduction of the first Coleman tents and sleeping bags.

For details of this major extension of its new position of leadership in the Great Outdoors, see Catalog No. Pyrex globe; 2-pint steel fount. Green ventilator, nickel-plated brass fount. Cook kit and heat drum offered as accessories. Holds 2 A LP-gas air-o-sol type fuel canisters.

Use over Coleman Camp stoves, hot plates and gas burner. Black with copper finish door. Jugs and Coolers No. Platinum catalyst, bail handle. Platinum catalyst, burns Coleman Fuel, bail bail. Operation same as larger A Unchanged from models.

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Other details, finish, size and construction same as No. Bright red porcelain enamel ventilator with matching fount. Other features same as previous year. Kerosene burning pressure type with alcohol pre-heater. Fount brass, nickel-plated 2-pint cap. LP-gas fuel in disposable gas cartridge inserted in lantern fount.

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Stoves and Heaters- Gasoline No. Generous cooking surface, hinged steel grate. Smaller and lighter than 3-burner No. Finish and other features same as No. Same features as single burner, No. Platinum catalyst, 3 qts. Heavy black screen over catalyst. Fully self-contained; bail handle. See cutaway view, page 5- Catalog No. Same operating and safety features as slightly smaller No. All of above models feature full insulation, one piece thermo-plastic liners, cam-type latches and scuff proof plastic bases.

Available in green, red, beige, and butternut colors. Use as a chest or refrigerator. Screw-on type top with built-in drinking cup. Full one-piece, foamed-in place insulation. For details of the following in color, these can be found on pages of the Coleman Outing Products Catalog for Lantern has distinctive white porcelain enamel ventilator and green enamel fount No. Pitcher pour type No. For further description refer to Coleman Catalog. Chest type handles, lift-off top; tough, high-impact polyethylene; urethane foam insulation.

All heaters above have wire grate above burner. Green enamel tank and matching top. No other propane burning appliances other than listed. Camp Stove- Propane No. Other Features Coolers 3 chest-type cooler: Camp Stoves- Propane No. Catalytic Heaters- Propane No. Thermal Products Coolers No. Output Btu; Pre-heater cup. Btu is 18, on high, green fount, weight approx. Adjustable to 10, heat output. Green enamel finish, lights instantly from 14 or Burning time on high- 7 hours. Heaters- Catalytic, Propane No. Output 10, on high. Features same as larger and heavier model For data and color illustrations of Coleman insulated coolers, jugs, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks- see catalog.

Two fluorescent bulbs, operates on 11 or volt current or on a wet cell battery. Heaters- Propane, Catalytic-type No. Btu input 10, each burner; size folded: Propane bottle with control serves as third leg. Btu input ; operating time: Rust resistant steel fount; operating instructions and date on collar. Both models use propane in disposable bottles and can be hooked to bulk type tank. Two foldout steel legs, fuel bottle provides the 3rd leg; use stove separately or as auxiliary to 2 burner camp stoves.

Both models equipped with built-in regular for use with bulk fuel tank. Lanterns- Electric Fluorescent No. With consistent demand, Coleman introduced the updated steel ice chest. To this date, the Coleman Quart Cooler with Steel Belt remains the one of the best sellers on the list. A genuine art craft engineered with full steel base and lid covered with assorted colored plastic, the Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler has 85 can loading capacity. It is made with sturdy stainless steel handles molded with rubber grips for ease and comfort during transportation secured with a solid steel latch, rust-resistant hinges, and screws which make this Coleman Cooler undeniably strong.

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