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Jacob "Jake" Puckerman is a major character on the fourth and fifth seasons of.
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However, Jake doesn't seem to understand why the girls seem to be so upset. He knows that Chris Brown is a douche bag, but he likes his music and considers it a guilty pleasure. It doesn't mean that he likes him as a person or consider him a role model. To justify his point he points out to all the other artists that the Glee Club has covered that haven't been particular good role models which compromise of Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Rihanna and that they should be able to separate the art from the artist.

Even after stating his argument the girls including Marley are still not convinced, though they don't force him not to perform Chris Brown, merely asking him to consider his decision. Afterwards, the New Directions Girls perform Wannabe. Jake watches with amusement, along with the other boys. Jake says he is still going to perform a Brown song but it won't be Chris.

It happens to be Bobby Brown's My Prerogative , while during the performance he kisses Marley's hand. At times she appears to be enjoying the performance, however she still seems to be angry with him. Later on, Jake says he needs to apologize, saying he didn't know that Bobby Brown was the person who got Whitney Houston on drugs. When him and Marley are alone, he says that this week kind of made him crazy and that he finally understands why people don't support Chris Brown and asks her if it matters what a couple of high school kids think.

She says maybe not, but she points out that one person's views could influence others and other people might start thinking the same way, before noting that she sounds like her grandma. He calls her ace or something. He asks if they're okay, and she then reveals her guilty pleasure. He thinks that it's him noting that it's very cheesy , but she then says it's anything that stars Jessica Simpson, but now that he mentioned it she then tugs his jacket and kisses him.

At the beginning of the episode they're seen sitting together in the auditorium, as well as interacting with each other in the choir room. When, they perform More Than Words they're seen standing next to each other. Later, when Ryder finds out that he has been cat fished, he storms towards Jake and Marley as they're walking and holding hands together in the locker hallway.

He comes to the conclusion that both of them are 'Katie' because of his past feelings towards Marley. Both Marley and Jake assure him that it's neither of them, with Marley trying to comfort him, but he still feels betrayed by his friends. Afterwards, when the gun shot is fired, Jake immediately takes Marley's hand and they hide behind the amplifiers in the choir room along with Kitty.

Jake sees Marley distraught holds her hand to comfort her with Kitty being in between them. Jake along with Kitty tries to reassure her by saying that it's okay. Later, Ryder then comes over and sits with them. He tries to ring Katie, with both Jake and Marley watching him and someone's phone goes off in the choir room. Whilst the SWAT team is going through the school to make sure everything is clear, Marley and Jake are seen cuddling each other, distressed by the situation. At the end of the episode they're seen sitting together when performing Say. At the beginning of the episode, before Mr Schuester announces the setlist for regionals, Jake gives Marley a kiss on the cheek.

He then sits behind her whilst she gives out her suggestion of doing original songs for regionals. Later they're seen sitting together when Blaine tells Mr. Schuester of their ideas of regionals. In the secret Glee Club meeting, Marley suggests using one of her songs. Kitty dismisses all of her ideas, one of them referring to 'loving an octoroon', which leaves Jake offended.

Schuester comes to apologize for his earlier behaviour, Marley and Jake are seen sitting together. When Marley says she hasn't memorized all of the songs, Mr. Schuester says that they're not doing them anymore and that he wants her to teach them one of her own songs. Marley says that she will love that and Jake then hugs to congratulate her. At the end they perform Outcast together with the rest of the New Directions. At the start of the episode, Jake and Marley are seen holding hands as the walk into the choir room and they sit next to each other when the blackout occurs.

Later on, when Ryder sings Everybody Hurts , they both sit next to each other and both reflect on their own experience being slushied together as they're walking down the hallway. Later when Mr Schuester announces that they should perform a cappella, they're both sitting next to each other. Afterwards when they perform Longest Time , they're seen singing and dancing together. At the beginning of the episode, Jake and Marley are sitting at the back of the choir room as Will Schuester announces his re-engagement to Emma, as well as their Glee Club assignment.

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Later on, when Mike introduces one of the performances as the new kid who needs to get his confidence up, both Jake and Marley share a look before he performs I Wish with Mike. During the performance Marley points and sings 'You nasty boy' to Jake, with both Kitty and Unique looking shocked and surprised. He then runs up to where she is sitting and sings to her before running down again. At the end of the performance, Marley comes down and hugs Jake.

Afterwards, Jake and Marley are talking in choir room as Mercedes and Kurt walk into the room. At the beginning of the episode, Jake and Marley are sitting together in the choir room as Mr Schuester announces the various changes in regards to the regionals competition. Later on, they walk to the choir room together, where Marley says "Someone has to do the right thing here," to Jake, implying that they know who Ryder's catfisher is. They later sit together where Mr Schuester finalizes their set list. When Ryder interrogates the Glee Club about who is catfishing him, Marley lies to Ryder saying that she is the culprit to cover for Unique.

When Jake hears this, he sighs of disappointment but then defends Marley by telling Ryder that it was a joke that got out of hand. Ryder then questions why Jake is defending her before leaving the choir room distraught. Later on, just before they're about to perform for Regionals, Marley and Jake are seen sitting on the couch in the choir room. When performing I Love It , they're seen dancing together. When, they're announcing the winners of regionals they're praying anxiously together, and once the winner is announced Jake and Marley embrace.

After, the regionals competition they're sitting together, before standing next to each other as Will and Emma get married. At the beginning of the episode, Jake and Marley are sitting together in the choir room while Mr. Schuester announces the new two-week assignment of performing classic songs of the early years of The Beatles and they both seem very happy and excited about it. Later on, Jake and Marley are next to each other leaning on the piano when Blaine announces that he and Kurt are officially back together and that he's going to ask him to marry him.

After not seeming very 'cool' about Blaine's idea, they finally agree to help him with the recruitment of another clubs for the big proposal along the rest of the Glee club. After that, they are sitting next to each other in the choir room when Tina decides to reveal Artie and Kitty's secret relationship, and they both seem very shocked and surprise, but happy about it. When the performance ends, Jake clarifies that he is 'excluded' for being picked as Tina's prom date, and Marley smiles.

At the beginning of the episode, Marley and Jake are sitting in the choir room while Will reminds everyone the start of the last week of The Beatles assignment. The club meeting gets interrupted when Principal Sylvester announces the Prom King and Queen nominees for the so-called "Brundle Prom," and they both don't seem to understand what she means about that, looking very confused. Later, when Tina and Stonner Brett are announced Prom King and Queen, they are seen standing close to each other right by the stage and they seem very happy and excited for her, claping and cheering up.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. After, they go together alongside Kitty, Ryder, and Unique to leave a pair of drumsticks at Finn's memorial in his old locker. They're first seeing in the episode when Marley runs through the hallway to tell Jake about a plan that she has about a date for Friday night, including an early diner in Breadstix and a Julie Andrews's triple feature film selection. Jake doesn't seem to like that idea, implying that they always do the same thing dinner, movies weekend after weekend, and that he would like to "shake up" things a little bit.

Marley keeps suggesting other options, but Jake is still not very pleased with them, and he says that Marley is "such a Katy. After that, back in the hallway, Jake and Marley are still talking about their weekend date, but Jake emphasize that he would like to add some edge to it. Marley says that she could get them some tickets to see John Mayer live, and Jake is about to say no to that plan, but he changes his mind and agrees. Jake declines the offer at first, saying that he's not really a choreagrapher, but Marley encourages him by saying that he loves to dance and he should do it, so he finally says yes.

When Bree leaves, they share a sweet kiss. Later, when Jake leaves the "Gaga' s" reunion in the choir room to go help the Cheerios, Unique, Tina and Kitty suspect that Bree may be up to something weird.


Jake Puckerman

Unique tries to explain that to Marley, saying that he should keep an eye on Jake, because of his womanizer past, but she doesn't believe her. Afterwards, when Marley sees Jake and Bree rehearsing and dancing in a really sexy way, she looks worried and says that she could never do that and that she isn't that kind of girl. Unique tells her that she needs to show that she can be hardcore, but Marley disagrees and implies that if Jake doesn't like her real self, they shouldn't be together. To cheer her up, Jake asks her to come over to his house later to watch Mary Poppins and Marley smiles.

Then she says she was going to home and change first, but Jake stops her, saying that he was starting to dig her Katy Perry look, especially the pink wig. He clarifies that his mom was not going to come home till very late, and Marley nervously says yes to the invitation, and Jake seems surprised. After, they are seeing making out in Jake's room, and he tries to touch her leg and boobs, but Marley asks him to stop. Looking angry, Jake says that the point of being boyfriend and girlfriend is to spent time together and get to trust each other.

Marley asks him if the only reason they hang out together is because he wanted to touch her boobs. He says no, but he also says that he doesn't understand why she wouldn't even consider it when he was patient this whole time. Marley responses that she doesn't want to be pressured to do something she doesn't want to do, and if he wants, he should go and be with other girls who will let him touch them. After the fight, she starts crying, and he comforts her. Jake is later seen in the dance studio, asking Bree if she would like to go "somewhere really private" with him, and she agrees, which implies that Jake cheated on Marley with her.

She waves and smiles at Jake, and when he sees her, he waves back, looking nervous and upset because Bree just entered the auditorium as well. A Katy or A Gaga. They are first seeing together at the beginning of the episode when Mr. Schue announces the assignment for the week: Marley looks worried because she doesn't know how to twerk, and while the other glee club members show her how, they laugh. Later, during the "twerk-torial" in the auditorium, Jake teaches Marley how to twerk alongside the rest of the club, and they laugh and smile because she's not too good at it and she thinks it's too weird.

When the song ends, they share a sweet hug. Jake and Marley do a demonstration of lambada. Later on, during a confrontation, Bree confesses to Marley that Jake and her have slept together.

Marley doesn't want to believe her, but then Bree mentions a mole Jake has in his right hip as proof of her being with him. After that sentence, Marley's face changes and she looks hurt.

Marley-Ryder Relationship

In the next scene, Marley goes to confront Jake. She asks him to pull down his pants because she wants to see if he has any mole in his hip, to see if Bree is telling the truth or not. Jake doesn't do it, implying that he actually cheated on her. Marley starts to cry, and Jake nervously tries to explain the situation to her.

Angrily, she pushes him away and leaves. Finally, during On Our Way , they sing together with the rest of the Glee club, sharing sad looks. The End of Twerk. When the episode begins, both are in the choir room paying attention to Mr. Schue while he announces the assignment for the week: Marley looks very mad at Jake, and everytime he speaks, she rolls her eyes.

Later, Marley is seen in the hallway opening her locker, and suddenly a bunch of roses fall out of it, and she angrily kicks them away. Jake appears from behind with another rose in his hand and he asks her to forgive him for breaking her trust. Marley responses saying that he shouldn't be sorry, he is who he is and she knew what she was getting into when she started to date him, and that she shouldn't have tried to change him. Jake says that he has changed and that he's not "that" guy anymore, but Marley disagrees replying that he will always be "that" guy, and walks away.

Later on, Ryder asks Marley to go out with him, and Marley says she is going to think about, because she is not ready to start dating again yet. When the performance ends, Marley agrees to go out with Ryder, and Jake leaves the choir room. Afterwards, while Ryder and Marley walk through the hallway talking about the date they had, Jake appears from behind and puts his arms around both of them, ironically asking if they are seriously a thing. Ryder says it's not his business anymore, and Marley seems very nervous. Jake surprisingly seems to be cool with the situation and he leaves to go hug two random girls, which leaves Marley looking very upset.

They first interact in the episode when Mr. Schue asks Jake for help to choreograph a new number for Nationals. Jake acts really cocky and arrogant, saying that what is the point of putting up a dance routine if nobody was going to be able to keep up with it because they are not dancers like him. Marley responses calling him a conceited jerk with fine, and not epic, dance moves.

During the performance, Marley looks angry, but instead Jake looks flirtatious, not only to her, but to all the cheerleaders through the number, which makes Marley even more upset. Bree tells Jake that she's pregnant with his baby. After finding out that the pregnancy was just a scare, Jake runs and chases Marley through the hallway. He apologies to her, and says he misses her and that he can't be without her. He insists saying that he doesn't want to be a jerk anymore, and that she was the only one who can make him a good person.

Marley replies that she's not there to fix him, and that they gave it a try and it just wasn't right. Jake, almost into tears, asks her if after everything they've been through, she doesn't have any feelings for him, to which she responds that she considers him a good friend, but that she doesn't have the same feelings she used to have for him anymore. After that, Marley leaves, and Jake stays in the hallway, crying and looking heartbroken. Whilst staying in a hotel in Los Angeles for Nationals, Ryder consoles Jake about Marley's decision to give up her dream of becoming a radio singer and quitting Glee Club due to her multiple losses at singing contests.

She attends the prom with her boyfriend, Artie. Kitty tries to shout to Tina to warn her, but it is too late, and Tina is drenched in slushy, with many of the prom attendees laughing at her. New Directions follow her to the choir room and console her, and Kitty offers her prom dress to Tina, which she accepts. She later sings back-up vocals for Mercedes when she is singing her dedication song for Finn, I'll Stand by You. Kitty also sings in the background during the Artie and Sam duet for him, Fire and Rain. Once Puck is done singing, she goes to hug him with everyone else before Santana storms in asking him where Finn's jacket is.

Artie then he asks her if she is still okay dating someone so different from her, Kitty says that she has no problem and kisses him in response. Kitty then enjoys herself when Sam and Blaine start the week off by singing Movin' Out. Kitty is first seen in the choir room goofing off with the rest of the New Directions. At the end of the episode she is at the Glee Club meeting when Blaine apologizes and gives them all puppets. Kitty is first seen at the Glee Club meeting, and she is excited about them "going green" with decorations. After Kitty insults the girls and informs her that she doesn't want the part, Marley seems confused.

She is in the History class when Sue announces the Glee Club being the winner of the Green themed Christmas tree decorating contest. Blaine wants Kitty to play Mary to make her feel better about herself, which will hopefully, make her feel like she can be nicer to everyone else. Everyone's being very selfless as Unique claims to have a secret plan to get Kitty to take on the role of Mary. With the entire Christmas club assembled, including Kitty, Unique sports a wig and super sparkly Diana Ross-inspired gown to lead Marley and Tina in rendition of the Supremes' Love Child.

Kitty reacts in revulsion and offers to play the part of Mary, proving that Unique's plan worked. Kitty is later mentioned by Tina when she says to Artie that Kitty is using Artie to become more popular, and refers to her as "the biggest bitch of McKinley" when they have a competition to become the generation's valedactorian. The performance ends when Tina, accidentally, throws Artie out of his wheelchair, and Kitty is seen mad about it. At last, she is seen dancing and singing to Breakaway. Kitty is later mentioned when Blaine says that he turned down a night of bumper bowling with she and Artie in favour of Tina and Sam, so the three can have a night together.

She also watches the seniors performing Hold On. After arriving to the hotel, Kitty is excited because she thinks that a celebrity entered to the reception, but Unique tells her that it is Mercedes Jones , who just got a recording contract. She and the New Directions visit the stage where they are going to perform at Nationals one day before the event, but Throat Explosion surprises them and kick them out of the place. Later she is seen in the bus during Sam's pep talk, and watching the competition choirs perform before the New Directions take the stage.

Before their time to performe, the New Directions make a circle with Burt and Carole, where they talk about the late Finn Hudson. After the judges announce that Throat Explosion are the winners, she along with the other New Directions members are sad and disappointed. Kitty and the New Directions travel back to Ohio to wallow in their grief over the fact that glee club is now over for good, but Burt and Carole assure them all that they did Finn proud.

Later is revealed that the glee club is canceled. Schue in which she dances with Brittany, Jake and Mike. Kitty is shown happy to see her boyfriend Artie, and her friends graduating. Kitty briefly appears in the episode recap, along with Tina and Brittany - the ex-girlfriends of Artie, showing that their relationship did not continue once Artie moved to New York.

In Season Six , Becca Tobin was demoted to recurring cast. Kitty is first seen after Artie , Brittany , Quinn and Santana had finished their performance of Problem. When Artie is praising the Cheerios for their dancing in Problem he says that "we could really use some of those moves in glee club", Kitty overhears this and walks over to him and tells him Yeah you could.

Artie is surprised to see Kitty because he thought that Sue made all the New Directions from the previous year transfer out of McKinley and then states that the New Directions needs her back.

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Kitty rejects his offer straight away, she tells him "You really think I'm going to join your stupid glee club after the way you treated all of us? The way you treated me when you went away to college? She then adds that Rachel is not a star player because she didn't even know any of the Sophomores names when the Alumni came back in , Brittany then adds that she knows her name is Quinn which makes Kitty role her eyes at her.

Santana then asks her if she wants to be a star, and Kitty tells her that's rich coming from graduates that are pathetically stuffed in their Cheerios uniform again. Madison and Mason then interrupt asking if 2 people can try out together, Kitty is not surprised by this and mutters "Of course the incest twins want in," she then turns to the Cheerios wanting to leave because they have to explain to Madison and Mason why Flowers in The Attic is not a love story to aspire to and then walks away with the rest of the Cheerios.

Kitty herself does not appear in this episode, but she is mentioned when Becky wrongly calls Quinn by her name. The Hurt Locker, Part Two. We first see Kitty walking down the halls of McKinley on her way to her classroom where she is approached and followed by Rachel who begins to tell her a lot about herself. Kitty replies to her asking if she is hitting on her which would be wrong because "the world is kind of rooting for you and Quinn Fabray ". Rachel tells her that who she is important to her to which Kitty susses out that Rachel is just trying to get her back into New Directions.

Rachel admits it and Kitty rejects the offer straight away and tells her that she has a reputation for being a selfish person and the only reason she joined Glee Club in the first place was because even though she knew it was going to hurt her reputation it was being led by Will who she described as a kind man committed to teaching and that there were a bunch of kids in there who would have her back when things got hairy.

She walks out the classroom to where Rachel followed her again and told her that she knows she loves to perform, Kitty admits she did love it. Kitty begins to cry and tells Rachel that she misses the feeling of performing and she hates the fact her old friends abandoned her and the only reason she was still there was because Sue needed her for the cheerios but she knows exactly what Rachel is like and she doesn't want to join when she knows it will all be over again in a couple of weeks.

Kitty then pops into the Auditorium to check on the competition, she watches The Warblers perform My Sharona but leaves as soon as they finish the song. Rachel is looking through old set list numbers when Kitty walks in and tells her that she'll join, she then questions where everybody is and Rachel tells her she had to postpone Glee club for an hour because she is still struggling to find a set list for the competition because she doesn't know what songs Sue would like.

Kitty tells her that she knows exactly how to find out what songs Sue likes. We then see Kitty and Rachel break in to Sue's office, Kitty opens up Sue's laptop where she finds a file where there lists songs that Sue is emotionally vulnerable to. The next day, Kitty walks into the Choir Room to rehearse for the competition with the rest of New Directions. Madison asks why she is here because she said that she was never going to join again and Kitty tells her that someone had to stop her from marrying her brother.

Rachel gives all the New Directions a new set list to rehearse from and when most of them disagree to the idea, Kitty defends Rachel by saying they should listen to their teacher because she has more talent in her little finger than anyone in "this stinkin' rotten town". Then after Rachel gives everyone a pep talk, Spencer walks in announcing he is joining the New Directions to which Kitty and the other members are pleased to hear and they all hug each other. After they perform Sue announces that the New Directions actually won the competition and Kitty goes up to grab the trophy.

She takes it back to the New Directions and they all cheer, celebrate and jump up and down in excitement. What the World Needs Now. Kitty is present when Kurt and Rachel introduce the weeks theme which is "Burt Bacharach". She mutters to Spencer "This is a good time to go to the bathroom".

When Mercedes then enters the room and asks everyone who wants to be mentored by me, Kitty along with the rest of New Directions enthusiastically get up wanting it to be them. Kitty is next seen in the auditorium providing back-up with the rest of the Alumni and New Directions for Santana as she sings Alfie to her abuela. She tells them both that "the new kids and I would be honored to cater, pass out programs and release the doves". Then everyone breaks out into a performance of What the World Needs Now as they sing it to Brittany and Santana, at the end everyone hugs and cheers.

Kitty is first seen when Sam calls upon a few friends to help out Rachel. When Sam and Kurt walk into the room she rolls her eyes and mutters "Oh for the love of all that's sacred what now? Sam then explains to them that Rachel's house is being sold and Kitty chips in saying "Just to be clear we are still talking about Rachel or are you announcing your new gender". To which Sam denies her statement and says it's all about Rachel. Sam then announces that there is going to be a farewell party to say goodbye to Rachel's house which will be in her basement.

Madison and Mason question the lesson and Kitty tells them to shut up. Then, Kitty is next seen at Rachel's house part along with everyone else. Next Blaine and Kurt perform Somebody Loves You , Kitty can been seen dancing with everyone and when they bring in a fancy dress box Kitty is seen fighting over a pink tutu skirt with Spencer in which she loses. Also during the performance Kitty takes a selfie with Artie, takes a photo of Madison and gets up on stage and dances with Kurt.

Kitty along with Blaine then pick out a photo to stick in Rachel's scrap book. Kitty is last seen in the auditorium as she watches Unique perform I Know Where I've Been with the Transpersons Choir, at the end of the performance she, along with everyone else go and hug Unique. We first see Kitty outside of the wedding reception where she takes a selfie with Mercedes , Sam and Tina. We next see Kitty inside the reception where she witnesses the marriage of Brittany and Santana and Blaine and Kurt. She applauds them both and seems happy for them.

Kitty is first seen in the audience as she watches Myron perform Lose My Breath. At first she seems shocked by Myron's choice of song, but as he gets into it so does she. Myron asks the New Directions how to improve on his performance and Kitty replies saying his dancers should smile more. Kitty is next seen in the Choir Room with the rest of the New Directions when Rachel and Will announces that they are performing at Myron's bar mitzvah, Kitty is pleased to hear this and she immediately turns around to Jane and Roderick to discus ideas. After that Kitty is with the New Directions when Myron gets trapped in his stage pod, Sue declared that Spencer should climb up and save him but then Spencer suggests Roderick should do it, Kitty suggests to just get a ladder because there must be one somewhere but Roderick takes on the challenge.

Kitty watches as Roderick climbs the ladder and when he gets down her along with New Directions cheer for him. After that she performs back-up for Break Free and finally she is seen performing Cool Kids with the rest of the New Directions. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester. The episode opens with Kitty and the New Directions performing Rather Be for Will , where he comments that the performance was very impressive.

Kitty comments saying where is Rachel since she should be there for that and Will replies saying she has gone to New York. Straight away the New Directions welcome the Warblers to their choir, except Jane. Then, when Will is trying to work on the choreography for the newly merged show choir things are just not clicking and everyone notices it. Skylar is angry at the New Directions because of how basic the routine is and they still can't manage it, when he comments that women love their blazers Kitty comments "Do they?

Kurt states that they are the ones who opened their school for the Warblers, and Kitty comments back "Semi-opened". Next Kitty is seen when she witnesses Sue and Will fantasize about performing The Final Countdown , she is creeped out by the performance along with the New Directions.

Afterwards both the New Directions and the Warblers perform Rise together. We Built This Glee Club. Kitty is first seen at the glee club dance rehearsal, preparing for Sectionals. During an argument with The former Warblers, she, along with Madison and Jane, states that they are the only three girls in the club so they don't want to be in the background. She also agrees with Super Gay Warbler that if Roderick and Spencer doesn't improve their dance moves, they're better stay hidden in the background. Later, she and Mr. Schue are coaching Roderick and Spencer the dance routines, in which Spencer gets injured.

At Sectionals, Kitty sings and dance in all three songs from their setlist. Before the announcement, Kitty states she loves Waffles after the sponsor a man with waffle costume walks in to the auditorium. She is extremely happy when the New Directions is declared the victor. The next day, in the choir room, everyone gathers to see their sectionals trophy being displayed at the trophy room, while they all saying goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine, whom all will soon be departing to New York.

Kitty notices Rachel, who is looking sadly at the old New Directions trophies above the cupboard. She breaks the cheering crowd and command the others to put the old trophies to the trophy display in the choir room. Since her boyfriend of two years and Glee costar, Cory Monteith, died in We left off with Marley passing out last episode, so it picks up in that super. She is beyond angry that her Glee Club career is over, and Artie is right there with her on the anger wave. Its weird and theyre not really dating. Comedy, Brittany, in a funk, turns to the music of Britney Spears for inspiration.

Glee club has a new member but Marley is upset he is dating Quinn 2. We thought the prospect of Marley and Sebastian singing again would be.