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I'm seeing posts about how people generally say that your 20's are your golden years/best years of your life etc. But for us going into public.
Table of contents

Background and Basis for Conclusions. Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statements.

dating the client in public accounting

Supervision of the Audit Engagement. Consideration of Materiality in Planning and Performing an Audit. Identifying and Assessing Risks of Material Misstatement. Consideration of Manual and Automated Systems and Controls. Communications with Audit Committees.

Matters Included in the Audit Engagement Letter. AU Section - Independence. Auditing Interpretations of Section AU Section - Service Organizations. AU Section - Service Organizations: AU Section - Evidential Matter: AU Section - Inventories. AU Section - Management Representations.

AU Dating of the Independent Auditor's Report

AU Section - Management Representations: AU Section - Audit Sampling. AU Section - Segment Information. AU Section - Subsequent Events.

When you will make a 100,000 salary in public accounting

AU Section - Special Reports. AU Section - Special Reports: AU Section - Special Topics. AU Section - Compliance Auditing. Jake, Oct 24, May 12, Messages: Usually no dating of client personnel. Should be covered in a firm policy document given to you at hire.

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Oct 28, Messages: I would personally advise against it. Most companies have policies against "actual or perceived" conflict of interest.

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So even if she is not a high-ranking individual in the company, it might still be viewed that you are unable to come to objective audit conclusions. If you are really serious about pursuing a relationship with this individual, I would talk to your management about possibly getting moved to a different engagement. NonprofitNinja, Oct 28, Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?