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I recently began chatting on a dating site with a lovely woman who lives quite .. Having a massage therapist GF wouldn't bother me at all.
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What if you had multiple personalities and dated a Psycologist? No, is it Mary? Massage therapists… at least professional ones… work very hard all day to make a massage a professional experience and every movement is calculated so it stays within lines of propiety and staying therapeutic. We do the same movements over and over again, the same routine, the same way to treat each sort of tension… it becomes almost mechanical… I can massage a full 60 or 90 min with my eues closed.

Thats how well I know where my muscles are.

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WE still love our job deep down.. But we still have to make them feel taken care of. Or they dont come back. She should be begging u to let her massage you! Often bfs of massage therapist all feel bad for us that we manage all day and its very demanding physically and dont wanna impose a burden… TRUE! But any GOOD massage therapist …. Its against our nature!

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Its what WE DO…. We care about all our clients.. You are very wrong about massage therapists…. Maybe she didnt wanna do selfless acts on your behalf because you are a selfish prick who never does anything for her?? IF she rly was a professional and didnt do it …. To ease a your sorry ass. Usually preceded by short min warm up with warm oil on body before moving down to finish you off.

Professional qualified to relieve muscle tension, aches, discomfort, pains and treat injuries. Also love how you went to the stripper as an alternate example, male or female now that is classy shiz. They are plenty of selfless people out there ya just gotta be lucky enough to find them and reciprocate haha! The idea of a significant other massaging the whole soccer team, no way. Besides if you cross the business line dead in the water.

While that word does tend in insinuate sex, it is not. And my bf get all the massages he wants.

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You think dating a stripper is bad? But people who date masseuses? I just feel bad for them. But date a masseuse? I say date a stripper. Amy - August 11, at 4: Sue Jones June 17, , 5: Unless you are totally willing to find another massage therapist because it would most likely ruin your relationship. You have a professional relationship, and since he is most likely a licensed health professional, he is not allowed to go out with you.

I Feel Bad For Masseuse Daters

There are strict professional rules about this stuff. Basically, if you would not ask out your psychologist or counselor or therapist which I suggest you most certainly do not! Especially one who touches you in a professional way. And I would suggest you start seeing a FEMALE massage therapist immediately since if you are heterosexual, you would be able to keep the relationship therapeutic.

Lucy June 17, , 6: So, you need to decide if you are willing to permanently give up this man as your massage therapist in order to date him. Katie June 17, , 6: Oh I thought that it was just like known information the LW would have to find a new massage therapist. SasLinna June 17, , 7: If LW goes ahead, then she has to expect at the very least that it will have been her last massage with this therapist. Lily in NYC June 18, , 9: I have a friend who is a massage therapist and ended up marrying one of her clients. Also im kind of surprised that Sue Jones has so many thumbs down i really missed these thumbs by the way, its been a while since i checked in everyone seems so sure , yet one or two different opinions are frowned upon so much haha.

Have a great week everyone! Sue Jones June 19, , I think I have offended enough people on this site often enough, that anytime I post, they automatically thumbs me down! I think I am maybe tied with BGM and iwanna! Portia June 19, , I would say you had some controversial things in there like pathologizing the LW — is that really necessary? LW June 19, , 2: However, I will say that I do know what transference is, thanks, my mother is a counselor, and no, this is not that.

Our conversations and connection are way beyond that. The massages he gives me are actually deep-tissue and often hurt me quite a bit; to be honest there is absolutely nothing sexual about them. Also, incidentally, if I can help it, I will never go to a female massage therapist. I have tried several others in the past before I found my current therapist, and I never got a satisfactory massage from a female. I would again echo what I wrote in my letter and add to what others have kindly said: I think I will continue to see him as my therapist and see what develops, but most likely let him take the lead if he wants anything more with me.

No one wants a mature, thoughtful LW, LW. We want juicy gossip about how you confessed your attraction to him and made out with him right there on the table!

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There you go ruining it all with patience and perspective. SasLinna June 17, , 6: Stillrunning June 17, , 9: The last thing I want when I get a massage is to chat. His comment about feeling emasculated and unappreciated is a red flag. Honestly, he sounds a little pitiful telling this to a client. I also flagged at her feeling grateful that he let her walk his dog. Well, she did say she had a schoolgirl crush on him. No, dont ask him out.

Its occurred to me that youre probably not getting the full benefit of the therapy if youre having intrusive thoughts, no matter how enjoyable. Much of the clinical benefit is highly dependent on the mind-body connection. The activity in your mind isnt lining up with the therapeutic goal. LIke, if you went to yoga and the instructor was flirtng with the class, you wouldnt get the deep tranquil vibey OM feeling.

I started seeing my kung fu instructor — attended his classes for about six-months until I graduated to the advanced team.

Guys, would you have a massage therapist gf?

We also worked out one-on-one without issues both predating and dating. However we knew eachother for 6 months working together on projects for our club and talking LOTS outside both f2f and on facebook like hours every night , so when we moved in for the kill we were both really, really sure that we wanted to be together and that we would have the kind of relationship were we could manage the setting.

Guy Friday June 18, , 9: Otherwise, you might not only get shot down but ALSO lose him as your massage therapist, and that would suck. SasLinna June 18, , 9: As a massage therapist, I can tell you this is really really really delicate issue. However, it is absolutely ethically iffy for you to continue your professional relationship while having a personal one. I am licensed in NY which has some of the strictest rules in the country and we had lots of classes about this kind of thing. You are in a vulnerable position when on the table giving him the power.

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His lack of personal boundaries during the session sharing WAY too much is also questionable ethically. You certainly can ask him out. But, if he says yes, then you must discontinue your professional relationship immediately. And he should probably document it as part of his session notes with the date, etc. There have been lawsuits initiated from both sides when the relationship goes sour and one person tries to sue the other for something therapist says the client sexually harassed them, the client says the therapist assaulted them during a massage, etc.

Just document, document, document for BOTH of your protection. And then go live happily ever after. Sue jones June 19, , 3: Yes, it can get a little squicky… a massage therapist is touching mostly naked bodies all day after all…. Sue Jones June 19, , 3: He is walking a thin line and I would wonder at the very least about dating someone who fuzzed the professional line that way….

This is a serious professional issue for legitimate and highly trained massage therapists. I think female massage therapists tend to bear the brunt of all that crap…. Junebug June 19, , 3: It sounds like there is some transference coming from you now. The LW made a point several times that it is an emotional connection, nothing sexual. I belonged to a massage community wherein we all massaged each other. The only money involved was the flat rate monthly membership fee. Quite often sexual arousal happened during a massage but the rules expressly prohibited acting on it within the facility and you would be evicted if you got caught.

A lot of marriages spawned from there, mine included. Dam shame it no longer exists. Sue Joness June 19, , Ah… them were some Hippie Days! I think the massage profession has tightened things up a lot in order to become more legit. Diablo June 19, , 3: Addie Pray June 19, , 3: