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Although the DLC for Dead Rising 3 has been disappointing as a whole, Review: Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α Sadly, matchmaking seems to be very slow today, and I had to wait over
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Of course, a large part of that fun comes from the amount of fan service and references Capcom throws out, starting with the SNES chime that rings when the logo comes up for the DLC and the fake FBI message that fits with the game lore. Every level is filled with billboards and signs for Capcom titles, but they're for classic franchises like Power Stone and Onimusha instead of more recent games, like Dragon's Dogma.

Costumes from titles like Breath of Fire IV , Dino Crisis , and Final Fight appearand have game-specific abilities; the Regina costume brings a pterodactyl swooping down to take out enemies and the B. Hood costume brings a duo of freedom bears. Bonus stages will make you remember things, like the car-smashing stage from Street Fighter II.

Stray arcades litter the levels, and power-ups reference titles like , Ghosts 'n' Goblins , Mega Man and Strider. Old Capcom references like the Pow symbol and Yashichi red circle with shuriken in the middle also appear. The game hits you with these references at an almost non-stop pace, and if you're familiar with the company history, it'll take a while for you to take in everything. The sense of fun and nostalgia is amplified thanks to the tweaks in the presentation. Graphically, the streets of Los Perdidos are presented with brighter colors and a tiny hint of cel-shading that mimics the upcoming Sunset Overdrive without abandoning the grit of Dead Rising 3.

Neon is everywhere, and it now presents a better contrast to the blood and gore of dead zombie hordes. The game also gets a little playful, as you can pick up pixelated icons, and objectives follow the same 8-bit aesthetic.

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Audio-wise, each stage is filled with classic Capcom soundtracks with minor tweaks to sound richer. The sound effects remain the same, and while the characters aren't as talkative as they were, the bombastic announcer makes up for it with a constant announcement of pick-ups and enemy appearances. With all that the title does right, there are a few things it just doesn't so as well, though none of the issues are major. The requirements to obtain new costumes for each of the characters aren't so bad since they require exploration and a knack for improving your performance to get higher scores.

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However, the fact that you still need to unlock the costumes can be off-putting since it takes a fair amount of replay to get enough cash to unlock one outfit, let alone all Also, despite the smaller areas in this mode, the game still takes a long time to load up. It makes sense when you play the game and see that the loading between areas is non-existent, but losing at any point — whether you died or simply ran out of time — means having to deal with the long load times.

Online matchmaking also takes a while before you get matched up with strangers, so you'll want to make sure you're inviting friends to a private match if you want to guarantee some online fun, though you can get by with playing the game solo. Finally, it is disappointing to see that this DLC wasn't part of the season pass.

It wasn't originally revealed as part of the package, but it would've been nice nonetheless. The zombies are much less of challenge on the DLC, they are more like obstacles that are in your way. The game really excels once you introduce friends into the mix, not only is it a lot of fun, there is the added challenge of working together to get the highest rank possible as well as trying your best to be the top scorer in your team. There is even a bonus level in which you need to smash up a car a la Street Fighter.

I explained to him why things were designed the way they were but yeah, he's having fun with it. I'm playing DR3 again too but I'd like to also play it co op since I've yet to do so. Justinh Member Jan 1, Otis will always be annoying and I will never have the patience to do a Saint run however, so some things about DR1 will never click for me but that's okay! MC Safety Member Jan 1, Jun 9, 12, 1, Is anyone else horribly put off by the stupid "boing! I've just reached the mall and I swear that noise is driving me insane. I've already turned down the volume on the sound effects, but don't want to mute them entirely.

Jun 26, 69, 1 0 Hank East Fuck I'm dead. Jailer of Hope Member Jan 1, I've never played any of the Dead Rising games co-op but I keep hearing that's the best way to play it. That was pretty fun, but I never could find a match that was full with four people. I guess most people haven't played it.

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Oct 24, 11, 0 0. Last edited by Justinh; Today at Polioliolio Member Jan 1, Aug 30, 7, 1 0. My friend has this for Xbone. The Story, new Frank, no rescuing survivors with a time limit, no psychopaths, no good co-op, no overtime mode.

Dead Rising 3 DLC adds a four player co-op arcade mode

We were both very disappointed. Curt Baboon Member Jan 2, Aug 13, 0 0. I dunno, this seems like good mindless fun so far.

The things they took out might make the game more appealing to people like me, but for as much as I hated the previous entries I could still recognize that they were for better or worse truly unique. Now it's just Saints Row The Third, and it doesn't seem like Dead Rising trading its uniqueness for the chance to ape a game that wasn't that great to begin with was entirely worth it. Still, fun time waster for now. Some of the weapons and overall style remind me of Sunset Overdrive a bit, which might actually work against this game once I eventually delete it to reinstall Sunset Overdrive Sep 13, 1, 2 Agent Icebeezy Welcome beautful toddler, Madison Elizabeth, to the horde!

Aug 28, 18, 0 0 icebergisonfire. It sucks, I tried to buy this today as it is supposed to be I'm not buying it till they fix it. Feb 20, 7, 38 Dec 2, 0 0. TwiztidElf Member Jan 2, Mar 5, 2, 1, The single thing this game has going for it is its weapon combo mechanic which isn't that much improved from 3. And you can have all of the weapon combinations you like, but when those weapons are in service of uninteresting and clunky combat then is that really what you want to be hanging your hat on?

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The enemies in this game are such an afterthought that it makes me not want to engage in combat at all. Zombies in the original games also never really put up much of a challenge, but that was balanced out by the human enemy types and the psychos. There are psychos in name, but all that means is a generic looking enemy has a slightly longer health bar. The original games balanced the unforgiving nature of the timer with the absurdity and difficult of the psychos to create an incredibly unique experience. This game removes both of those and replaces them with nothing.

This game takes a unique and challenging and engaging formula and, in what i can only assume is an attempt to broaden its appeal, strips out the components that made it so challenging and unique while adding absolutely nothing to counteract their loss. What we're left with is a mindless and insultingly easy sandbox that serves no purpose other than to toy around with their 'creative' weapons.

Just wanted to bump this post. Katamari, I love your passion for fighting the good fight in this thread, and I pretty much completely agree with everything you've said. But the post above really encapsulates my feelings towards DR4 as a long time fan. SomedayTheFire Member Jan 3, Pathfinder Member Jan 3, Jul 25, 4, 0 0. Bits N Pieces Member Jan 3, Jun 9, 6, 0 0. Just finished it and really enjoyed my time with it apart from the last 7 or 8 minutes when it played with no sound with regards to the dialogue but the music and effects were still happening.

No subtitles either, fuck knows what the three of them we're saying to each other lol. Apart from that I thought it was great and a big improvement from DR3 both from a game play and performance perspective. Got the season pass so ill be looking forward to what's next. Genuinely not sure who's worse. Did they have to make them both such assholes? Right I've finished it. Fuck, those last two cases were the biggest fucking shit show. Dec 6, 6, 1 0.