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Speed dating. Each student in the class will need a speed dating card and something to write with. Depending on which language features you have covered.
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This gave me a little relief. Although I find somethings fun to look at, they intimidate me. I'm afraid they're like the mean girls in Mean Girls. Also, I have no interest in being anyone's Daddy. However, the age grouping that made me comfortable actually rubbed my friend Matt the wrong way he likes his twinks! I was about 10 minutes early for the 7 p. I checked in, and was given a nametag with my first name and a number. I went to the bar and ordered a fortifying Diet Coke.

At a little past 7, our host Abe gathered us together for a speed-dating tutorial.

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We were given a sheet with a schedule of which table we'd be at for which date. There would be eight dates, five minutes each, with a break between the fourth and fifth. Abe informed us that although we were going to be speed dating in our respective age groups, we were free to meet anyone we wanted to.

Find someone and talk to them! We were each given a worksheet with a blank space to write our date's assigned number, his first name, any memorable characteristics "bald, glasses, a lawyer"; "funny, plaid shirt, hates Streisand"; etc. Abe encouraged us to utilize the blank space for descriptions, and to be generous as to whether we'd go on a second date or not. After all, it's only a five-minute meeting, and isn't the point to get a date out of it? My nerves were calmed a bit when I realized every guy in the room was living with HIV.

There was a relief and a freedom in knowing that I wouldn't have to have "the talk. Because we all had the common experience of having HIV, conversations could be focused on what dates should be focused on: Then the moment of truth: His name was Derrick not really, name changed for privacy. According to my notes, Derrick was a handsome black guy. I don't remember that much else, except that I'd checked both the friendship and second-date boxes. Then it was on to the next and the next. It was all sort of a blur, since it all happened, well, speedily.

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One guy I met was "retired, funny. One man I remembered by writing "Gene," since he reminded me of my friend Gene. All told, I met 11 new men, and I only categorized one according to my notes as "crazy. We were told to turn in our worksheets; Abe would put all the info together and send us an email with our matches the next day. The whole thing was only a bit over an hour.

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Auden , Yosano Akiko. As far as price to poem ratio goes, Quintavalle is the clear winner with Stone breathing heavily down his neck. In comparison, the other pamphlets feel like factory products. Because their poems are surprisingly eatable and know how to make me laugh. That being said, each of these four debut pamphlets have an impressive voice worth hunting down. Thousands at his bidding speed And post o'er land and ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait. Milton's later sonnets and the Cambridge manuscript. Modem Philology, 54 , The poetical works of John Milton: The title to the poem.

Sonnet 16 On His Blindness ". Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database. Notes on Milton's amanuenses.

Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 58 , Milton's burden of interpretation. Urban, " The Talented Mr.